Newsletter #1095

A disappointing derby in which our poor finishing cost us dearly; we certainly deserved at least a point from this game. We have match views tonight from the game and TV.

We also have opinion on the youth, tactics, ticket prices and a few requests.

Finally, the second competition is now up and running.

Next game: Norwich City, away, 8pm 28 February 2005 (TV)


Bert Trautmann, 1956 FA Cup Final

We are pleased to bring you, in conjunction with, the first part of an MCIVTA Supporters’ Quiz, which will run through MCIVTA and our website over the next week. produce limited edition prints of iconic footballing moments and have very kindly donated a limited edition print of Bert Trautmann OBE for MCIVTA readers to win. The print is in black and white, and is A2 sized (594mm x 420mm) high quality gloss finish, and signed by the great man himself.

These (along with numerous other sporting images) can be viewed and purchased from their website

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To submit your answers and view the competition rules, please go to the MCFC Supporters’ Homepage at: and follow the instructions to register. Answers to these questions must be submitted by Thursday 17th February.

Who/what was Nijinsky?

What was the name of the player that collided with Bert Trautmann when the goalkeeper broke his neck in the 1956 FA Cup Final?

Can you name a player that has played at senior level for all four Manchester and Liverpool clubs?


Derby day again, and somehow I felt this wasn’t ever going to be a classic. The build up to me was somewhat muted, and I had to say I didn’t expect much from this game from the simple reason that United needed the points more than we did and on previous experience we tended to lie down when this has been the case. Shaun Goater and Paul Dickov were presented to the crowd before the game (good receptions for both – especially considering the slating Dickov caught in recent returns). The other point to note prior to the match was the campaign to back standing at football grounds (yellow card leaflets issued prior to the game to be raised at kick-off) seemed to fail miserably as I could only see a handful in the South stand. Shame as this is a worthwhile cause ( – visit the site and support it, even if you’re a exiled Blue and are unable to attend the games!).

Both teams lined up with very defensive formations: 4-5-1. City were playing the same formation as at Chelsea (no doubt seeking not to lose), United considering they needed all 3 points surprisingly lined up with Shrek’s lovechild up front, and a very mediocre midfield considering Giggs and Ronaldo were on the bench (they looked like they were going for containment in the first half). This led to a very dull first half, in which City conceded position to United but United were unable to carve out any real opportunities, due to a distinct lack of creativity. The best chances fell to City with a corking drive from Musampa being parried wide by Carroll and after a classy SWP run on the right (skinning Wes Brown in the process… again!) resulting in McManaman spooning the ball over the bar when it was surely far easier to score. 0-0 was probably slightly unfair as City had the edge on the chances.

The second half started with again City going close (Fowler, miscuing a shot). However, United’s possession and dominance started to tell. Barton and Mills were increasingly misplacing passes, this made us look nervous and we began to defend deeper and deeper. This is always dangerous against good opposition and with Giggs/Ronaldo starting to pull some strings it wasn’t long before United had their first real chance. Musampa was caught out of position by a Keane pass, which Neville crossed to Shrek who glided the ball past James – the kicker was that the chance was nearly an identical opportunity to Macca’s in the first half. At 0-1 you felt City didn’t have it in them to get back into the game, and this was more so when Dunne tried to hack a clearance only for it to be sliced and in off the post for 0-2. City still had chances to get back into the game – Sibierski missing a sitter and some speculative long range efforts from SWP and Fowler. One thing that really got on my nerves was the constant whining and whinging of the Rags for every incident (Heinze, Keane, Gary Chuckle being the worst culprits). Arsenal were the same; why can’t they just play the game rather than try to influence the referee at every opportunity? To his credit I thought the referee had an excellent game (S.G. Bennett)!

All in all a disappointing game – not in that we lost, which is always a bitter pill against the Rags but somehow this didn’t seem like a derby, the atmosphere was poor (for a derby), the players didn’t seem to mix it (as they usually do in a derby) and the manner of the defeat (we had 4 really good chances to win this game before United took their first real chance and scored), so you can’t help but think if we put in an improved performance then we could have got something out of this.

James (6/10) – No chance with the goals but made some good saves after 0-2 and ever alert.
Mills (5/10) – Better than recent performances but still gave the ball away far too often and dwelled in position far too often.
Dunne (6/10) – Every bit as good as the Chelsea game until the unfortunate own goal, won’t criticise too much as the boy has been class all season.
Distin (7/10)- Calm and assured in defence, brought possession forward on a few occasions when nothing else was on.
Thatcher (7/10) – One of his best games in a City shirt, exposed a bit when Giggs/Ronaldo came on but did well.
Barton (5/10) – As so often with Barton, excellent first half display, very poor second half – he just gave the ball away too often.
McMananman (5/10) – Good overall performance but guilty of not scoring when it was harder to miss.
Sibierski (5/10) – Hit and miss, had some nice touches but missed a sitter and at times was too lightweight.
Musampa (6/10) – Showed a good range of passing, slow to close down on a few occasions, a fault that led to the first goal. Delivers a mean corner though.
SWP (6/10) – Looked jaded but mustered up a few copyright (Shaunright) runs. Excellent delivery for the Macca “goal”.
Fowler (6/10) – Put himself about in a thankless task – wasted two really good opportunities. Should be man of the match for kicking the elder of the Chuckle brothers.
BWP (NS) – Too late to score, wasted substitution, got to be given a longer run in the side.
Macken (5/10) – No real impact, the game was lost by the time he came on.

On this evidence I can’t see the Rags winning the title or Champions’ League this season, which is a small crumb of mercy. On our own fortunes I am really worried where our goals are coming from. Musampa definitely gives us balance but still our only outlet is SWP and Fowler (although he has come a long way) has to start to be more clinical in front of goal. We need an injection of pace in the side, along with senior players to stop giving the ball away far too cheaply. C’mon KK, give the youngsters a run out – 9 minutes is no use for BWP, give him a chance to stake a claim to partner Robbie up front. We aren’t going to get relegated so what’s the harm?

[Hand on heart, I cannot say there is one Rag player I would like to see in a blue shirt, their constant cheating and petulancy is enough to make you nauseous – Ed]

CTID, Rich Fenton <rich(at)>


What a bl**dy afternoon, this one! I watched the game here in Ravenna with my Blue mate Matteo, through Sky Italia channel. What can I say after a game like this? Typical City I’d say.

I do think that the boys deserved much more and I think all the Blues around could agree with that: in the first half we played some good football, tactically we were almost perfect, didn’t concede any, did some good pressing, had some good chances through Kiki and McManaman (what a mistake!) and the multi-millionaire plc dressed up like a football club called Stretford Buccaneers seemed an average team. Ok, I also thought that City are no longer a fluent side and entertaining team to watch because we haven’t got creative midfielders as we used to (Eyal, Ali) but I think we are a balanced side, improved tactically, consistent from a defensive point of view.

What we missed yesterday (but also in other games) was the ability to smash home some good occasions we created. I don’t need to recall that probably Fowler and Macken are not the most threatening couple of forwards in the land.

What went wrong in the second half? Well, you know. First goal: it makes me laugh to hear it was a goal from Rooney, the deflection proved decisive because without it I’m sure James would have kept the ball! After all the effort, the team lost its heart.

Second goal: well what can we say? I feel so sorry for Richard because he played incredibly well, didn’t concede any chances to their so called stars, played alongside Distin in a way we can only dream some times ago and then what bad luck indeed!

Also in the second half we missed some good chances, didn’t we? Two from Fowler nearly in front of goal, another one from Musampa, one from Sib (how the hell is it possible to miss a chance like that) and I think if we had scored we could have saved the game in the last ten minutes.

It is painful to lose in such a manner! Not that I was so confident, they were an in-form team as they said (I usually don’t watch them playing but I wouldn’t say they are so good yesterday, I’m still waiting for a real effort from them) and Bosvelt was out through suspension but when I watched our boys playing with so much heart I have to say that my confidence grew. Now in the rest of the season we have to collect more points as we can in the remaining fixtures, we can’t give up. We have to reach the highest position possible.

As you can guess, I was also disgusted by the Italian commentator. I think I’ll write a letter to protest the way he talks during the games. Roy Keane here, Wayne Rooney there, Sir Alex here, Ryan Giggs there. He didn’t ever mention the good performance by the Blues, the chances we created (many more than theirs).

Worse than this, also he keeps to attack (every time) Danny Mills, calling him “a bad man in his intentions” and labelling him as a player who has only the will to break the legs of the opposing players (meanwhile Keane admitting in print to deliberately try to cripple Haaland is Captain Braveheart to this man).

I am thinking to write at City to tell the whole story and see if Mills can sue him for damages! What do you think about this one, let me know.

Player ratings:
James 6. No chances from United to save, Rooney’s first half free kick apart.
Mills 6. He kept Ronaldo far from our goal in a good way, did some pressing, distribution better than usual.
Thatcher 5. The same as Mills but unfortunately in their first goal he didn’t cover his flank and so the ugly Neville crossed.
Distin 7. Didn’t concede anything, very consistent.
Dunne 8. My MoM! I am not joking at all, one of the best performances of the season, he has become a very reliable player. I feel so sorry for his very bad luck.
Wright-Phillips 6. Not as brilliant as the usual standard, did some good running through his flank, very good chance created for McManaman but he didn’t threaten as he usually does.
McManaman 5. Not a bad derby game in general but he did the mistake: if we had scored, probably I’d be here to write another piece with a very different mood.
Barton 6. I don’t think he struggled so much against Keane as the ‘italian buccaneer’ commentator said.
Musampa 6. Better performance than the Chelsea one, two good efforts well saved by Carroll.
Sibierski 5. Even though he did some good pressing and good distribution in the first half, the second half was not the same and then I couldn’t believe he missed a chance like that one.
Fowler 5. He tried and tried but he missed a couple of chance in the second half that could have turned the game.
No rating for the subs.

Ciao Blues, keep the faith as always!

I want to send an extra greeting to my mate Duncan, who spent some days here in my hometown before the derby game and brought me some beautiful City presents!

Dario Gigante <ghigas1972(at)>


Well, got up at 1.30am Monday morning, turned Sky on, put a video in, saw the United line-up and thought: we’re in with a good chance here.

Unfortunately it wasn’t to be; we tried hard, fought for everything, but couldn’t come away with any points.

Poor old Dunney, 1.5 own goals! But what a player he’s been this season, deserves a new contract, and a decent one. But the same can’t be said for McManaman. I really hate bagging players, they’re playing Premiership football while I’m playing masters footie in Christchurch. But like David Seaman before him, Steve has played one season too many. Can’t really fault his career, he’s done more and won more than most players, but it has been one season to far. Like Seaman it’s sad to see a great player playing the way he is, a shadow of his former self.

Well, where do we go from here? We certainly need a decent striker, and we missed Bosvelt’s presence (he deserves another year too), a playmaker? I don’t know, most teams nowadays don’t seem to have them, more likely a couple of strong men in the middle of the park who can play a bit, Keane, Viera etc. The likes of Ali and Eyal seemed to flit in and out of the game, brilliant one minute, then absent for five (if you get my meaning).

Still, there’s always next week (or the week after with Norwich). Very good effort, pity about the result, and it’s started to rain heavily here.

Oh well, that’s life ain’t it! Heidi said to me of all the teams in the world I had to pick Manchester City, I must be barmy! You betcha.

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


Well for an hour or so this was a bit like a re-run of the Chelsea game – then the unfortunate Richard Dunne turned two Rooney efforts past James to give the points to them. In reality both teams had about 3-4 good chances to score and they converted one of them and we created another for them. McManaman had one of his better games – by that I mean he made three forward passes to his own team in some space – he also ably demonstrated why he hasn’t scored for City nor against United and why he never will (penalties apart maybe) with a poor miss from SWeeP’s super cross (one of three times SweeP demolished their defence only for colleagues to spurn the resulting chances – Fowler and Sibierski mirroring McManaman’s attempt). So the old story of poor conversion rate for chances is the reason we lost. The Rags were probably not as good as Chelsea and apart from the goals James only really had routine saves to make.

The second goal was reminiscent of the Seaman era – a rare lack of communication between defenders and ‘keeper. Musampa showed a bit more promise with a couple of shots that brought about Carroll’s only real saves – still needs to make more impact, though hopefully that will come. Mills and Thatcher back to form – not too bad at the back but hopeless in terms of moving forward. Macken and BW–P came on towards the end and ran around a lot – one off target effort from Macken after he had made space well but otherwise not much to write home about.

David Lewis <dfl(at)>


Now that the sting has eased a little, I think we should recognise an outstanding aspect of United’s game through which we might be able to profit. I have often wondered how they score so many goals by getting behind defenders and playing the ball across the front of the goal for Nistleroy (and now Rooney) to knock in.

I first got a glimmer of an answer when they worked Lauren over at Highbury a few weeks ago and yesterday it was confirmed with horrible clarity. The trick is that Ronaldo and Giggs repeatedly try to draw their full-backs away from the wing. They do it over and over until the full-back’s concentration lapses and the half-back (in our case Kiki Musampa) is left isolated. Then they spring the trap, a fast overlap or a one-on-one on the edge of the box and they’re in. If you have today’s Guardian handy there is a detailed explanation of this on page nine of the sports supplement (here’s a link to it,9753,1412330,00.html)

Since Nicolas Anelka stopped playing we have been rightly criticised for playing too much football “in front of” the opposition and this is a tactic we could adopt for ourselves. In Robbie Fowler, Paul Bosvelt, Shaun Wright-Phillips and our two strong running full backs we certainly have the personnel for it. It’s just a case of getting organised.

Paul Matthewson <paul.matthewson(at)>


It bothers me that we beat ourselves around the head because we were beaten by United. We were ok really, it was bad luck that sank us. If you’d told us we could get a point from United and Chelsea we’d have been fairly happy. I counted up the spend last night between Untied and us. Their side cost over £80 million, ours about £21 million, at least what was on display yesterday did. So they should win shouldn’t they? They haven’t had to turn a 1st Division side into a Premiership one. On the other hand I’m very worried about the future.

We’ve got one striker who is erratically brilliant. One who’d die for the cause but just hasn’t got any pace, and a kid who will probably need a year or two to come onto song, but there’s no guarantee he will. So we have to spend money there.

Our midfield will only last as long as Keegan’s contract, Bosvelt has been brilliant this season, so he’s coming back for one more, at least I hope so. Joey bless him can’t do it all, SWP who is constantly marked out of the game when he is forced to play just on the right hand side. Ronaldo and Giggs should have given KK a lesson in how to use a creative player. He needs to be allowed to roam more. So what remains? Musampa, he’s on loan and will no doubt cost money. He’s had two good games though, can pass and tackle, and has added something I think. Mind you I have wondered whether he might not make a good central player. He’s got a lot of the attributes to do that job.

Reyna, how many games do you think he’s played in the last 4 years that haven’t been for the USA? He had a year out at Sunderland, played a few, came to us and has barely played two on the trot. Can’t hope for much there then. Sinclair, well he’s an ageing player trying to come back from a serious injury, what chance he’ll be Premiership class when he comes back? I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt here, his poor performances could have been due to the injury, but then again…

McManamanamanamanamanaman is a waste of space, he’ll go at the end of the season. So basically this summer we need a striker and a new midfield. Three midfielders are needed; I reckon four when you consider how rebuilding will be funded.

It will break hearts and I personally will be gutted but I can’t see anything happening except Sweep going. If we get £25 million for him, that’ll buy what we need to survive. Remember we can’t go through the 1st Division again, it would kill us. Look at Leeds; we’d do much the same.

Is KK though the man to spend this money? We can’t hang on to it for a season until he retires, or like Forest with Clough it will be ending with tears and a relegation, and do you give a man who’s only going to stay a year the task of rebuilding a side? I don’t think so.

I think it’s going to be a very traumatic summer. KK gone, SWP gone, Redknapp in, I can’t see any other managers around who could be tempted, unless Dowie can have his head turned by the chance of some money; maybe he could bring Johnson with him.

I’m waiting for the GMR where do we go from here special already!

Richard Lord from Heywood, a southstander who’s standing up and standing up <lordsummit(at)>


It is reported on the MCFC web-site today that Mr Keegan does not intend to use the rest of the season to test out the capabilities of the younger players. This is a major mistake as these eleven games are the perfect opportunity to give the Academy players real experience and see if they can contribute to the team next season. If they aren’t ready then that will become clear to us all. If they are ready however then it should have a significant impact upon our transfer policy over the summer.

I remember Joey Barton breaking into the side at about this time of year and helping us win at White Hart Lane and Anfield. I also remember Alan Hanson’s famous quote that United won’t win the league with a team full of kids.

With the exception of Kiki Musampa we are now fully aware of the capabilities of our senior professionals and Mr Keegan should be encouraged to reconsider this policy.

[Agreed Paul, we must be safe this season and those players breaking through the reserve ranks surely deserve a chance to prove their capabilities – Ed]

Paul Matthewson <paul.matthewson(at)>


I have to agree with the comments made by Ben Brookes in MCIVTA 1094.

I too have the same feelings as Ben regarding the current situation. So much so, that regrettably, my husband and I have decided not to renew our season tickets after almost 30 years.

I, too, am disappointed in the performances of the Blues over the last few seasons (is it the stadium I wonder?). Also, the overall quality of the Premiership is appalling. I cite the Spurs and Newcastle games in particular. A few years ago, they are two games you would choose to go to if you didn’t hold a season ticket. This season, they were awful games. Not only City but the opposition were poor as well.

Where is the entertainment? I don’t even look forward to going to games any more, whereas at one time, Saturday wouldn’t be Saturday without a match. Now I sit there thinking how much better use I could be making of my time.

I am really sad that I am no longer renewing, but I cannot justify spending all that money to watch the dross that is being put out every week and called football.

So, Ben, you are not on your own and I think you will find other fans like myself responding in a similar way. It would not surprise me to hear that season ticket sales are down for next season.

CTID, Dot Keller <dot.keller(at)>


Re: the issue of the club’s £10 charge for using credit/debit cards for season ticket purchases.

Credit card companies charge retailers a percentage of the transaction value for each purchase made on the card. This is how the card companies are still able to make a profit from customers that pay off their cards in full every month and hence incur no interest charges. The percentage charged varies from retailer to retailer and from card issuer to card issuer, but is usually a few percent (anybody paying by credit card at Tesco will no doubt have seen the note at the bottom of their receipt that part of their payment will go to Tesco’s credit-card processing division). A charge of 2% on a £500 season ticket comes to £10.

Most retailers choose to absorb these charges themselves in order to remove confusion about prices (effectively either subsidising the card-using customers or making more profit from cash customers depending on your point of view), some choose to offer a discount for cash payments instead and some pass the card charges on to their customers. If I recall correctly, City previously charged £2 for card payments for season tickets and are now charging more like the full amount of the credit card charge, effectively ending their subsidy for credit card users. So I don’t see what the big deal is really; it’s not some conspiracy by the club to rip off the fans, it’s just a case of receiving the same amount from each fan for their season ticket, regardless of how they’ve paid.

Paul Howarth <paul(at)>


I have an argument raging with my dad that maybe someone in Cityland could answer.

The question is, did Colin Bell, Franny Lee and Mike Summerbee ever play together in the same line-up for England?

My dad swears that all three once played against Germany. I think he’s wrong.

Keith Sharp – Toronto, Canada <keith(at)>


Mid-Sussex Blues are a new branch of the City fan club based in the Haywards Heath/ Lindfield area. We’re only a couple of months old as a branch, but our local, The Witch Inn, Sunte Avenue, Lindfield, West Sussex has been a Blue HQ for several years (we even have our own polo shirts!).

So if you or any of your Blue mates from anywhere south of Stockport fancy joining us for match visits, Sky games down the pub etc., give me a call on 07984 759487 or e-mail me.

CTID, John Joyce <chez.jules(at)>


An appeal the Italian readership of MCIVTA.

We (2 adults and 2 children) will be in Rome on Sunday 3rd April and we would like to see some football. It looks as if Lazio will be at home to Livorno so we would appreciate some advice on how to get hold of tickets in a reasonable part of the stadium (e.g. not too expensive and not in with the away fans!).

I looked on Lazio’s web site but there was just a message saying that they were not selling tickets over the Internet.

Thanks in advance, Andy Longshaw <andy(at)>


I had anticipated that my first submission to MCIVTA would be a Why Blue, but I’ll have to save that for later, a more important issue is pressing.

I’m a born and raised New Yorker who meets with a handful of other Blues (Yanks and Brits alike) here in NYC to watch City’s matches. Now while it was disappointing of course to lose this most recent derby, losses happen. What actually is bothering me is how we were handily outsung in the bar. Let me first state, however, that naturally, being outside of Manchester, we were outnumbered by Reds by about 10-1, and that they only got going once they had gone on top, but that is besides the point. I am determined that we not be outsung again… win, lose or draw.

I was recently asked to put together a webpage for our local supporters, so I want to document on that site every pro-City song that I can including lyrics, tunes, etc. So I am asking for submissions from MCIVTA readers for songs and also for website addresses that may already be doing this (if they exist). I would also be interested in learning anti-City songs from other clubs (particularly those of Man Utd) so that we can be prepared to rebut – I’ll even make up rebuttal songs if I have to. Note that I haven’t been to England for years and only know a handful of songs from yesteryear.

We may not be able to win all of our matches, but I am determined that at least here in New York we win all the singing in the bar. Thanks.

Donny Gregory <donaldgregory(at)>


13 February 2005

Manchester City       0 - 2  Manchester United     47,111

12 February 2005

Everton               0 - 1  Chelsea               40,270
Birmingham City       2 - 0  Liverpool             29,318
Blackburn Rovers      3 - 0  Norwich City          20,923
Portsmouth            1 - 2  Aston Villa           20,160
Bolton Wanderers      0 - 0  Middlesbrough         24,322

League table to 13 February 2005 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Chelsea         27 10  3  0 25  3 11  2  1 25  5 21  5  1  50   8  42  68
 2 Manchester Utd  27  9  4  0 24  6  8  4  2 21 10 17  8  2  45  16  29  59
 3 Arsenal         26  7  5  1 31 16  9  1  3 27 14 16  6  4  58  30  28  54
 4 Everton         27  9  1  4 16 13  5  5  3 15 15 14  6  7  31  28   3  48
 5 Liverpool       27  9  1  3 23 10  4  3  7 18 19 13  4 10  41  29  12  43
 6 Middlesbrough   27  7  4  2 20 12  4  4  6 21 23 11  8  8  41  35   6  41
 7 Bolton Wndrs    27  6  4  4 17 12  5  3  5 18 20 11  7  9  35  32   3  40
 8 Charlton Ath.   26  7  2  4 21 15  4  3  6  9 21 11  5 10  30  36  -6  38
 9 Tottenham H.    26  5  3  5 25 19  5  3  5  8 11 10  6 10  33  30   3  36
10 Aston Villa     27  7  3  3 20 10  2  5  7 11 24  9  8 10  31  34  -3  35
11 Manchester City 27  5  5  4 17 12  3  4  6 14 17  8  9 10  31  29   2  33
12 Birmingham City 27  5  4  5 17 12  3  4  6 14 21  8  8 11  31  33  -2  32
13 Newcastle Utd   26  5  4  4 21 20  2  6  5 16 23  7 10  9  37  43  -6  31
14 Portsmouth      27  6  2  6 19 19  2  4  7 11 21  8  6 13  30  40 -10  30
15 Fulham          26  5  2  6 16 21  3  3  7 17 23  8  5 13  33  44 -11  29
16 Blackburn R.    27  3  7  4 16 18  3  3  7  8 18  6 10 11  24  36 -12  28
17 Crystal Palace  26  4  2  7 13 13  1  5  7 16 27  5  7 14  29  40 -11  22
18 Norwich City    27  3  5  5 20 25  0  6  8  6 27  3 11 13  26  52 -26  20
19 Southampton     26  3  8  2 20 18  0  2 11  8 25  3 10 13  28  43 -15  19
20 West Brom A.    26  2  6  5 11 21  0  5  8 12 28  2 11 13  23  49 -26  17

With thanks to Football 365

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