Andy a.k.a. Hoppy

Why Blue?

Hoppy from BV here. Born in 1962, I was too young for the 1966 glory but I was playing footy from the age of five. I lived in the 60’s tower blocks in Offerton, Stockport. I was little Andy on the 3rd floor, big Andy lived on the 11th floor. We played football round the garages every day, as you did in those days.

My dad and brother were big Reds and I was following suit when my mum took me to a shop in Stockport to get a Munchen top, only to find that the man had one shirt in stock: Everton! At the tender age of five I said “that’s an Everton top” but it was still purchased.

I remember wearing it and it looked good with the round white collar and the dark blue shirt. Not many kids had tops in those days.

A bloke who fiddled with cars asked my old man if he could take me and big Andy to Maine Road; my dad was working nights at the time. My dad said yes.

City were tops in those days and being a rebel I revolted.

Big Andy’s favourite player was Colin Bell and mine was Neil Young. Bell scored first and I was happy but gutted, then Nellie scored, we won 2-1 vs West Brom on 4th October 1969.

It was close but, mufc or Everton nearly got me. Thankfully it didn’t happen.

‘Nuff said. CTID.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #751 on


Andy a.k.a. Hoppy