Roger Haigh

Why Blue?

I’ve just returned from a holiday in Hungary – not the most obvious destination for a week away, but very interesting and very cheap.

Early in the week I had spoken to a fellow traveller who told me he lived in the North of Scotland. It never occurred to me when I binned all the McVitee’s I’d taken with me to read on the coach that anyone else might have been interested in them. However, later in the week David Buxton opened another conversation with the line “I’ve been told you are a City fan.”

On returning to England I sent off a selection of McVittees to supplement the answers I had given to questions about Francis Lee, Gio and Joe Royle, Frank Clark’s demise and all the other events that kept us enthralled last year.

David was born about three miles from City’s old ground at Hyde Road, although it’s only fair to say City had moved from there many (well, some) years earlier. He doesn’t have access to the Web and email, but has sent me the following contribution. I suspect it won’t be his last.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #408 on


Roger Haigh