Donny Schreier

Why Blue?

As an American I am often asked by Brits, with some surprise, how I came to support Manchester City. And while that is a ‘Why Blue’ story that I must share at a later date, my issue here is slightly related to the question.

I have also been asked on occasion by Americans why they should choose to become Manchester City supporters. Although this may seem strange to most of us who came to support City by more natural means, there are a number of Americans who are interested in professional football and in the EPL, and they would like throw their hat into the ring with one team or another. But they don’t know whom to support. They watch matches but haven’t fallen for any particular team and, credit to them, they are averse to jumping on bandwagons. And without a more natural adoption by any particular team available to them, they are searching for something that would endear them to one team.

So I do my best to speak of the club’s history and loyalty of support etc. But I would be really interested to hear others’ objective reasoning, as much as that is possible: Why should one “choose” to support Manchester City as opposed to any other club? What makes City the best team to support? What makes City cool?

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Donny Schreier