Blue Bill

Why Blue?

I’ll never forget my first game… my dad took me at the age of eight to see City play Blackpool at Maine Road. You have to understand that, in those days, Blackpool were a top-drawer side with Matthews, Mortensen and Perry amongst others. We sat in the Main Stand on that day. At half-time the score was City 1 Blackpool 1, respectable enough you might say. At full time it was City 1 Blackpool 6! I have never in all my years of footie-watching seen such an amazing display of ball control as was shown in that second half by Stanley Matthews.

I guess it’s true that more modern heroes practice their skills at a faster pace than he had to, but all the same those old lacies were damned heavy and his skill must have been immense.

I’ve been a City fan ever since. I’m fortunate enough to have seen some of the classic games of the last 40 or so years.

  • Old Trafford ’68 (the turning point… and my 21st, believe it or not)
  • Newcastle ’68
  • Wembley ’69
  • Right up to Wembley ’99

I’m a Kippax season ticket holder and although I now live 200 miles away, it doesn’t matter, I still have to make that trip.
My motto: Being there is what matters, winning is just a bonus.

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Blue Bill