Newsletter #75

Well, well, well, what did we expect? There was really no way that I could see us getting more than a point out of Easter and we get 6; only one thing to say: ‘typical City’! It was wonderful to win on Friday and especially so against a team that always seemed to beat us even when we had a very good side. My joy at this result turned to one of sheer relief when Saturday’s scores came in; if we’d have been defeated then we would have been well and truly in the s***. I spent quite some time on Monday perusing the league table and what this result and that result would mean to City and all this assuming City would get precisley zilch from Ewood Park! I secretly hoped for a point and carried out the usual arcane rituals designed to achieve this end. Well, Shearer after 7′ just about said it all but the final result was majestic and achieved in some style. Congratulations to the team on a great Easter.

I’ve just read the Electronic Telegraph reports for both the above games and I just can’t help being more than a little irritated by what I perceive as bias. In the Liverppol report, City are just a team of physical tryers running around like headless chickens and being handed the result on a plate by an indifferent Liverpool. This is in contrast to CeeFax who said City came back in some style. The Blackburn game is again less than complimentary; we played fantastically in the 2nd half but the reporter’s thoughts are constantly with Blackburn rather than City. I understand that they are Champions Elect but surely a match report should be about the match and not about Blackburn and their opponents!

I’ve tried to get this edition out as quickly as possible in view of the weekend’s amazing happenings and the topical nature of some of the news. It could well be that there are more match reports waiting to be written; if so, please send them in for the next issue, ‘the more the merrier’.

Things to look out for are news of Dino’s impending legal difficulties (we have to seriously question whether QPR will be his last game for City) and also, tonight on GMR, listen out for Phill Gatenby talking about City and Standing Ovation etc.

Next game Newcastle United at home, Saturday 29th April 1995.


MANCHESTER CITY vs. LIVERPOOL, Friday 14th April 1995

Desperate times mean desperate measures and because City have always won when I take the wife down, I decided I should buy her a ticket for only the 2nd time this season. We met a couple of Liverpool mates at the Red Lion in Didsbury (could be a good pub to meet for the QPR game –