Joe Ramsbottom

Why Blue?

Being another of the seemingly many new MCIVTA recruits here is my story of Blue love and its mad passions!

In the early 60’s my relatives lived in Moss Side (on the 53 bus route) and my uncles consequently took me one week to OT and the next to the Academy. After two years of this I decided in 1965 to make my mind up and in the perverse way that Blue logic works I took up the City flag because they were crap and I felt sorry for them (funny how things go round in circles isn’t it?).

There at the previous nadir – the 8500 crowd vs. Swindon when Buzzer scored against us – I at least then had a number of years of glory through Division 2 title, Championship, FA and League cups and Cup Winners’ Cup. Boy they were great days. We eclipsed the Rags and they went into decline.

Marriage followed in the mid 70’s followed by a number of years away bringing up family etc. (no excuse I know but there it is) but after divorce a couple of years ago I am back firmly in the fold – as we are in decline again (as I said, funny how things go around).

Now in my third year as season ticket holder, as optimistic as ever and the only difference now is that I don’t even bother worrying about the Rags – what’s the point until we rejoin them in our rightful place? Still, unfortunately we are in the division our team deserves and not the division our fans deserve. I am sure JR has the nouse to turn it round and get us going again.

PS Two things would make my life complete:

  1. Immediate return to the First.
  2. A good Blue woman to share my expected joy with!

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Joe Ramsbottom