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Why Blue?

Being born in Macclesfield, Cheshire there was only one team to follow otherwise you were one of these fly by nights that supported the team that was doing well at the time. The other kind of supporters always seemed to work in Parkside which is a large mental institution (do I have to say any more?). The players that inspired me and my brothers to follow the Blues consisted of Big Joe, Donachie, Pardoe, Booth, Doyle, Book, Marsh, Lee, Bell (will never forgive the Rags for breaking his leg), Tueart (memorable for his overhead kick in the final).

As I have travelled around the world I have always tried my best to ensure that at best I keep up with their results and league placing and finding that now in New Zealand I am getting the best and updated information through these pages via the Internet. Although not on the net personally, but being a parasite on a Derby County Fanatic’s web is the best I can do at the time being, which to say the least is a bit hard over the last few weeks as we seem to be having our ongoing saga about Franny’s transfer, the goal that never was and now we have to bring up the infamous penalty spot. Dave said as he was there at the time and they had already played about three minutes of extra time and they were stuffed anyway (seems like a consistent City game); as for the penalty spot the referee was George Yates and Brian Kidd got booked for taking the p**s in his exuberant step taking behind the referee; wasn’t Big Joe also booked after the spot had been painted for a subtle but to the point comment? So please save my ears and let’s discuss any other matches than any against the Rams as it’s hard enough with them being in the Premiership. As for the manager who signed Franny, it was Mackay 73/74.

As for other reasons to follow the Blues and praise one unsung personal hero – Paul Power, a school buddy of my eldest brother but a player who worked hard for the club. Once again City let him go cheaply on to Everton where he flourished and won league medals under Howard Kendall.

Went looking for the Blues magazine but the newsagent didn’t sell S&M mags!

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Steve Swindells David Todd