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Plenty of varied news and views tonight: a review of the Goat’s Grassroots celebrations in Bermuda thanks to our outgoing Deputy Blue Governor, news of the Memorial service that took place over the weekend, future prospects, some more info on the stadium including the latest images, plenty on Europe and the merits of midfield continue.

We’ve also a few requests with details of travel and end of season videos.

Next game: to be announced


Shaun Goater’s Grassroots Soccer Festival concluded in Bermuda with a very enjoyable Gala dinner on the beach of the Sonesta Hotel on Saturday evening. Bermuda’s Premier attended, plus a Senator and the Minister of Sports – oh, and the Deputy Governor (me). Dennis Tueart and Paul Power – both extremely nice people – added to the heady mix. It was the perfect balmy Bermuda summer evening: soft sand, sound of surf, good food, people enjoying themselves – all peppered with Mancunian accents.

The highlight of the evening was an auction of shirts. Surprisingly two of them were from Another Team Who Shall Not Be Named. A Veron cast-off went for $525 and something from that nice Mr Solskjaer raised $555. Then came Lot 3: the shirt that the Goat Himself was wearing when putting two past Mr Ferguson’s XI last November. The bidding started at $450 and, having raided the kid’s money box (“this is for your future, kids”), my hand shot into the air. But, regrettably, so did three dozen others. It was nail-biting stuff – but, sadly, not my nails – as the going quickly got too rich and this footballing relic went for a cool $3,800.

City’s Youth Academy were on hand too, having had a pretty good week on the pitch: a Friday 6-0 thumping of Shaun’s North Village team – and a 7-1 win earlier in the week against a Goater Select X1.

The Grassroots Festival was a lovely event and much credit goes to Shaun and all at City for the organisation, dedication and commitment. They truly are a group of terrific people. I hope they will be back. The island loved them.

Sadly I am now signing off as City’s Deputy Governor in Bermuda. I leave here at the end of the month after 5 very happy years. Many thanks to Heidi and her predecessors for all their efforts and hard work in keeping us far-flung expats up to date on our team. Great job, guys! And nice to meet a few MCVITA readers/producers who made it to Bermuda. Not a bad place eh?

Tim Gurney (


A posse of First Division clubs, led by Sunderland who appear to be favourites, are reported to be interested in signing Shaun Goater. It has been mentioned that a part-exchange deal involving Claudio Reyna (this is the same player I recommended to Francis Lee in May of 1994, he was then still at the University of Virginia) may be on offer. Reyna is at present getting over an injury that kept him out of the later part of last season. Or the switch could be for Gavin McGann.

Other clubs reported to be interested in our Goat are Sheffield United, Reading, Cardiff, and Norwich.

Other silly season news is that Kevin Keegan is still keen to get Marc Vivien Foe; it’s now reported that Lyon will let him go for £2.5 million (please KK we need to move forward!).

Also reported in the same newspaper, the Daily Mirror, City are interested in Geremi who was on loan at Middlesbrough last season and went back to Real Madrid because the £4 million offered by Middlesbrough was not enough. Real want double that. Daily Mirror reports City are trying to split the difference, which would make it £6 million.

Can we believe all we read? After all it’s the “silly season”, wait and see.

Ernie Barrow (


I was able to attend the service on Saturday 7 June and I would like to say what a lovely service it was, very touching, moving and extremely poignant. The two friends I was there to remember were my good friend John Maddocks, the late City historian – top bloke; and Ian Vest, a lad that both my mate Maggie and I got to know whilst living down south who sadly died back in 1991 – we often bumped into each other at away games and always had a good laugh whatever the result. Can I extend a very big thank you to the club for arranging this.

After the service we were able to walk round the pitch, sit in our loved one’s old seat, or even our own to reminisce about them and also memories of Maine Road in general. Apart from having one last sit down in my front row, lower Kippax seat, it was the first time I had sat in my original North Stand seat of Block P, Row 15, Seat 79 since we were moved out of there after relegation vs. Liverpool back in the mid 90s. This also brought tears and laughter as people scampered up and down the stands to their seats, to then just simply sit for a while and reflect.

Thanks once again to Sara and all at MCFC.

Carol Darvill (


What a week (or two). Firstly, we learn that we’re in Europe next season. Now KK has successfully signed talent the likes of David Seaman and Michael Tarnat. Wow.

Down under, live games are viewed (when available via Foxtel) either around 1am or 3:45am. Nevertheless, the faithful Blues supporters passionately take the opportunity to watch any games aired. From those seen last season, it became apparent that the Blues’S passion was second to none.

However, this year, the pure midfield inspiration appeared limited. The acquisition of Tarnat (and hopefully McManaman) will be an injection of genuine playmaking, midfielders who close down the opposing midfield (limiting their offensive options), who mixup the ability to menacing distribute/feed our strikers and/or run dangerously at the opposing defence.

2003/4 is definitely shaping up as a great year.

Keep the good news coming.

Philip Schiff – Sydney, Australia (


So far I like what I see from our new Chairman John Wardle, he has a daily media briefing that keeps him in touch with the City supporters; this right away makes him a fans’ Chairman.

The board of directors headed by John Wardle have created a ceiling on the payroll for the players; this is important being that we are bringing in quality players. This leads to more players leaving City; we all have felt that some dead wood had to go to enable us to move forward. So far as I write this seven City players have gone with more to go; bearing in mind this will not only be good for City but also for the players who need to play on a regular basis, good luck to them all and thanks for their contribution to the club.

I think a lot of supporters were upset at the time of David Bernstein’s departure, and started to get concerned that City might go the same way as Leeds United and other clubs. But it is quite obvious John Wardle is treading softly with not just the City of today in mind but the City of the future. I do believe a road map has been formed for Kevin Keegan’s five year plan.

We are only two years into this and already Kevin Keegan has got us back into the Premier League (with a record number of points). We ended up in the top half of the Premier League in our first year back. And as a bonus we are into Europe. The future certainly looks exciting with us going into the new stadium.

Finally, news out this weekend that Steve MaManaman is set to play out his contract (one more year) at Real Madrid. So this means no McManaman at City, at least not right now.

The best is yet to come!

Ernie Barrow (


To all Blues who are waiting with baited breath to visit the new stadium, Graeme from Chorlton Blues visited the new stadium last week and the pictures he took are posted on our website. Click on the link to see them. Awesome.

Larry Higgs (


I have to agree with Jerry Serjeant when he talks about a grey mass, although I’ve a feeling that it will be somewhat different when the season starts. There will be advertising hoardings all over, and licks of paint here and there, and, of course, the Main(e) entrance should hopefully have a large Manchester City fascia. I’ve also seen a photograph of the stadium (or was it an artist’s impression?) floodlit and it is truly something to behold.

With regard to sponsors it would be nice to have Seimens Mobile on the front. If it’s good enough for Real Madrid… or supposing that the City board decided to go all Glasgow on us (if you don’t know there’s an agreement so that Rangers and Celtic both have the same sponsor)… could you see us wearing Vodafone shirts? Wonder whether Brother would come back? Or what about Budweiser or Boddington’s?

One final point about the new stadium. Where’s the TV gantry going to be? Although hopefully it won’t affect me because I should be there being a season ticket holder, I do find that some TV positions are way too high. For me the perfect viewing angle is at Highbury or Goodison Park. Anfield is far too high and so was Maine Road. Anyone else have a view on this or is it a who gives a monkey’s kind of question? Anyway, must go, I’ve got my anorak to wash!

Lance Thomson (


2003/04 UEFA Cup match calendar Stage Dates

Qualifying round, 1st leg  Thu 14.08.2003
Qualifying round, 2nd leg  Thu 28.08.2003
First round, 1st leg       Wed 24.09.2003
First round, 2nd leg       Wed 15.10.2003
Second round, 1st leg      Thu 06.11.2003
Second round, 2nd leg      Thu 27.11.2003
Third round, 1st leg       Thu 26.02.2004
Third round, 2nd leg       Wed 03.03.2004
Fourth round, 1st leg      Thu 11.03.2004
Fourth round, 2nd leg      Thu 25.03.2004
Quarter-finals, 1st leg    Thu 08.04.2004
Quarter-finals, 2nd leg    Wed 14.04.2004
Semi-finals, 1st leg       Thu 22.04.2004
Semi-finals, 2nd leg       Thu 06.05.2004
Final (Gothenburg, Sweden) Wed 19.05.2004

Put the first four in your diary anyway.

Some of the harder teams in the Qualifying Round are Basle, Steaua and Dynamo Bucharest, both Israali teams, Sporting Lisbon and er Total Network Solutions of the Welsh League.

Nick Morley (


Following the clamour for tickets leading up to the last ever game at MR I thought I’d get my request in early, so here goes… Is anybody likely to have a couple of spare tickets for the 2004 UEFA Cup final (you never know)?

Great to be back – 24 years and we’re still here.

Steve Gerrard (


Thirteen years ago, I came away from Loftus Road thinking that David Seaman would be a City player one day.

It was the same night United dirtied our pitch in an F.A. Cup semi-final replay against Oldham, we beat QPR 3-1 under Howard Kendall as an end-of-season flourish brushed off fears of relegation and built hopes of bright future.

A few weeks later, Bobby Robson would announce his 22-man squad for Italia ’90 and City fans didn’t waste the opportunity to taunt Seaman as he sweated over his possible inclusion. A chorus of “You’re not going to Italy, you’re not going to Italy, na-na na na!” was soon followed by the even crueller chant of “Seaman’s going to Butlin’s, Seaman’s going to Butlin’s, na-na na na!” But he took it all in great humour and I’d even go as far to say a rapport was built up during that second half.

Mike Holden (


Interesting piece on the DSF website, interviewing Michael Tarnat. Although he wasn’t singing Blue Moon in a Yorkshire accent, he seems pretty chuffed too:

Lifelong ambition to play in England… Trautmann, Rösler and Immel giving City a “German” tradition… Kevin Keegan a hero for all German footballers of his generation… so pleased to have found one of English football’s traditional giants… Keegan wanted me and he still speaks German… many chats with Markus Babbel about the Premier League… Asked on Saturday, signed on the Monday… looking at houses next week, then holiday and training on July 9th… goals are “firstly to enjoy the atmosphere and to play some good football”

He was not asked whether he had ever modelled his game on Michael Frontzeck’s cut-thrust and fall-over style.

Simon (


I was at school with Paul. We both had more hair then. Like his favourite club, his was red.

Martyn Hansen (


In all reactions on ‘Midfield Meastro’, I’ve completely missed the name of Mark van Bommel. Watching the Dutch league, you can easily see why Arsenal and Leeds (and maybe Manchester’s others as well) are interested in him. Truth is, as it seems, nobody has been in contact for the simple reason the transfer market hasn’t started yet.

So why wouldn’t City be the club to open things up with signing a midfield maestro who has great scoring record and is a real ‘general’ in any team. Organising, correcting, seeking the box and always that little bit smarter than his opponents. Great possibility!

Frank Heukels (


Thanks for all the replies my “Foe in, Berko out” contribution inspired. Thanks especially to everyone who e-mailed me to my private email address. And no I won’t be taking up most of your suggestions: it’s anatomically impossible.

It always interests me how 30,000 people plus can watch the same set of players and have such different opinions. I suppose that’s why football is in such a fragmented state.

I didn’t for once suggest that Berkovic was no good or that in an ideal world we should get rid of him. I merely stated the obvious: that if a player is unhappy, he should go. Keegan has been at City for two seasons and we now seem to have ‘a harmonium in the dressing room’ to quote Peter Swales (probably).

I think Eyal is a great player on his day. He just doesn’t have that day often enough. In all honesty, how many games do any of you foresee him playing, three seasons into a £5 million four year deal? It isn’t good business. I’d love him to be fit. He just isn’t. Bill Borrows’ reply was staggeringly sexist. Easy Tiger – Yes. I’m female. Get used to it Mr Loaded. The planet is more than 50% female and lots of us like football. Gasp! Some of us even understand it. I’ve been watching City since I was six. That was in 1974. Your assessment of Foe is based on limited viewing; I would suggest that that isn’t good enough. I attend regularly, so please don’t patronise me for going.

The good news today is that it looks like City are signing Foe on a two year deal at a knock down £2.5 million. Berkovic is still moaning to the press and trying to get Redknapp to sign him. Laughably he thinks Pompey should give him £45,000 a week. He’d get a pay as you play deal off me at best.

In two weeks’ time the Spanish season will be over. Expect Steve McMananman to be a Blue within a week of closure. Get used to it boys. Lots more moaning potential coming up in the next few weeks.

CTID, Sarah Ferguson (


The below could be found on the official man utd website at 1pm today ( It was removed just before 1.30pm.

The piece went on to say…

‘Four well-known faces on British TV have kicked off’s latest email campaign: 27.

Cue photo of D list celebs…

Coronation Street’s Alan Halsall (Tyrone), Trevor Dwyer-Lynch (Patrick) and Andrew Whyment (Kirk) were joined by Casualty actor Will Mellor (Jack) in holding up the number 27 during a break from a celebrity football match at Old Trafford.

Now it’s your turn… to be photographed, anywhere in the world in any United shirt, with 27 proudly on display. That’s your mission, to take the number 27 out to the streets, parks and beaches this summer.

You might find the number 27 is already out there – for example, on the front doors of houses, car number plates or buses. Wherever you find 27, make sure you have your digital or mobile camera handy so you can have your photo taken with it. And if you can’t find your own 27, please click here to print our 27 poster and take it on your travels.

Please send your photos by email to with 27 in the subject line. The best or funniest photos will be added to an ever-growing gallery on There are no prizes, except for the sheer buzz of seeing your face and name on the offical United website.

Best of luck… and happy snapping. Not sure what 27 means? Then ask your fellow Reds in our live chat room…’

The editor is called Adam Bostock and he is, a little bird tells me, extremely concerned that he might have gone too far. Blues can remonstrate with him or his bosses at 0161 868 8000. I think it is fair to say that such a gesture does not help create good relations between the two sets of fans and, as such, should not be endorsed by the official club site. It could, potentially, lead to all kinds of unnecessary ill-feeling. Perhaps an official apology?

(Name withheld at contributor’s request)


Obsessed Man. Utd. have overstepped the mark again and are asking their ‘fans’ to send in pictures of them with “27” signs, to mock City fans.

Their claim that we haven’t won a trophy for 27 years (we have) is the basis of their insult.

If you, like us, feel this to go beyond sportsmanship and into sheer insults, please email: or



I am forming a new Bournemouth supporters’ club branch.

If anyone is interested in joining, meeting up to discuss the Blues over a pint or two, travelling to games etc., please send an e-mail to me with your details (name/address etc.) and I will get back to you A.S.A.P.

Thanks to everyone who responded to the original request the other week – if you know of any others who are interested in joining, again, get in touch with me – the more the merrier!

Thanks, Alex ( or


The official 2002/2003 season reviews on Video & DVD are due to be released on 16th June (subject to change). We are offering the video at £14.99, and the DVD at £17.99 (that’s £2 off the SRP of £19.99), and P&P (despite what it says in the checkout section of our web site) is FREE for all UK orders – our normal £1.95 will NOT be debited from your credit card account, nor will we debit your account until any parcel has been despatched. We are taking pre-release date orders now.

Details of the Video can be seen at and, details of the DVD at

Also, as a little bit of privileged information, I can tell you that there is a programme planned for release in August, called ‘Man City FC – End of an Era’. It’s a “tribute to Man City playing their season for the last time at Maine Road and looking back over the century of amazing football legends”.

Many thanks, Sean Willis (


On June 20th the draw will be made, for the Qualifying Rounds of the UEFA Cup. Dependant on the draw, the first away game will be on either 14th or 28th August.

We will be offering 2 trips for this game, subject to venue:

  • A day trip – in and out – with flight and transfers.
  • Two night stay, night before and night of the game – with flight, hotel andtransfers.

If you would like to be advised of possible trips to this away game, and placed on the Priority Booking List, please contact below.

When the details become available, you will be contacted by post. Tel: 01925-755222 or email for further details.

Michael Meadwocroft – retail agent for Flight Options – ATOL 4233(


The board of Manchester City today confirmed that it is unable to take up the offer of UEFA’s Fair Play place in Europe next season.

A spokesman said “We contacted P&O Stena to book the ferry crossings and they refused to take either our fans or players across to Europe”. This apparently comes after the behaviour of fans during Man City’s last European matches when they ripped up the ship’s sails and threw the cannonballs overboard.

When asked why the team won’t fly to Europe, the spokesman added “There is no way I am going to risk putting all my team in a hot air balloon.”

Martin Hughes (

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