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Tonight we have opinion on potential signings, ex-Blues with the news Paulo ‘Bambi’ Wanchope has hung up his boots for good (remember Leeds United, November 2000?), views on the state of play and a hatful of requests.

Next Game: Saturday 24 November 2007, 3pm, Reading (home)


Whilst I’m not one who likes to join the rumour mongers but I feel the need to make a comment about our alleged transfer window target Adriano. It’s obvious he’s a world class footballer but it’s also obvious he has problems at Inter Milan and can’t get in the team. I’m reliably informed by a friend in Italy that he has a certain reputation over there and is being sent back to Brazil to help him sort out his problems.

My point is would Sven want to pay a small fortune for a player who appears to ‘have problems’ and potentially have an adverse effect on the obvious good team spirit that now exists at Eastlands? I hope I’m wrong because I would like to see a player of his quality doing the business for us but I think in this case we should give Adriano a miss.

Alex Channon <alexchannon81(at)>


A sad week for some ex-Blues, both with MLS team Chicago Fire.

First; Chicago lost in the semi-final of the MLS Cup; winning the cup crowns you MLS Champion, the loss also meant an end to Chicago’s ten game unbeaten streak under their coach Juan Carlos Osorio (City’s former conditioning coach). Second; Paolo Wanchope retired at the age of 31 citing continuing injury and recovery problems. Wanchope showed some of his old City form in scoring two goals in the eleven games he played.

Sean Cable <blueinva(at)>


As a Manchester City fan living in Israel I am not only delighted at City’s start to the season but last night I had the opportunity to be at the Ramat Gan stadium and witness the heroic performance by the Israeli team against Russia knowing that not only were we playing for the Israeli national pride but for England’s also.

Even though Israel had already lost any chance of qualifying for Euro 2008 the atmosphere was electric. We, here in Israel, have done our part to help and what is left is for England not to blow it against Croatia.

Good luck to City, England and Israel (next time round).

Shalom Cohen <scohen1(at)>


It’s great to see that Stu is doing so well with his Under 21 England team; after beating Bulgaria under 21’s, the England under 21’s are now top of their division and on track for the finals next year.

I predict that Stuart Pearce will in the future be a top Premier League manager; many at City thought that he came to manage a Premier League team ahead of his time, and should have managed a Championship team first. In truth we were as a team just above the Championship, and fighting to stay in the Premier League. Stu always said every day at City was a learning curve, and was never afraid to admit that; one day another club will reap the rewards of his learning days at City.

As I have said before, we all owe a thanks to Stu for keeping City in the Premier League on a shoestring budget, and let’s not forget that he brought Micah, Ireland, Nedum, and Johnson into the first team from the Academy, also signing Joe Hart, Michael Ball, and Didi Hamann. Sure there have been a couple of signings that never worked out, but which manager has not had that experience?

I think a great majority of City fans will join me in wishing Stuart the best of luck with his Under 21 England team, Good luck!

And now we move on with the MCFC revolution and Sven and his new City team.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


Reading the papers nowadays is a joy for a City fan. I think we all agree that things are far better than even Sven, the Doc and the most loyal fans thought possible.

Just to add a real element of perspective, I thought about checking out what the Blues were up to 10 years ago.

My notoriously bad memory has been hard at work forgetting how low we had fallen, and how bad we were. This has taken away the appreciation of the distance the club has travelled.

Here’s a précis of what we would have been experiencing 10 years ago. Think on it all and tell me I’m not dreaming!

November 1 and a visit to the Manor Ground for a 0-0 draw Team: Wright, Vaughan, Wiekens, Whitley, Symons, Edghill, Brannan, Horlock, van Blerk, Greenacre and Dickov.

This 0-0 draw meant that City had only scored one goal in 5 games,

November 4 and Port Vale visit Maine Road and beat us 2-3 with Scully, Conlon and Kinkladze reminding me that, well erm that Kinkladze played for us.

Although City were in front twice we simply couldn’t hold off the mighty Vale.

November 7 and another home advantage means we can put Huddersfield to the sword. Huddersfield win 0-1; bearing in mind that Huddersfield were bottom of the league, that’s not a good sign.

Margetson replaced Tommy Wright and Kelly (?) was drafted in. Ironically this was a 10 year anniversary of our 10-1 drubbing of the same team. Wow these 10 year things are interesting aren’t they?

November 15 City visit Sheffield United and grab a point thanks to a 90 minute goal from Horlock. More names to think on: McGoldrick, Creaney and Russell.

November 22 City win! – A slaughtering of Bradford 1-0 comprising of a second minute of injury time goal from Tony Vaughan.

November 29, the last game for us to consider here, brought a visit to Edgeley Park and the honour of watching City lose 3-1. I was at this game and seem to remember that it was the first time Stockport had beaten us competitively, so there’s a new depth plumbed.

I also remember the embarrassment of being a Blue in a foreign land. My dad had come out of his self-imposed supporting wilderness at my behest and offered a piece of advice at the final whistle, which is unprintable in its original version, but translates as “Please don’t ask me to come again as that was rather disappointing.”

The manager for this period was Frank Clark and the Chairman was the “saviour” Franny Lee.

The season ended badly of course as we were relegated for the second successive season. But the first time to the third tier (otherwise known as the home of fun football and re-invigorated hope!).

And now we are third in the Premier League and if the papers are remotely accurate have another £150 million available to improve an already good squad.

Here’s a cap doffed to Sven and a kiss and cuddle for the good Doctor Frank.

Andy Morris <andy(at)>


Isn’t it funny that some of the footballing know-alls amongst us were calling for the installation of Paul Simpson recently, in the seat/poisoned chalice, vacated by Stuart Pearce?

Funny old game.

Joel Perry <j.perry(at)>


Re the “Thai In” from Joe O’Doherty (MCIVTA 1380).

Nice gag Joe, one small problem, the 1990 derby game shown on Youtube (featuring Brighty’s thunderbolt) took place at Old Trafford.

Mind you, there was a picture floating around the Internet recently of Thaksin being presented with a Rag shirt, so maybe the advert was the good Doctor’s first attempt at taking over a club. I’d say you’ve eventually made the right choice, Dr.S.

Tim Roundwood <mcfc1981(at)>


On Saturday, 11th November, the Mid-Sussex branch of the Man City S.C. held their second legends evening at The Witch Inn, Lindfield, West Sussex.

This was another great night for a hugely successful supporters’ club, founded only a few years ago but which now brags over 50 members. The night was another great achievement for organizers John and Julie Joyce, together with Alison Angus, Rod Cummins and the rest of the committee, whom I would like to thank as Chairman on behalf of the whole branch for getting this night off the ground.

The event saw Tommy Booth, James H Reeve and John Stapleton as the main guests with Kevin Parker there also to lend his valued support once more to our branch.

A few early evening pints was followed by a fantastic buffet. James H then led a very interesting Q&A and raffle spiced up with a few James H-isms. Many more pints followed well into the early hours before the landlord had his fill of Blue Moon and drew the curtains on the evening.

Sunday morning saw the guests, our visiting Manchester contingent, and many branch members drag themselves out of bed early to make their way to Portsmouth to watch a more polished performance than many of them could have delivered!

Thanks to all who attended the evening and our guests for making it another great City night in deepest Sussex.

Peter Dutson <Pdutson(at)>


I am an old Maine Road season ticket holder who is usually based overseas in the USA. Between Dec 14 and Jan 6 I shall be back in the UK, and based out of Cheshire, near Northwich/Whitegate; very close to where Dean Saunders lives. The nearest train station is Cuddington, and this is nearly an hour to walk, as I do not have a car.

If there are any City supporters going to any of the matches during this period (home or away) who live close by and wouldn’t mind sharing the costs of travelling with me I’d be very grateful to hear from them. Trying to get around on my own can be a really time consuming and exhaustive process when you’re in the middle of nowhere surrounded by fields of horse manure.

Many thanks, Simon <alienuk(at)>


I will be in Australia for a couple of weeks and would appreciate any information from any Aussie Blues and/or ex-pats for City games on TV for the 2 games against Wigan (we will be in Ularu) and Spurs (we will be in Port Douglas).

Any info would be appreciated as to anywhere that may be showing the games either live/delayed coverage or any TV channels that I may be able to watch them on in the hotel.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Andrew Keller <akcity(at)>


My son is begging me to take him to an away match this season, and there is no better place for him to start than Villa Park.

Please get in touch if you have 2 tickets for sale, preferably 1 adult and 1 child (but will pay 2 adults).

Steve Cummings <>


Due to moving, a friend’s season ticket is available from (and including) the Man City vs. Reading game (Sat, 24 Nov).

Seat is on Level 2, East Stand. Please contact Matt on 07973 109117 for further details.

Guy Worsick <guy.worsick(at)>


League table to 18 November 2007 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD  Pts
 1 Arsenal         12  6  1  0 18  6  3  2  0  9  4  9  3  0  27  10  17  30
 2 Manchester Utd  13  6  1  0 14  1  3  2  1  9  5  9  3  1  23   6  17  30
 3 Manchester City 13  7  0  0 11  2  1  2  3  5 11  8  2  3  16  13   3  26
 4 Chelsea         13  3  3  0 11  3  4  1  2  8  6  7  4  2  19   9  10  25
 5 Liverpool       12  2  4  0 12  4  4  2  0  7  2  6  6  0  19   6  13  24
 6 Portsmouth      13  2  4  0 11  6  4  1  2 12  7  6  5  2  23  13  10  23
 7 Blackburn R.    12  3  2  1  8  5  3  2  1  7  6  6  4  2  15  11   4  22
 8 Aston Villa     12  5  0  2 11  7  1  3  1  7  7  6  3  3  18  14   4  21
 9 Everton         13  3  1  2  9  6  3  1  3 10  9  6  2  5  19  15   4  20
10 West Ham United 12  2  2  2  8  6  3  1  2 10  4  5  3  4  18  10   8  18
11 Newcastle Utd   12  4  1  1 11  8  1  2  3  8 10  5  3  4  19  18   1  18
12 Reading         13  4  0  3  8 10  0  1  5  8 19  4  1  8  16  29 -13  13
13 Fulham          13  2  3  2 12 12  0  3  3  4  8  2  6  5  16  20  -4  12
14 Tottenham H.    13  2  1  3 15 12  0  4  3  8 12  2  5  6  23  24  -1  11
15 Birmingham City 13  2  1  3  7  8  1  1  5  6 12  3  2  8  13  20  -7  11
16 Sunderland      13  2  2  2  6  7  0  2  5  7 15  2  4  7  13  22  -9  10
17 Middlesbrough   13  1  3  2  8  9  1  1  5  4 14  2  4  7  12  23 -11  10
18 Bolton Wndrs    13  1  3  3  7  8  0  2  4  4 10  1  5  7  11  18  -7   8
19 Wigan Athletic  13  2  1  3  5  6  0  1  6  5 17  2  2  9  10  23 -13   8
20 Derby County    13  1  2  3  5 12  0  1  6  0 19  1  3  9   5  31 -26   6

With thanks to Football 365

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