Newsletter #1177

Disappointment on Saturday as we lost to Liverpool: opinion on the game tonight and what lies ahead.

Also views on the enforced minute’s silence for George Best, reality and a few requests.

The reserves are due to host Bolton tomorrow (Tuesday) night at Mini CoMS.

Next game: Charlton Athletic, away, 4pm Sunday 4 December 2005 (TV)


The day didn’t start well; my lucky hat being nowhere to be found was a bad omen. Then the lack of buses coming down the Oxford Road meant that a first missed kick-off was on the cards. Getting to Piccadilly at 2.50, the pressure was on and a taxi was in order. Kick-off was made. Maybe the luck was on our side? No. We were poor, let’s get that clear from the start. The age old lesson of looking before you pass seemed to have deserted many of our players and proved even infectious to some of the Liverpool side at some points.

We started brightly and I was even guilty of having thoughts of an early City goal to enforce our early dominance. It nearly came from a gem of a cross from Musampa, but Vassell misdirected the header past the far post.

Croft was full of running, Musampa was looking confident and strong, Barton was dominant, Vassell was everywhere… and then for some reason we went flat. We never seemed to recover. Barton’s passes started to go awry, Ireland and Croft dropped out of the game and our early impetus was lost.

Not that Liverpool really looked like taking advantage, a Gerrard curler from a disputed handball was about as close as they came.

Second half. Liverpool had a spate of what looked like horrific injuries given the amount of time taken up (one where I thought one player had broken his spine by the way he was writhing around, only to be fine after the magical slow trudge to the edge of the pitch – is that a miracle cure? – what happened to the rule about when a player is injured they have to leave the pitch immediately so play is not held up?). Substitutions took an age – Cisse, granted maybe not happy at being subbed 5 minutes into the second half, should still have been told to speed up a little. They scored a goal typical of the game, coming from City giving the ball away. We never really looked like getting an equaliser, Vassell’s 20 yarder the only time that we really worked the Liverpool goalkeeper.

A disappointing day out at Eastlands, also tainted by the lack of respect for the minute’s silence. Thankfully though people didn’t start booing those failing to show respect as that’s often like flogging a dead horse and only escalates things.

Ed Bodey <edbodey(at)>


Having suffered through City’s 1-0 home loss to Liverpool and watched highlights of their lethargic 0-0 draw against Blackburn and 2-1 loss to Fulham, it’s pretty obvious where Stuart Pearce needs to do his January shopping.

Despite words to the contrary, City are in desperate need of some midfield offensive power. Yes, we have a solid defence, but as we witnessed against Liverpool and Blackburn, if we can’t break down the opposition, points will be lost.

It’s great that Pearce promotes his youth movement but a midfield core of Barton, Croft, Ireland and Musampa can’t possibly create enough opportunities for Cole and Vassell and we need more goalscoring options. City right now are just too predictable and other teams have our number.

The difference from City being a good team to being a great team is only one or two astute signings. But City have to get their money out and buy at least one or two proven goal-getters.

And by the way, someone tell me why Chelsea spent 21 million quid on Shaun Wright-Phillips to have him sit on the bench? Is there some masterplan for SWP that no one else is aware of? Oh to have Phillips in the current line up!

Keep the faith.

[Don’t rule out getting SWP back on loan! – Ed]

Keith Sharp – Toronto Canada <keith(at)>


Another loss, another one goal loss. There is a fine line between failure and success isn’t there? Another weekend in New Zealand watching nearly everyone but City or does have a ‘conspiracy theory’ about it?

We desperately need a decent striker; if the front two don’t or can’t score we’re in trouble, but who do we get and at what price? And will Pearce be allowed to buy?

Still, not all was bad this weekend, the Kiwis gave the Aussies a touch up at Elland Road and my middle daughter got married. My last daughter gets married in January; gee I hope we win before then!

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


Well some City fans didn’t like the George Best tribute before kick-off. Well that shows what a society we live in today. Sure, you might hate the Reds, but we all marvelled at his skill and artistry. Sure, he was an idiot, had a second and third choice at life and didn’t take it. But then who are we to judge?

I suppose the closest thing in New Zealand to the anti-Red thing is everyone playing Auckland at any sport! But I bet that when Bobby Charlton scored for England or Nobby Stiles ‘crunched’ an opponent, you all cheered. Even the anti-Auckland thing was more in jest than in all-out ‘hatred’!

Jimmy Grimble once said that “football was everything”. Well it’s not and I cannot imagine football without the likes of George Best. I still think the 60’s and 70’s produced the real stars, not the prima donnas of today and I think the great game of soccer is worse off for that.

Rest in Peace George.

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


I’m writing this on the night before the Liverpool game, and I think our recent discussions on here regarding Munich songs etc. may soon be overshadowed with what may happen tomorrow during the proposed “moment of silence” for George Best.

I saw George Best playing for United, and probably for Fulham too. He never stood out that much to me. My lasting memory of him was that he was just another United player to virtually cripple a City hero: Glyn Pardoe.

I’m heartily sick of being told that I and “everyone in the country” is in mourning for a “legend”, and will be saddened for his passing. I feel absolutely nothing.

I guess I feel sorry for his family and friends…but I also (and probably more so) feel sorry for the family of the person who presumably unknowingly gave Best their liver. And I also feel sorry for the family of any person that suffered as a result of Best getting that liver.

I strongly object to the Premier League deciding that all games will have a moment’s silence tomorrow. I obviously have no objection to United, Fulham and even Stockport having a silence or other tribute, but I feel that the rest of us shouldn’t be forced to have one too.

Having said that, I have absolutely no intention of doing anything other than respecting any silence that is called for, and I just hope that all other Blues in the ground do the same. Despite their “animosity” towards each other, I have more faith in the Liverpool fans being more respectful than we may be.

I saw another comment elsewhere today saying that although there won’t be any United fans at CoMS tomorrow, there may well be some Northern Irish supporters, or even people that knew Best from his time in Manchester in the ground, so at the very least it’d be disrespectful to them for any noise during a silence.

I have no kids of my own, but I’m taking my young nephew to the game tomorrow. It’ll be his 2nd game at CoMS, and I’ll try to explain to him that although we are City fans (well – I am, and I’m doing my best to make sure he becomes one too!), we shouldn’t “boo” or show disrespect during the minute’s silence – even for a United player.

The Rags and their media would have a field day if we are anything less than perfect tomorrow.

From the comments attributed to SP today, I’m sure that he will be sickened if any Blues disrupt the silence.

However, fearing the worst and if it happens, any disruption may provide an opportunity for SP and the club to condemn anyone that doesn’t observe the silence – and the Munich singers at the same time? I feel that West Ham showed their strength after last weekend’s anti-Mido chants.

So – fingers crossed it won’t happen, but I’m not holding my breath.

Oh – and Crouch is bound to score!

Ian Dockry <ID313(at)>


A 1 minute’s silence for a muppet who was given two chances at life, took the liver that someone else would have cherished and killed that and drunk two lives away. No way I for one, will enter my ground until after that farce. A good footballer yes, a good person no way! I for one cannot understand all the collective chest betting and tears for him. I saw him play with Rodney Marsh for Fulham when they kept taking the ball from each other. As a footballer he was in the top 10 of all time, but when you die you are judged over what you did in your life. And as far as I am concerned (and before you ask, yes I have lost love ones) the scales do not balance.

Tony Hulme <mcfc4tony(at)>


I saw him play. Genius. RIP.

Garry Higgins <balrog(at)>


I’m sure I’m the one millionth person to reply to Nic Ranson, but Roy Keane actually injured himself trying to foul Haaland, which makes his subsequent tantrum even more pathetic.

While I’m here, is anyone else dismayed at SWP’s increasingly peripheral rôle at Chelski? The saddest part is that, footballing-wise, we’re not really missing him too much. Ewing theory proved in Britain?

Jeremy Milloy <jmilloy(at)>


In response to Mike Holden in MCIVTA 1176:

Just three wins from the last nine games, together with a corresponding lower-league position – if that level of “consistency” is acceptable to you, then, fair enough. Not to me – and, I am quite sure, not to Stuart Pearce and John Wardle, etc.

I will not attack you for your view(s) – nor, will I suggest that you “get a grip!”

No doubt we all wish the best for the club – sooner, rather than later, for some of us.

We obviously differ in how the club should be attempting to move forward – I prefer not to accept the unwelcome onset of mediocrity.

Graham – written and submitted prior to the Liverpool game <ride4311(at)>


I have 2 spare tickets for the Charlton game, in the City end. If anyone wants them, please email.

John Marsland <marslands(at)>


I have one ticket for West Brom away on Saturday 10 December, if anybody is interested, please email me.

Gary Johnston <gary.Johnston(at)>


I have 2 spare tickets for the West Brom game (adult). Please call 01706 663143 or 07944775022, or email.

Paul Jackson <ajackson32(at)>


My friend will be visiting NY (Manhattan area) over the weekend when City will be playing Birmingham and was wondering if there are any Blues out there who know if there will be any bars that will be showing the game?

Anthony Arundale <anthony.arundale(at)>


The next meeting of the Swinton Branch is on Tuesday 29th November, 8-00pm KO. Venue: Swinton Conservative Club.

Confirmed guests are Colin Bell and Ian Cheeseman. Signed copies of King Colin’s autobiography ‘Reluctant Hero’ are available for those wishing to buy a copy.

All Blues invited and welcome.

Alex Channon <channons(at)>


We have Colin Bell and Ian Cheesman visiting us at the Northenden branch HQ on Monday Dec 5th At Rafters on Palatine road. 8pm start. Admission is £2 on the door but places are limited. The Northenden website has contact information.

Also I am have taken ownership of City website; it is only just over a week old and is having stock added daily, a lot of new items and items from my own collection.

I would also like to ask City fans if they have anything of interest that they would like to part with: I will happily put it on the site for them.

Pete Gregory <peteblue1(at)>


Come – On – You Blu-ues! Regarded by many as the only true Manchester football club (with the other team based in Stretford), Manchester City FC boasts some of the most devoted footie fans in the world. Now, for the first time, the club has created the soundtrack for every fan, Manchester City – The Album. It’s an essential selection of the songs, chants, rhythms and beats that are the heartbeat of every City fan – these are the sounds that dominate the stadium on match days, now given contemporary production and recorded by City fans for City fans.

From re-workings of classic hits like Blue Moon and Singing The Blues, which have become City anthems, to out-and-out supporter chants like We Love You City and Best Team In The Land, this album’s an absolute must-have for die- hard City fans – and the perfect stocking filler for all your true-Blue mates. These songs will resound around the stadium on match days, in the cars, the away-match coaches and the pubs, and – of course – on the hi-fi of anyone whose blood runs true-Blue!

The CD costs £9.99 and is available from 28th November.

Louise Molloy <louise(at)>


27 November 2005

West Ham United       1 - 2  Manchester United     34,755
Fulham                2 - 1  Bolton Wanderers      19,768
Middlesbrough         2 - 2  West Bromwich Albion  27,041
Everton               1 - 0  Newcastle United      36,207

26 November 2005

Arsenal               3 - 0  Blackburn Rovers      38,192
Aston Villa           1 - 0  Charlton Athletic     30,023
Manchester City       0 - 1  Liverpool             47,105
Sunderland            0 - 1  Birmingham City       32,442
Wigan Athletic        1 - 2  Tottenham Hotspur     22,611
Portsmouth            0 - 2  Chelsea               20,182

League table to 27 November 2005 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Chelsea         14  7  0  0 21  4  5  1  1 12  3 12  1  1  33   7  26  37
 2 Manchester Utd  13  2  2  1  5  4  6  1  1 16  9  8  3  2  21  13   8  27
 3 Arsenal         13  7  0  0 16  2  1  2  3  6  8  8  2  3  22  10  12  26
 4 Wigan Athletic  13  4  1  3  9  8  4  0  1  7  2  8  1  4  16  10   6  25
 5 Tottenham H.    14  3  3  1  7  4  3  3  1  9  6  6  6  2  16  10   6  24
 6 Bolton Wndrs    13  4  1  1  6  1  3  1  3  9 12  7  2  4  15  13   2  23
 7 Liverpool       12  4  1  1  8  4  2  3  1  5  4  6  4  2  13   8   5  22
 8 Manchester City 14  4  2  2  9  5  2  1  3  6  7  6  3  5  15  12   3  21
 9 West Ham United 13  4  1  2 12  6  1  3  2  5  7  5  4  4  17  13   4  19
10 Middlesbrough   14  3  3  2 12 12  2  1  3  8  8  5  4  5  20  20   0  19
11 Charlton Ath.   13  1  1  4  5 10  5  0  2 12  8  6  1  6  17  18  -1  19
12 Newcastle Utd   14  3  2  1  6  5  2  1  5  6  9  5  3  6  12  14  -2  18
13 Blackburn R.    14  4  1  1 10  5  1  2  5  5 13  5  3  6  15  18  -3  18
14 Fulham          14  4  1  2 10  7  0  2  5  6 13  4  3  7  16  20  -4  15
15 Aston Villa     14  2  2  3  7 10  2  1  4  7 12  4  3  7  14  22  -8  15
16 Everton         13  2  1  3  3  5  2  0  5  2 11  4  1  8   5  16 -11  13
17 West Brom A.    14  3  0  4 12 12  0  3  4  3 12  3  3  8  15  24  -9  12
18 Portsmouth      14  0  3  4  3 10  2  1  4  8 10  2  4  8  11  20  -9  10
19 Birmingham City 13  0  1  5  3 10  2  2  3  5  7  2  3  8   8  17  -9   9
20 Sunderland      14  0  2  6  7 18  1  0  5  5 10  1  2 11  12  28 -16   5

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