Philip Schiff

Why Blue?

I’ve been a Blue fan since I was a little soccer mad kid, back in Wellington NZ. When they played at The Bain Reserve, most Wellingtonians hoped for a courageous display from the locals. I simply wanted Blues’ goals.

As my support for the Blues was well known, I not only was allowed to be a ball boy for the game, I got to meet the team. Next year I hope to take my family on a European vacation. We’ll be in contact, so when we take in a game or two, we hopefully meet other supporters. My wife (not being a sports-minded person) was responsible for picking the colours when we recently painted the interior of our new house. She didn’t realise until after the job was completed, that our bedroom is painted in Blues’ colours. Think I better buy appropriate furnishings… ha ha ha.

In my youth I played for Wellington (NZ) alongside Wynton Rufer. We were unstoppable. I foolishly gave up my football to concentrate on athletics (poor decision). My son (2 and a half years old) already loves the sport. A natural left footer, our problem is that he imitates the players from TV. Capable of throwing in the ball properly (and very hard/far), he has already smashed a number of windows, along with vases etc. My neighbour (the local club junior coach) has fun playing with Josh. Our problem is that insurance laws preclude Josh from playing until he turns 5. His poppi (Italian) is teaching him how to head and chest the ball. If we don’t take him to watch the national league games he throws tantrums. Pity that the Blues haven’t followed other British clubs in creating special links with an Aussie national league team. Would make a great feeder system.

Go the Blues! With a strong finish we may still make Europe next season. You’re all so lucky to be able to see the games live. I listen to the reports (via the net) usually around 1am.

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Philip Schiff