Newsletter #894

Unable to turn things around on Saturday, as Blackburn took advantage of some poor defending and both Anelka and Fowler were unlucky up at the other end. The good news this weekend (!) however is that City may well qualify for Europe as part of the Fair Play League. Dubious as that sounds, the English league is apparently leading the way and we sit 4th behind three teams who are already in European place contention.

Tonight we have match report thank to James, views on the game and team selection, a summary of the recent Maine Road Fans’ Forum from Lance, stats, requests and another lovely Why Blue.

The Youth Team are in action tomorrow night for their quarter final cup tie against West Ham, 7pm at Ewen Fields. Entry is £5 for adults, so come along and cheer the boys on.

Next game: Birmingham City, home, 2pm Sunday 16 March 2003
Countdown: 69 days


Some might argue we’ve been suffering a post New Year hangover – certainly by 3pm on Saturday I was still feeling the after effects of a night trying to relive former student glories! Despite this, my hangover had cleared by full-time, but not for City who came away pointless again. Ever since we neared the magical 40 points (likely to be less this season) we seem to be stumbling across the line, unable to repeat early mid-season form. It is very easy to criticise another inept refereeing performance, this time from Mr S Dunn, but again what really caused our downfall was poor defending.

Pre-match entertainment involved a disagreement between driver (Andy) and navigator (myself – Kev kept a low profile in the back and only commentated on how nice Andy’s car was). The disagreement was over one wanting the northern approach to Blackburn (from our staring point of Lancaster and because my directions to the University had included non-existent traffic lights, a canal you couldn’t see and various signs to watch out for and ignore), whilst I preferred the southern entry as it seemed closer to the ground. One too many pints in a College bar meant that the southern approach was adopted as we had clear directions. Reaching Blackburn, we decided that the many fans wandering the streets meant the ground wasn’t far away; we found a parking spot on a housing estate with the Darwen Memorial as a dominant skyline attraction.

Signposts indicated the ground was 1 mile away, although the first half mile seemed to take 5 minutes and the second half mile a much more fraught 15 minutes. “We’ve parked in Burnley” was Andy’s main take on the situation.

Once inside the ground we were surprised to see Wiekens on the pitch. “I’m telling you we’re playing a flat back 4” was my rather ‘head-pounding’ confused comment on the sight of no Howey and Dunne, plus Distin being captain. Andy was correct in surmising that old habits die hard and we started with a 5-3-2 (or is it 3-5-2?) formation. Anyway, City lined up with Nash, Jensen, Sommeil, Wiekens, Distin, Sun, Foe, Horlock, Berkovic, Anelka and Fowler. The bench featured the Goat, SWeeP, Benarbia and two others, presumably Weaver and someone else?

City started off (or it could have been Blackburn) kicking from the Darwen End towards the Blackburn End (c**p title but that’s what the ticket stub said the far part of the ground was called). A tannoy announcement for City fans to sit down for their own safety was greeted with the chant “Stand up if you love City”; needless to say the announcement wasn’t repeated again. At this point I would like to say the City support was for 90 minutes vocally much superior to the tame attempts from the home supporters.

City started off as if the Arsenal game was heavy on their minds. Foe, Sun and Horlock were careless in possession, they were fortunate that Wiekens was carrying on where he left off from the derby. It was surprising that it took Blackburn 13 minutes to take the lead as Dunn tapped a header in from close range after Nash had parried a shot by Østenstad. The goal basically summed up the difference between the teams. Nash parried where Friedel later held, Sommeil lost his man whilst Berg and Taylor later threw in last ditch tackles. A disappointing goal to concede and having not seen the Premiership (Cartmel College’s bar extension for St David’s Day interfered with those plans) I couldn’t say if Dunn was offside.

Blackburn did continue to threaten and it was noticeable that when Nash lambasted his defenders nobody seemed to take a blind bit of notice of him. Except Distin who waved an apologetic hand when he’d allowed Gillespie a shot on target. Though the goal did instil some urgency into City’s play. Berkovic was orchestrating City’s best moves, despite the extremely close (possibly illegal) attentions of the Blackburn midfield.

Fowler had one snap chance he just blazed over the top, but he was starting to link well with Anelka. Anelka too had a distant shot saved by Friedel and Fowler was again denied after a close in shot was kept smothered by Friedel. Fowler then had the best chance of the first half so far as Foe reached the right-hand touchline, pulled the ball across the box, Fowler strode in to smash the ball into the net, only for Berg’s legs to block the shot and the resulting rebound.

As half-time beckoned it came to Foe to waste City’s best chance as he headed the ball into the ground before it ballooned over the bar (now who have I seen do that before?). The half-time whistle was sounded with the City faithful feeling dejected that we hadn’t got on the scoresheet.

Half-time entertainment involved both Hakan Suker and Ali Benarbia warming up, and Phil “Yes Boss” Neal performing the half-time draw. The bloke next to me said we were in with a chance of getting into Europe through the faircplay entry, though I do wonder if this highlights our major problem in that we don’t get stuck in (certainly we’ve missed Tiatto of late).

The second half started with Benarbia coming on for Berkovic, not surprising as Eyal was likely to be leaving a stretcher considering some of the tackles he’d managed to jump clear of in the first half. Benarbia got into the game quite quickly as we began to continue where we’d left off in the first half. The only problem was that Anelka and Fowler were struggling to get a clear sight of goal.

Eventually Keegan withdrew the quite appalling Sun (what is it about the right side of defence?) and put SWeeP on. Not surprisingly it was Shaun who created our first good chance of the second half as his right wing cross was smartly saved by Friedel just a fraction before the ball was about to connect with Anelka’s head.

Fowler then ducked inside the box but his tame shot ran wide for a goal kick. Anelka too drifted into the box but as he went to strike the ball Taylor slid in to clear the ball. With City constantly pressing, it came as a surprise that Blackburn didn’t create many chances. The pace of Distin and the outstanding presence of Wiekens keep Nash very quiet.

With 10 minutes to go, Keegan brought Goater on for City’s MotM Wiekens, but it was too little too late. It was Cole who was unlucky not to increase Blackburn’s lead as the pacy Distin put him off his shot after Cole had run clear of the City defence. The last real chance of the game came to Horlock but his header weakly fell into the arms of Freidel.

Not sure what to draw from the match but a sense of frustration at not turning our domination into a goal. Fowler looked a lot fitter and just needs a goal; Wiekens was very commanding and never seems to let us down, if SWeeP improves his defending he’s a cert for RWB, whilst Foe confirmed my fears that he doesn’t provide enough cover when Berkovic or Benarbia are in the team. Torrential rain greeted us as we left the ground, with the up hill walk in driving rain being only topped by the police decision to let everyone leave Blackburn except for us. Though it did provide the amusing sight of a City fan running past 6/7 cars before gesticulating with a policeman for not allowing us to move. Whether it was his intervention or the cacophony of horns that followed that made the police change their minds on the flow of traffic I don’t suppose we’ll ever find out. At least Kev and I could enjoy a few beers to douse the pain.

James Walsh (


After watching the Blackburn game at Ewood on Saturday it’s obvious that Kevin Keegan is quite disappointed at the way the season is ending. Last month we were all ready for an assault on the European places and I think KK really believed that it was achievable. We probably all did. Four games and no points later, it seems that the European dream is dead unless there’s a dramatic upturn in results and cup wins for sides already in Europe, thus granting more European places further down the league. This is assuming we are safe from relegation as we’re getting caught up rapidly. The saving grace is that the bottom sides (with the exception of West Ham now) seem to be falling over themselves to be c**p.

The defence seems to have taken the brunt of the criticism, with Steve Howey and Richard Dunne in particular seeming to be the ones out in the cold. On Saturday Gerard Wiekens came in and had a good game, although I get the impression that he is some way short of the class of Distin and Sommeil, who are both excellent. So there’s no doubt that another defender of their class is wanted. Behind them, a top class goalkeeper is needed. If Peter Schmeichel can carry on for another season then that would be adequate I think. If not, then someone else is needed. Carlo Nash doesn’t have the presence I’m afraid and Nicky Weaver had a shocking first Premiership season, so my thoughts are that KK will go for another goalkeeper, ideally with Premiership experience. If West Ham get relegated David James will certainly walk, although I can’t see West Ham going down now. Other possibilities might be Nigel Martyn or Jussi Jaaskelinan (spelt wrong I know) Not sure why Martyn hasn’t had a look in or even moved on. I don’t think he’s turned into a bad goalkeeper overnight so he might be a possibility.

Further forward it will depend on whether KK will keep playing with wing backs. I don’t think Niclas Jensen is a wing back; by his own admission he’s still learning that rôle and I don’t think we should be too hard on him for that. He’s an international full back though and looks ok as a left back. Danny Tiatto is more positive in the rôle and can do a decent job there. On the other side, Sun Jihai seems too lightweight and hasn’t the ability to put a decent cross in. I’ve never really seen Michael Reiziger so I can’t really comment, but plenty of Dutch caps (sorry!) must mean something. That deal may be resurrected.

In the middle, despite his purple patch in December, Marc Vivien Foe just doesn’t cut the mustard. Kevin Horlock, despite his limited ability, knows his job and does it well. Eyal Berkovic has the ability to run a game, and is a consistent performer, so another top class midfielder alongside him would be just the ticket. KK is on record as saying that he likes Edgar Davids and now that we’ll be going to be the third best supported team in the Premiership in a superb stadium, it might just be that it could be a case of double Dutch arriving at the New Academy next season. Belmadi will be released and Ali Benarbia will probably play a cameo. The one problem about Berko is his injury problems. For this reason KK might just go for another player of his type. Someone who might be available (especially if Real Betis get relegated from the Primera Liga) is Denilson. Plenty of Brazilians in England now so he can catch up with his friends Juninho and Gilberto Silva. As well as Kleberson if he goes to Newcastle.

Up front, you can’t argue with Anelka and Fowler. Anelka will push Berkovic all the way for the player of the year award, and Fowler is looking sharper and sharper. By next season we could well have the most prolific pairing of anyone and that includes MUFC and Arsenal as they rely on RVN and TH as main goalscorers. Anelka and Fowler are both capable of scoring plenty of goals so that should see us well placed for that elusive 6th place (or higher).

Apparently the new stadium will open with a match against a “top European side”. This could mean Arsenal, although I get the impression that it will be someone foreign. You then look at Real Madrid, Barcelona and the two Milan clubs. Forget Juventus, they’re just cannon fodder for MUFC. Barcelona have signed for the Intertoto so they’re out unless they win the Champions’ League. KK says that we’ll be delighted when we see who’s coming so answers on a postcard please. I’d love it to be Real Madrid though. What a team. I’d happily pay double just to see Zidane. I am told by a friend who regularly makes the EasyJet journey to go and watch them that he has to be seen to be believed. Here’s hoping.

Lance Thomson (


The team played better at Blackburn, but bottom line is we lost. I have heard it said that 40 points makes us safe in the Premier League. The team takes a break, when it gets back it’s all out to beat Birmingham, which will take City over the 40 points mark.

It will also be nice to see Fowler get his first; he’s improving and we know he can score. After that it’s one game at a time. Who knows, someone above us can slip up.

City must also play without any more yellow or red cards, for there could still be a way into Europe as a “fair play” team. Get into Europe and our manager will have extra cash to improve the team for Europe.

Sorry to hear about Chris Bird, he’s been doing a great job for City. As much as we like to see City get the right players, City’s board of directors have to be careful what they do money wise and not end up like Leeds United. A big difference between Leeds United and City is that Leeds did not have a manager like Kevin Keegan – I trust our manager’s judgement.

Our manager Kevin Keegan has ambition to take City to the top, but he knows it’s going to be tough, the top teams have the players and are getting the extra money from Europe to make their teams even better if needed. Kevin Keegan knows and so do we fans, it’s going to take something special in the team to get better.

How about putting Lee Croft into the side; if Rooney (Everton) and Milner (Leeds) can perform, we should give our young starlet a chance. He has proved himself in the young England side, what have we got to lose?

I just feel that City should have plans to unload some players in the off season, before we sign another player.

Until then let’s all keep the faith!

Ernie Barrow (


This forum was for the outlying branches that were not included in the original “roadshows” held in Greater Manchester. Supposedly anyway. It appeared that plenty still slipped the net as it were.

Guests on the top table were Left to Right, Niclas Jensen, Ali Benarbia, Kevin Parker (ticket office), Kevin Keegan and Dennis Tueart.

The evening began with everyone claiming a seat in the main room. Now last year the guests signed autographs in the bar first, which happened again. Luckily I knew this and was well prepared! Cue en masse defection to the bar!

Once everyone had had their autographs and photographs the room filled and the guests duly took their places at the top table. Questions were submitted first and BBC GMR’s Ian Cheeseman hosted proceedings again, as he did last year.

The questions were pre-submitted on paper slips although most seemed to go to Kevin Keegan. It appeared that the players were getting bored and weren’t being asked enough so Cheesy therefore dispensed with the pre-submitted questions and went around the room.

Kevin Keegan was on top form as usual, although Ali Benarbia and Niclas Jensen had their own moments of mirth. Niclas Jensen’s goal against Leeds was about the best it got for him and Ali Benarbia spoke from the heart about his passion for playing in front of the City supporters. I asked whether the players and manager might suffer at the new stadium as other teams have who have moved to a new home. Almost like every game’s an away game. Ali Benarbia said this wouldn’t be the case as the players are not that attached to Maine Road, and the City fans would be there anyway so he couldn’t see a problem. I was proud that Kevin Keegan thought it a good question and cited Southampton’s dreadful start at St. Mary’s to enforce my point. Ali was right though, there will be the City fans, and what’s more there will be another 13,000 of them, so what could go wrong?

Without going into each question (because I can’t remember them all) there were questions to KK about mad moments in dressing rooms, a question to Ali about his favourite goal to which he replied the one I score on Saturday against Blackburn(!) (you heard it here first) and to Niclas Jensen about that goal (was it goal of the month by the way?).

All in all an entertaining evening, and a little bonus free gift on the way out of a First Advice Century FM Radio (shame mine didn’t work).

Lance Thomson, Morecambe Bay (


Call me daft, but just one severe thrashing by the best team in the land, one embarrassing, inexplicable home defeat (West Brom), 4 points off the Rags and safety sounds like a pretty good return for a promoted side. I’m not sure that avoiding a European place might not be the making of the club – witness Ipswich, Leeds, Leicester, Sunderland overachieving and then crumbling in the forthcoming seasons. Building a solid, successful club takes time and good business sense. I’d be far happier with finishing 7th in 2 years time and 4th the year after than I would with 7th this year and relegation next. Make no mistake, it’s next year and the year after that will be the acid test for our long term future.

A finish in 11th or 12th might give Bernstein the ammunition he needs to force a continued, sensible line in the boardroom – I think he’s the best thing that ever happened to the club. Worried me a little seeing him on the telly the other week saying that this (i.e. the stadium, the promotion) was seen by all at the club as “City’s big chance”, and so “you can understand why we’ve spent the money” – sounds a bit too esoteric for the guy holding the purse strings, but give me him over Wardle any day. He’s done OK thus far.

CTID, Jon Marshall (


Re: predictions from Blue Anorak.

Speaking as a man in possession of a betting slip from last August placing City in the top three, I would like to point out the following:

I think we can still make Europe because we have a series of 6 pointers with the teams around us. We are currently 5 points behind Liverpool and Spurs, 2 behind Blackburn and 1 behind Soton.

If we assume we win the six pointers (50 points), all we need to do is to match or outperform them in our other games against the bottom half of the table i.e. Brum, Bolton, Boro and West Ham.

And Robert’s yer father’s brother.

Knowledge is the bomb, and I thank you.

Michael Maynard (


City – The Kings of Manchester, season 2002-2003

Just something to cheer you all up in times of despair. In our little three way tussle of Manchester teams (Bolton… near enough) this season, with only one more game to go in this little league, City are once again Kings of Manchester. This can only be overturned if the Trotters (Independent Traders) beat us by 5 goals, which as you could probably tell Bolton, they’re not Arsenal are they.

K.O.M. = Kings of Manchester

K.O.M. 3-1 Rags
K.O.M. 1-1 Rags
K.O.M. 2-0 Trotters
K.O.M. – Trotters

Rags 1-3 K.O.M.
Rags 1-1 K.O.M.
Rags 0-1 Trotters
Rags 1-1 Trotters

Trotters 0-2 K.O.M.
Trotters – K.O.M.
Trotters 1-0 Rags
Trotters 1-1 Rags

         P W D L F A GD Pts
K.O.M.   3 2 1 0 6 2 +4 7
Trotters 3 1 1 1 2 3 -1 4
Rags     4 0 2 2 3 6 -3 2

As a fellow McVitteer said, City till Wanchope plays a full season (unlucky poor sod).

P.S. Wanchope and Alfie get well and fit soon.

Gareth Croke (


I have been amazed at the response of both the fans on the day, and the comments made since, as to the City fans’ appreciation of the ‘Arsenal Performance’. Fine, give credit where it is deserved for what was at times a world class performance. But let’s not all stand up to a man, when the Arsenal fans sing “stand up if you hate Man U” straight after the 4th goal goes in.

Blubbering on about this City/Arsenal ‘love affair’, giving them 11 points for the Championship, etc. If I was a Gooner I would love City too. We are not worthy, we are not worthy, round spherical objects! Those days are gone, self pride, looking any other team in the eye, ‘best chest’ forward.

Self-parody yes and there is no one like or as funny as City fans for it, appreciation of individual and team skills fine, but it all went a bit too far for me.

An honest opinion, I await the response!

S Stanley (


It may just be me but I thought that the coverage of the Arsenal game was just awful. I did watch it on the Sunday morning (funny how we are on first when we lose!).

I am first to admit that we were taught a footballing lesson by the champs but I can remember that we had a number of good chances in the first half. How many of these did ITV show, none at all. What on earth have we done to upset them?

Gordon Hindle (


With regards to the banning of the Darlington fanzine editor, we’ve now put together a survey based on the views/ comments of various fanzine ed’s and supporters’ groups around the issue of fans being banned. It’s at and as usual the more fans that are aware of the surveys and fill them out, the more liable the decision-makers are to listen to the results.

Alex Burmaster (


I am going to be in Ireland when City play Chelsea but I believe it is being shown on the Norwegian/ Danish satellite station. Do any of our Irish colleagues know if the match will be shown in a pub in the Slane/Dublin area?

Roy Waddington (


The next meeting of Denton & Gorton branch of the OSC takes place on Monday 10 March, 8pm start.

Our very special guests for the evening are City legends Francis Lee and Mike Summerbee. The invitation is extended to other OSC members, but membership cards must be produced on the night to gain access.

Please contact me for further details.

Heidi – Chair, Denton & Gorton OSC branch (



1942 – the year I started my Maine Road adventures some 60 years ago, and who were the names I remember – Breedon, Billy Porter, Wroughton, Roach, Jack Smith (no. 9) – all Reds! Yes, it was wartime and United were using our hallowed Maine Road turf, and the pals I was going with were of that ilk. My dad, a Blue, had a baker’s shop so Saturday was a difficult proposition until one day a certain Stanley Matthews was playing for Blackpool against United. Dad finished work as early as he could; we had a taxi to the ground and had seats! United won 5-3, a hat-trick being scored by their outside left, Bellis, a guest from Port Vale. He looked good but disappeared soon afterwards. Not so the great Stanley – the first British international superstar – whose career was to last so long.

However, I am getting ahead of myself. My pals, Jack Cunningham and George Whalen, also took me from 1942 on, to the intervening City matches, and names like Jackie Bray, Nobby Clark (a full back), George Smith and Jack Boothway (no 9) spring to mind – also occasionally, when on leave, Frank Swift, Peter Doherty and Alex Herd – great pre-war City names.

It was the no. 9 shirt that had all the glamour to me though neither Smith (United’s Jack) nor Boothway (whose goal per game ratio was 75%) was a particularly elegant player. They did nonetheless know how to put the ball in the onion bag. Incidentally George Smith (No.10), a City goal-scoring inside left with Boothway, had a 45% strike rate.

Before and after World War 2 a lot of attention (and later money) was paid to no. 9, the centre forward, the man expected to be top scorer at the end of the season, viz Lawton, Milburn, Rooke, Rowley, Drake, Bentley, Mortensen, Swinbourne, Lofthouse, Holden, Pointer, Fenton, Ford, Dodds, Dooley, Allen R., Lewis.

City had Constantine (strike rate 72.2%), Jackson, Andy Black, Eddie McMorran, Verdi Godwin, Bill Sowden, Denis Westcott, Don Revie, Bill McAdams, Bert Lister, Paul Aimson, Andy Kerr, Gerry Baker, Alec Harley (65%), sometimes partner, Peter Dobing (34%), Jimmy Murray, partner Derek Kevan, (no.10, 71%), Francis Lee, Bobby Owen, Wyn Davies, Barney Daniels, Joe Royle, Ron Futcher (70%), Michael Robinson, Kevin Reeves, Derek Parlane, Imre Varadi, later Niall Quinn and Uwe Rösler – all wearing the no. 9 shirt with varying degrees of success.

There were some who should have worn the shirt to conform with expectations, like Denis Law, Joe Hayes, Derek Kevan, Jimmy Tolmie and Brian Kidd. Then there were others who should never have come near it like Don Revie and Steve Mackenzie who wore it for some esoteric tactical reasons – though in Revie’s case the tactic did seem to work in the mid-fifties for a very attractive team (Trautmann, Paul, Barnes etc.) in which he was a really scheming midfielder.

When the squad system came into force, numbers came to mean very little though I seem to remember Francis Lee and Mike Summerbee staying in the middle most of the time they wore no. 9, and Mike Doyle donning it when selected as centre forward.

The strike rates of some old-timers make interesting reading: Peter Doherty 61%, Horace Barnes 53%, Tommy Browell 47%, Tommy Johnson (holder of 38 in a season record) 47%, Frank Roberts 58%, Fred Tilson 48%, Billy Gillespie 57%, Colin Bell 31%, and then the goal-scoring wingers: Meredith 38%, Brook 36%, Tueart 41%.

They are very interesting statistics and of course, not foolproof: goalscoring depends on service and opportunity, and then if a substitute, how long on the field.

It’s a far cry from the days when full backs (numbers 2 & 3) were not expected to advance in front of the workers, their wing halves (numbers 4 & 6), or wander across to the far side. The no.5 was the iron man centre half (often the captain). The inside forwards were the brains of the team, and the fast and/or twinkle-toed wingers all conspired to provide the glamour boy no.9 with the goal chances. This system was at all levels from the local park to the international scene.

I wonder if Shaun Goater ever asked for the magical no.9 shirt!

Geoffrey Ireland (


2 March 2003

Arsenal               2 - 0  Charlton Athletic     38,015

1 March 2003

Newcastle United      2 - 1  Chelsea               52,157
Blackburn Rovers      1 - 0  Manchester City       28,647
Fulham                1 - 0  Sunderland            16,286
Middlesbrough         1 - 1  Everton               32,473
Southampton           1 - 0  West Bromwich Albion  31,915
West Ham United       2 - 0  Tottenham Hotspur     35,049

League table to 02 March 2003 inclusive.

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal         29 13  1  1 35 13  6  5  3 29 17 19  6  4  64  30  34  63
 2 Manchester Utd  28 11  2  1 26  9  5  5  4 19 17 16  7  5  45  26  19  55
 3 Newcastle Utd   28 13  1  1 27  9  4  3  6 20 24 17  4  7  47  33  14  55
 4 Everton         29  9  4  1 22 13  5  3  7 16 21 14  7  8  38  34   4  49
 5 Chelsea         29  8  4  2 28 12  5  5  5 22 19 13  9  7  50  31  19  48
 6 Charlton Ath.   29  7  3  4 23 18  6  3  6 16 18 13  6 10  39  36   3  45
 7 Liverpool       28  5  8  1 20 12  6  2  6 19 16 11 10  7  39  28  11  43
 8 Blackburn R.    29  7  5  3 20 14  4  5  5 15 18 11 10  8  35  32   3  43
 9 Tottenham H.    29  8  4  2 26 17  4  3  8 15 23 12  7 10  41  40   1  43
10 Southampton     29  8  5  2 19 11  3  4  7 11 17 11  9  9  30  28   2  42
11 Manchester City 29  7  1  6 24 24  4  4  7 15 20 11  5 13  39  44  -5  38
12 Fulham          29  9  2  4 20 11  1  5  8 13 24 10  7 12  33  35  -2  37
13 Middlesbrough   28  7  6  1 26 17  2  2 10  8 15  9  8 11  34  32   2  35
14 Aston Villa     28  9  1  4 21  9  1  4  9 10 23 10  5 13  31  32  -1  35
15 Leeds United    28  5  2  7 14 17  5  2  7 20 20 10  4 14  34  37  -3  34
16 Birmingham City 28  4  4  6 14 19  3  4  7 11 22  7  8 13  25  41 -16  29
17 Bolton Wndrs    28  3  7  4 19 21  2  4  8 12 24  5 11 12  31  45 -14  26
18 West Ham United 29  2  6  7 15 22  4  2  8 17 31  6  8 15  32  53 -21  26
19 West Brom A.    29  3  4  7 12 19  2  2 11  9 25  5  6 18  21  44 -23  21
20 Sunderland      29  3  2  9  9 20  1  5  9 10 26  4  7 18  19  46 -27  19

With thanks to Football 365

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