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Plenty of opinions and comment on the club’s current situation but the only official stirrings from Maine Road have been a statement from Frannie that the choice of manager is now down to two candidates. It also appears that Dino will not be signed, something with which I happen to agree. What I don’t agree with however, is the manner in which the affair seems to have been handled. It appears that City have just not bothered to take up the option of signing Dino before the expiry deadline. Wouldn’t it have been better all round to have issued a statement saying that they didn’t wish to complete the transfer rather than let everything just end by default. Come on City, you can do better than this on the public relations front surely?

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Finally, we welcome our 300th subscriber with this edition. It seems an awful long time ago since we started out with 12 people back in September ’94!

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The following appeared in the Electronic Telegraph last Monday:

‘Kidd move to City rejected by United’

Manchester United last night rejected reports that assistant manager Brian Kidd was set to be named as manager of Manchester City. Ken Ramsden, the United press officer, said that Kidd had no intention of leaving. “Any reports that Brian Kidd is leaving Old Trafford are totally untrue,” he said. “He is not going to Manchester City. He has no wish to talk to Manchester City. He is totally committed to Manchester United. A move has never been in the agenda.”

Ramsden explained that Kidd was refused permission to talk to City by United chairman Martin Edwards and had made it clear that he had no desire to speak with City anyway. Francis Lee, the City chairman, has bided his time since the departure of Brian Horton in May. Many top managers – including George Graham and Bruce Rioch – have been linked.

Phil Knight (


Sky News just reported that Brian Horton is the new manager of Huddersfield Town, newly promoted to Division 1. Wonder if he’ll get them into the Premiership? Nah, don’t be daft!

Andrew Conway (


According to Radio 5, Maurizio Gaudino has said that he will be staying at Eintracht Frankfurt and not returning to City next season.

Paul Howarth (


It seems to me that the club just don’t know which way they’re going. I’ve seen a couple of items (on CeeFax) which makes this more apparent.

For the manager’s job, CeeFax reported that Lee had hinted that there are two possible targets; he wouldn’t name either of them but said that one of the pair was very interested in the job. The report mentioned Alan Ball and George Graham as the possible targets. This sounds OK until I heard that one of the tabloid papers had reported that Lee had two weeks to find a manager or else the board might appoint someone! (It also mentioned that Lee might have to untertake the task himself!!!)

The second item reported that Gaudino has (alledgedly) returned to Eintracht Frankfurt, which is because City failed to sign him in time (a deadline agreed by both clubs?). What with the manager gone from Frankfurt who Dino and Yeboah had argued with, would this open the way for his return to be much smoother?

Martin Ford (
Darren Burke (


Report in The Times (Thursday June 22):

Manchester City are no nearer to finding a new manager. “I put four people’s names to the last board meeting, but two have gone out of the picture,” Francis Lee, the City chairman said, with obvious reference to Rioch and Kidd.

The indications yesterday were that they were waiting to see if George Graham avoids suspension when he faces an FA Commission next month. In the meantime Lee admitted that he might step into the breach, although he rejected the suggestion that he would take the job permanently as “the biggest joke I’ve heard recently.”

“We will probably have a manager before the players report back in four weeks’ time, but if the worst comes to the worst, I may have to get my boots out again myself, although I don’t really want to get involved day to day. Besides, I don’t think the club could afford my wages.”

So it looks like George Graham for the job as the board obviously rejected the fourth name. Personally I’d be happy with that and I think that the current freeze on transfers is a good thing. We wouldn’t be able to compete for the likes of Bergkamp and since everybody else is spending millions on average players such as £4.5 million on Armstrong (8 goals last season) and Barton, our £2 or £3 millions would only get us a load of shite as per usual.

Andy Mckillop (


Thought you might like some City news courtesy of Teletext (got a new TV at the weekend with teletext, so I am checking it every morning and evening). News from today: Dino staying in Germany; this is because, and I quote Colin Barlow “one man’s meat is another man’s poison”, meaning if we buy him now then the new manager will think what a lazy, slack git and get rid of him. Other news is that FL has narrowed the contenders down to two for the illustrious job. George Graham and Alan Ball? (only if he brings Le Tiss with him). Other options touted about appear to be, as the Sun put it, the “dream ticket” of Glen Roeder and Chris Waddle (no thank you). This morning on text the new manager is going to be none other than FL himself. He was quoted as saying that “if we don’t get anybody then I will dig out my old boots and do the job, but I doubt that City can afford my wages” (my god, there must be a lot of money in toilet rolls then!). Anyway, judging from all this frenzied media speculation, I still don’t expect anything until GG’s case has been heard. If he is found innocent then he will become manager, but if he his found guilty then FL will step in for a few months while we look for somebody else. But, then again what the hell do I know?

P.S. Ince has gone! thank goodness for that; the Italans are welcome to him!

Gary Fones (
David C. Bradbury (
Phil Knight (


Reuters reports that Horton has signed with Huddersfield Town for next year’s campaign. He is reported to have said, “I have nothing to prove.” It seems a bit arrogant given his record with City, but I for one will wish him luck in his new endeavours.

Also, Maurizio Gaudino told German Radio on Tuesday that he will return to Germany, probably with Eintracht Frankfurt, next year. He didn’t comment on City’s management uncertainties, but one would have to think that the ambiguous situation at Maine Road must have played a part in his desire to return to Frankfurt, especially now that his old enemy there has been sacked. However, Yeboah looks set to stay at Leeds for next year. City have all the luck.

Finally, I would agree with those who have previously pushed for Nigel Martyn to succeed TC in the net at Maine Road. His FA Cup run was commanding. However, if he were unavailable, Frannie should think about US goalkeeper Brad Friedel. We Yanks who have had a chance to see him perform during the US Cup the past few weeks have seen a confident, technically proficient netminder who has been awaiting a work permit for some time with Newcastle. His record at Brondby in Denmark has been good and considering that he starts ahead of Millwall’s Kasey Keller and Luton’s Juergen Sommer for the national side, he deserves a shot at the P-League.

Eric Floyd (


Looks like a big clear-out at the Swamp; not only have they sold Ince to Inter for around £7 million, they’ve now sold Hughes to Chelsea for £1.5 million. Who next, McClair?

Palace are also in the money, having sold Armstrong to Spurs for £4.5 million and now Southgate to Villa for £2.5 million.

Paul Howarth (


Has anyone back there in Manchester any information regarding proposed pre-season friendlies? I was always a big fan of going to pre-season games because it enabled me to visit a few new grounds. However, City’s choice of pre-season tours in the mid ’80s was not spectacular. For 3 consecutive years I visited such exotic locations as Preston, Rhyl Utd (the only 1st teamer playing was Peter “boozer” Bodak), Blackpool (the game which Bodak and Bobby McDonald missed because they were pissed, and consequently were sacked from the club), the Isle of Man, Hibernian (were any other Blues there, it was a very wet Friday night game and a very boring 0-0 draw! Plus I was chased back into Edinburgh by a mean bunch in green and white!), Partick Thistle, Waterford Utd, Stockport, Chester and Switzerland. The Switzerland tour was quite good except we generally played 3rd division teams and once it was on their training ground! I made all 5 games in Switzerland but ran out of money and could not make the second part of the tour to Spain where we played Valencia and actually beat Barcelona on penalties!! (silly me!)

So if any Blues out there in etherland have any pre-season friendly stories (or went to any of the games I’ve mentioned) or any information on games in this pre-season, let us know! Match reports would be good after so long without a football fix. The rugby was good, especially beating the whinging Aussies in that manner, but roll on the new season! Good luck to the All Blacks. If anyone is going to the pre-season games, could you get me a programme and I’ll pay for it and all postage and packing – just email me direct. Thanks.

P.S. Do any Blues on the mailing list have an interest in collecting City’s programmes? (or does anyone want to offload any?) If so I’d be interested to hear from you, and if the interest is strong enough maybe we could organize a page on the City WWW site and contact supporters of other clubs (?)

Neil Adshead (


One of my friends, Jason King, who used to be on the MCIVTA mailing list has recently changed jobs and has had to move down to Portsmouth. He would like to know if there are any City fans out there living in the Portsmouth/London area who would be interested in socialising and sharing travelling costs to City games. If so, please contact Jason in the evening or at weekends on 01705 649369.

Rob Kerr (


Ever since the season ended, I’ve been sitting here in my corner of the world, wondering why on earth City were even considering getting rid of Garry Flitcroft. I tried to attribute it to lack of team leadership, lack of a manager, etc. But now, I am beginning to turn to Frannie Lee. I am starting to question whether he really knows where he wants to take the club, and more importantly, how he intends to get there. After a positive start as chairman, he’s now waffled on signing a new manager, he’s screwed up the Quinn transfer, and now he seems willing to let a young prospect go elsewhere. Some people question Flitcroft’s talent; but as Patrick Bedell said in the last issue, how can anyone possibly expect a 22 year old to lead the midfield of a Premiership club? Certainly, his attitude hasn’t been exemplary, but consider this: even if he’s only an average player, that’s way better than some of the trash that’s been put in our midfield in the past. I would much rather hang on to an average 22 year old than sign an expensive, ageing, semi-bright star.

Truthfully, I’m starting to wonder if Flitcroft wasn’t bang-on when he said that City management doesn’t have the same visions of success that he does.

Anxiously waiting to be proved wrong,

Luke Gerber (


Until the age of 13, my family lived near Altrincham, just inside Manchester. My dad wasn’t really that much of a football fan, and when he was, he supported United. However, my grandfather was a huge City fan and had a season ticket at Maine Road for years. Hence, when he asked me and my brother if we wanted to go, we both jumped at the chance. From then on, my birthday present every year from my grandpa was a season ticket.

Well, ever since then I have followed City. However, since moving down south, due to my dad’s job change, it has been very hard to be an active supporter as my own sporting development took off. Firstly with school and club rugby, playing for Buckinghamshire at all levels to U19, and then at rowing, where I have represented Great Britian as a junior and senior international, becoming world champion in lightweight coxless fours. It was great to go for training outings on the regatta courses, wearing my City shirt in places such as Tokyo, Boston, Paris, Ghent, Duisburg, and at various other international regattas.

However, whilst I was at Nottingham Trent University, I did manage to see City against Forest, and as I used to live near the Aviary, I often saw City fans going in there for a pre-match drink. However, I was so heavily involved in rowing, and still am, it was hard to watch City other than on telly.

It is soon to become harder for me to follow City, as on the 4th July I am emigrating to Australia. I am just hoping I can get on the ‘net out there in my new job, so I can still get the info. on City from MCVITA. I also hope City can get themselves a decent manager before I go! It’s almost got to a point where I’d be happy with almost anyone, just to put me out of this torment of waiting.

Here’s hoping for a better season next season, and to England winning the Rugby World Cup!

Justin Hooker (


It’s official!

John Stalker has been recalled to serve in Her Majesty’s police force.

He’s been asked to investigate Manchester City’s shoot to miss policy!!

Paul Monaghan (


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