Newsletter #334

This issue contains an interesting report of the Swindon game – from a Swindon fan – and an even more interesting view of Paul Dickov! Martin Ford has bravely come forward to give his view of the match(!) and there is also a match report of the reserve game. On the news front, nothing much really, except to say that Bradbury has been called into the England U21 squad again.

Roger Lee has kindly got us an independent view of the accounts – done by a Chelsea fan; there’s a review of the Rösler German video (by me); info on Barry Conlon, and news of a mini-tribal gathering in Tokyo – anyone fancy popping over?

Lastly, tickets for Paul Lake’s testimonial are on open sale until Saturday lunchtime, probably because the Rags haven’t sold anywhere near their allocation. The City Superstore will also be open Sunday, and there’s a chance it will be open Saturday.

Next game, Ipswich Town away, Saturday 4th October 1997


This match view was sent to me a Swindon fan:

Manchester City 6 Swindon Town 0
Weather – fine and dry
Match Rating – 9 if you are a Man City fan. 0 if you are a Swindon Fan, 7 if you are neutral.

Ref. Ray Pearson – 5: Got most of the decisions correct though the sixth goal was offside twice! He spoilt his performance by an inconsistency in handing out yellow cards.

Digby 5: Not really at fault for any of the goals.
Darras 5: Did a reasonable job whilst he was on.
Borrows 4: Overwhelmed by the pacey Man City attack.
Bullock 5: Left chasing shadows, but worked very hard.
Casper 4: His own goal didn’t help the cause.
McDonald 4: Lost the plot completely in the second half.
Smith 6: He was definitely Swindon’s most promising player, yet McMahon brought him off after 55 minutes.
Leitch 0: Not fit and bloody useless.
Cowe 1: Couldn’t get involved in a physical contest.
Allison 4: Worked hard but often left stranded.
Gooden 2: Poor game, couldn’t cope with the City wing back.

Walters 3: Didn’t manage a great deal.
Drysdale 3: Caught on a couple of occasions by the City attack.
Hay 5: Actually made a difference when he came on. Even forced the City ‘keeper into a save.

The subs replaced Smith, Cowe and Darras. I do not know who replaced who because they all came on at the same time, but you can probably work it out for yourself.

During the first 6 minutes I thought Swindon were in with a shout. They started confidently, passing the ball well and producing some semblance of attacking football. This period was quite frantic but Swindon even managed two attempts at goal from Allison and Cowe.

City were obviously playing to save their own skins, because they were always first to any 50-50 ball, had great pace and movement when going forward, and approached the game with real passion.

This proved the undoing of Swindon as they had no answer to it. If I were a City fan I would be asking why the team couldn’t play this way all the time. I would back them to walk the division if they did. The City problem is they only do this once in a Blue Moon. Which explains the fans’ choice in signature tune.

The first of the City goals came from a Kinkladze free-kick after Dickov (Dickov by name, Dickov by nature) was bundled over by Alex Smith. Kinkladze bent the ball around the oddly positioned Swindon wall and past Digby’s despairing dive.

Swindon tried to counter with some neat football especially from Smith and Bullock, but they failed to really trouble the City back line.

City extended their lead when a fast counter attack saw the ball played across the Swindon goal to allow Casper to mis-kick into his own net. From that moment I knew that the Greater Manchester jinx was going to strike again, and it would be a case of how few goals Swindon were going to concede.

Swindon continued to try to play their way out of trouble, but as has been the case all this season they gave the ball away far too easily. The failure to keep the ball actually became City’s best weapon and they missed a hat full of chances when their counter attacks had been set up by Swindon’s poor passing. It was on one of these ubiquitous counter attacks that City extended their lead to 3-0 when Horlock (who had a fairly quiet game) started and finished a move down the Swindon right flank. He was able to race unchecked into the heart of the Swindon defence and swoop onto a fine cross with a diving header.

There were numerous other scares for Swindon, but some decent defending and some very poor finishing kept the score line down. Swindon only managed one real effort on goal throughout the rest of the half. This came from a weak shot from Bullock.

The second half started off badly and got worse. Just four minutes after the restart Paul (cheating b*****d) Dickov ran straight through the Swindon defence, played (wallee) with Digby and scored easily.

This sprang the tactical genius of McMahon into gear. He brought on the three subs for Smith, Darras and Cowe. To see a master at work is always a privilege, his master stroke took off Swindon’s most effective midfield player, moved Gooden (who couldnt kick a ball with his right foot if his life depended on it) to right wing back and left the completely knackered and useless Leitch to carry on running around like a headless chicken. This move did however bring one compensation, Hay definitely added some power to the impotent Swindon front line.

Man City obviously mis-read McMahon’s intentions and they responded to the changes by scoring yet another goal. Cheat Dickov yet again used his pace to find a large area of six-yard box uninhabited by anyone wearing a Swindon shirt. The ball gently found its way to the charlatan and he tapped it in.

A couple of things should be noted at this stage, one of which I think you may have spotted. I have a real problem with Paul Dickov. It is quite a simple thing. He is a cheat. He often feigns injury, he always fouls opposition players, usually off the ball. When he does commit a blatant foul which the ref sees for some reason he never gets correct punishment. This was the case in point today. Dickov attempted GBH on Bullock. Bullock unfortunately reacted, but if he has just stayed on the floor rather than trying to rip Dickov’s head off, Dickov would have been sent off. As it was both players were booked. I should mention this happened before Dickov scored his two goals. I have said before and I will continue to say Dickov is the most appropriately named player in the world.

Swindon were finished off by a move in which the linesman failed to see not one, but two offsides, but to be honest it didn’t really matter at that stage.

Swindon did manage to contribute something to the later stages of the game, with Hay being involved in the two most promising efforts. Gooden tried to get into the game more, but his efforts came to nothing.

Swindon were Lambs to the slaughter today. Man City deserved the win and they were unlucky not to get into double figures. The fortunate thing about football is that we are still ten places above City, Oxford are down to fourth from bottom, and we are still in a good position in the league.

I don’t know what it is about Greater Manchester, but in the last four visits Swindon have managed to score just one goal and have conceded 21.

Man City 3 Swindon 0
Oldham 5 Swindon 1
Bolton 7 Swindon 0
Man City 6 Swindon 0

Anyone have an explanation?

Tony N, via Roger Haigh (


Bluddy ‘ell folks, how about that then, a thrashing of Swindle. (stereo-typing on) I bet they got back on their tractor with their tails between their legs! (OFF) The 6-0 result brought the smiles back to our collective faces, something that was needed following the Naarrich débâcle.

Once more a critique of the game: (as many have realised I like having a go at City!). I thought that Swindle might have been a better team than Naarrich, considering they were 2/3 in the league when they made their appearance at the Academy. The first surprise was the City team:

                    RE    IB     KS    PB
                         GB   GW    KH
                           PD  GK LB
Subs: TS, VB, BC

Beesley had moved in at left back and Dickov was given a full game, something the team had been crying out for? With the lone striker (Dickov) supported by Gio and Barndoor Bradbury it gave the team an more attacking formation and that’s exactly what we got. The Swindle performance was pitiful and they only managed a coupla shots late in the game when City were coasting. Their ineptitude certainly contributed to City thrashing them.

Gio stamped his authority on the game with a stunning free-kick that was bent over and around the wall. It’s about time he scored a free kick like that, the expectations from previous efforts certainly out-weighed the results. One thing, I thought City were a tad fortunate to be awarded the free-kick, I thought KH(?) had lost the ball! Number two was a well worked move down the right. Barndoor slipped a sublime pass into Edghill’s path and he then crossed into the centre for a poor Reserve Rag to put through his own goal, Chris Casper. City were completely dominating the game and number three rolled up just before the break. A left wing cross from Brannan was met by a diving Horlock from six yards out. Oh yeah, b*ll*cks if he claims that, he was tripped as he ran through, but fortunately he had the good sense to get his head on the end of the cross.

The only nasty part in the first half was a clash between Dickov and their number four. Dickov dived in from behind and whoever it was retaliated by (appearing to) stamp on Dickov and then fists looked like they were thrown (if so the ref should have had the pair of them off). The second half was nearly all one way traffic with City firing in another 3 unanswered goals. The fourth goal came from Dickov who collected a pass from Bradbury in the middle of the pitch, ran through and rounded the ‘keeper (at the second attempt) before beating the covering defender on the line. The fifth goal was again scored by Dickov, this time a cross from the left was headed back by Symons and Dickov had the simpliest of chances of knocking the ball in from about 3 feet out. The final goal of the contest came in the last few minutes when Dickov and Barndoor broke from half way and with only the ‘keeper to beat Dickov rolled the ball to Barndoor who managed to put the chance away. I wouldn’t have moaned if he’d (Paul D) gone for his hat-trick.

Right the criticisms:

  1. FC, just why have you not tried this formation before and why hasPaul D not had a full game (3 goals in 1.5 games)?
  2. Barndoor, I’m still yet to be convinced that LB is the strikerCity have been looking for. A class striker would have gobbled up thechances he’s had of late. Whoever suggested he’s in the same class asShearer (Alan) must be having a laugh, LB wouldn’t even be fit to tieup Shearer’s laces. The contrast in styles is immense: AS gets theball, controls it, lays it off and then only has one thought – to getin the box and on the end of the cross. LB usually holds the ball up,lays it off and then is nowhere near the resulting cross.
  3. FC, why is LB doing all the spade work either in deep midfield orwide on the wings? For heaven’s sake he’s a striker, give it to him inthe box and let others do the hard work. Surely Pompey did that lastseason, hence the goals and City’s £3.5 million transfer.
  4. I’d like to see this defence against a more formidable oppositionbefore I pass judgement.
  5. It’s good to see the number of chaces we create, I’d just like tosee more chances taken.

P.S. Is this too harsh, especially after a good win?

Martin Ford (



What to do on a wet Tuesday night in Manchester? Go home and watch Liverpool or Arsenal on the box, or go to Maine Road and sit with 200 other mad people and watch the reserves play Grimsby Town reserves? I opted for the latter and was rewarded with a poor 2-2 draw. The team lined up as follows:

 Morley     Crooks     Vaughan     Hiley
 van Blerk    McGoldrick (cp)   Whitley
         Heaney        Rösler

Subs: Jim Whitley, Steve Rimmer and Barry Conlon.

City started brightly and had Grimsby defending for most of the first half. As we have seen many times with the first team, the reserves were unable to make all their possession count. Uwe looked disinterested and rarely chased the ball or tackled defenders. He spent most of the game walking around the Grimsby half waiting for the ball to be played to him. We surely must sell him! Tony Scully was the most impressive player on the pitch and his free rôle caused Grimsby problems. His runs down both wings were followed by some superb crosses. One of his crosses from the right led to Neil Heaney heading the first City goal. City’s lead was shortlived as McGoldrick (who was made captain for the game) handled in the area and Grimsby were awarded a penalty which Weaver failed to save. City had 2 clear chances to go in 2-1 at the interval, but Uwe failed to make his headers count. The first was headed wide whilst the second brought an excellent save from the Grimsby keeper. So it was 1-1 at the interval.

The second half was pretty dull. McGoldrick was replaced by Jim Whitley and City began to lose their shape. It wasn’t long before Grimsby took the lead after the City defence allowed their attack to have a free shot on goal. Weaver should have done better, but the wet pitch didn’t help him. City’s equaliser came from a Tony Scully corner which Uwe headed into the back of the net. Van Blerk and Scully were then replaced with Rimmer and Conlon respectively, and the team lost a lot of its attacking power. Scully’s pace was particularly missed. The game finished all square and I couldn’t help thinking this was just like watching the first team. We had all the play, but allowed the opposition to score from 2 poor defensive errors.

According to GMR, tickets for the Rags match are now available on open sale.

Charles Pollitt (


Manchester University students (and probably others) are now able to purchase tickets for MCFC at a discount. At present the only available area is Platt Lane, block W, tickets are £7.00 with the discount, usual price is £10.00. Student ID is needed when buying tickets. This is being run as a pilot exercise at the moment, very few English clubs offer any kind of concession, and the more people that buy the concessionary tickets the more likely it is to continue in future and spread to other clubs. As far as I know the concession is only definitely available for category A league matches, it may also be available for B and C games as well as cup ties, as usual with City staff everyone has different information!

J Visanji (


Uwe Rösler is back in the City squad for the trip to Ipswich following his goalscoring return from injury in Tuesday night’s reserve game against Grimsby, which ended 2-2. City took the lead after 16 minutes when Neil Heaney converted a Scully cross but the visitors equalised shortly afterwards and then took the lead with only 9 minutes left. A minute later, Rösler equalised from another Scully cross. Also back in the squad is Nicky Summerbee. Frank Clark has warned the squad about being over-confident following last weekend’s demolition job on Swindon: “We must not be complacent. Ipswich have had an indifferent start and will be working very hard and it will be a tough game. We need to develop consistency,” he said.

Two more players have gone out on loan: Irish U21 international striker Ray Kelly has joined Wrexham for a month and could make his début against Bristol Rovers at the weekend. Alan Kernaghan has finally gone to Scottish Premier side St. Johnstone after considering the move for a couple of weeks. The Scottish F.A. insisted on the loan being for a full three months, which is why Kernaghan took so long before accepting the move. “At least it gives me first team football, which is important to me. It’s been so frustrating being in and out of the City team and I’m glad this chance has come along,” he said. Kernaghan has previously been on loan at Bolton and Bradford. Whilst on the subject of loans, it seems unlikely that Gerry Creaney’s spell at Burnley will result in a permanent move, despite Chris Waddle being impressed with Creaney’s attitude and performances. The player’s wages are the problem, “out of our league” according to the Burnley manager.

The new Manchester City Superstore will be opening this weekend. Prior to Paul Lake’s testimonial there will be face painters, Moonchester and poster give-aways to the first 500 customers. Open from 10.00am.

Gio Kinkladze, suspended for Georgia’s World Cup tie against Poland in Tbilisi as a result of his sending-off for fighting in Moldova last week, still wants to go and watch the game from the sidelines. “I’d like to go and watch the game even though I cannot play,” he said.

Meanwhile, Jeff Whitley has been put on standby for Northern Ireland’s World Cup game in Portugal next week, despite not figuring in the first team this season, and not even being a regular in the reserves. Tommy Wright and Kevin Horlock have been named in the Irish squad too, whilst Kit Symons has been called up for Wales.

Paul Howarth (


The following is from Graham Quick, Chartered Accountant, here at Hemmington Scott, a fanatical Blue (Chelsea) and season ticket holder. He kindly agreed to look over the City accounts and give us an independent view.

Manchester City Plc.
Review of financial performance
Year ended 31st May 1997

As was to be expected, the football club, the only operating subsidiary, being relegated to the Nationwide first division, and then failing to attain automatic promotion, had a major impact on operating performance. Despite the Chairman’s confidence about this and the future, as given in his statement, the fact remains that other than benefiting from the enhanced television deal, all other forms of revenue declined during the year.

Against this stagnant operation revenue, operating costs increased by 14.5%, which despite the benefit of a slight decrease in interest charges, was the key factor in the increase in the loss by 269% to £2.1m.

Indeed, given the claimed new financing from the rights issue and the conversion of debt to shares, both of which occurred at mid year, the size of the interest cost and the continued substantial long-term debt does not augur well, when as happened, interest rates have been consistently rising during the latter part of the financial year and the first part of the new financial year.

Whilst transfer expenditure has apparently been more controlled for the financial year, it still almost doubles the size of the trading loss. Can City afford a net transfer spend of 14% of gross revenue, when operating costs are growing by 14%?

Indeed City is not generating sufficient cash to meet its operating costs and as a consequence it is not unrealistic to expect a further financing need in the future.

In this connection, an increase in commercial staff by 90% must surely begin to produce some new and additional commercial benefit to be justified. This is not apparent from the 1997 accounts.

I find it hard to understand the Balance Sheet. On the face of it, City has a strong property portfolio, including residential property. The net book value (after a recent revaluation) of £27.7m, of freehold property gives a good base from which to raise further finance. However, is this Freehold really Freehold? The notes to the accounts indicate that the net book value includes £4.6m of leased assets or assets on hire purchase. After elimination of the £27.7m property, the book value of the remaining assets is only £2.9m. Where is the rest (£24.8m)?

The company is seriously illiquid, with short term debts of £4.7m, despite having cash, possibly from advance season ticket sales of £1.5m.

There is a contingent liability of £516k, representing a possible repayment of the terms of the BSkyB contract. How can there be a possible liability here? How could City benefit from the proposed terms of a Premiership agreement under a “recently” negotiated contract and received advance payments for a contract they surely were no longer part to?

Graham Quick FCA, Hemmington Scott Publishing Ltd., via Roger Lee (


Just a few lines about Barry Conlon for those who are interested and haven’t yet found out. Barry is from County Monaghan in the Republic of Ireland. He spent 2 seasons at QPR who released him in May. He then moved on trial to Middlesbrough who couldn’t agree personal terms with him. City stepped in and agreed personal terms!

Barry’s hat-trick in a play off against Norway last May (after his QPR release) secured qualification for the Republic of Ireland U-18’s in the European Championship finals. Barry scored the winner against Switzerland in the finals but was sent off soon afterwards which ruled him out of the rest of the tournament.

Barry was named in the Republic of Ireland U-21 squad by Ian Evans on Wednesday and was named on Tuesday as one of three nominees for Youths Player of the Year in the Football Association of Ireland Opel International Awards.

Kevin Walsh (


Date: Thursday October 9th – Time: 19:38 (sorry but this is Japan) sees the start of the “Tribal Gathering – Tokyo practice session”.

Why Thursday? Friday’s a public holiday – we’re not that daft.

Anyway, if there are any Blues in Japan who can make it and who fancy getting together with me and Colin (more of a Tribelet than a Tribe I guess) then here’s the plan.

19:38 – Tokyo station – meet near the Shinkansen Ticket barriers under the huge ‘Central Transfer’ sign. I’ll be fully Kappered.

From there we are off to Shinjuku and to the Irish pub on the side street that comes out in front of Kinokuniya book store (not the new one!) – the pub is on the second floor above a bar called ‘Lion Bar’.

After a few scoops we will then head to Takadanobaba (trying saying that when you’re p****d – actually try saying it when you’re sober). Anyway in Takadanobaba we are going to ‘Footnik’ a British football pub – no doubt come across some local Rags!

If you can make it phone/fax me on 053 458 4605 or contact me at or contact Colin who is in Tokyo at

On the Friday we might send a delegation to PM Hashimoto to get that flag changed from the rather garish ‘rising sun’ to a more mellow ‘blue moon’ – what do you all think?

Paul Banzai-Burns (


Don’t let them take away our board!

Let me explain… the sports message boards section of ‘aol’ (America On Line) includes (at least for now) a City board. Unfortunately, activity on our little patch is not exactly thriving. On the whole it consists of two or three of us (all born within a 10 mile, or so, radius of Maine Road) and an occasional p***taking Rag, who disappears, pronto, when we start asking questions of what he or she knows about Manchester, or even how many times they’ve been there.

Anyway, the guv’nor of the Soccer (spit on that word!) folder has threatened us with the axe if we do not start getting a little more interest shown. This we cannot allow! Why should a bunch of 12-year-old bandwagon jumpers from London, Dublin and Idaho get to pretend that they’re ManUre fans whilst our slice of the pie is taken away from us?

So, all you aol’ers, come along. By all means save your best work for these wonderful pages, but let’s show them that real fans can be as active, over there, as the pseudo variety. If you need navigational help, then Email me.

(Doing my bit to keep the good flag flying in other corners of the world)

Steve O’Brien (


TITLE		Kick-off in German with Uwe Rösler
PUBLISHER	Goethe Institut
ADDRESS		Churchgate House
		56 Oxford Street
		M1 6EU
		Tel 0161 237 1077
DATE		1996
PRICE		£3.70 (incl postage)
RUNNING TIME	14 minutes

Cover picture

I thought I had better get round to reviewing this video before it became recent history – I’ve had it for longer than I care to remember. The video is produced by the Goethe Institut (German spelling!) which is funded – I believe – by the German government, and whose remit is to promote all things German, especially the language and culture. What better way to debunk the stereotypical view of Germany and Germans, so cherished by the English media, than to make use of a German (or three!) who has a special relationship with us all.

The video itself is in German (except for the voice-over), but is provided with subtitles, so is comprehensible to non-German speakers. In line with the objectives of the Goethe Institut, the video aims to tell us not just about a German footballer, but about his coming to England, his likes and dislikes, and the contrasts to life in Germany – it is most definitely not a promotional video to get you to learn the German language.

Essentially, the video is an interview with Uwe, interspersed with goals, and shots of life around Maine Road. Amongst other subjects, Rösler answers questions on his special relationship with the fans and his understanding of English humour (he was quite clearly a little perplexed by it for some time after his arrival, though he did think it was tied into the English being more open than Germans). The video touches on his rise to ‘hero’ status, with interviews with fans outside Maine Road, including one who talked ‘Mad-for-it-Manc-speak’, lots of hand gestures interspersed with monosyllables – let’s hope they don’t show it in Germany, otherwise their anthropologists will be over here in droves!

Rösler goes on to talk about his then (and now) current problem of not being able to find the back of the net. There’s a nice shot of him talking to Bert Trautmann in a restaurant at Maine Road, with Bert telling him not to worry – Rösler however, looks very worried! One thing that struck me, as someone who wasn’t at Maine Road at the time, was the quality of some of the goals he scored, he looked a genuine goalscorer, a very different player from the one I’ve been watching for the last two years.

Eike Immel also puts in an appearance, drinking orange juice in a pub with Rösler (drinking Guinness!). There are lots of cultural snippets, from the English breakfast through Sauerkraut, to the poverty of some parts of Manchester – not a problem for old Uwe as he came from Leipzig in the old DDR. We are repeatedly treated to the correct pronunciation of Uwe’s name – ‘oo-veh’, though bizarrely, the English voice-over clearly calls him ‘oo-voh’ at one point.

All in all, this is a nice little video, cheap and giving us something which footie videos rarely give us – an insight into the life of a footballer, perhaps more of an insight than we would get from seeing interviews of English players. Well worth the money; hopefully they will still have some left, as it was advertised in City magazine on a ‘first come, first served’ basis.

Aufwiedersehen Uwe Rösler (‘oo-veh rur-zluh’) und alles guete.



I’ve sussed it – my lucky City Teddy is the key to it all, it’s not Frank’s team selection, it’s not if Buzzer is lethargic or not, it’s a rub on the tummy of me lucky City Teddy.

The teddy was bought for my wife and daughter from Maine Road when my daughter was born 3 years ago and had sat on her bed for sometime. As she is now getting older, and the bed too full of soft toys, the Teddy has found its way into the front of my car and prior to each game a little rub on the tummy occurs followed by an optimistic chant of “come on City, come on City” and a single punch to the air!

Against Norwich I rubbbed its tummy but, one of my sad Rag mates, punched the teddy in jest, but it destroyed the luck and we lost to them first time for 32 years! This week the lucky rubbing/chanting went on as normal but I protected the teddy’s integrity and low and behold 6 bloody nil!

The teddy will now be put under 24-hour security and I will be there with the lucky rub and chant every week without fail (no Rags will be allowed in to the sacred home of the lucky teddy), watching us sail up the table into the Premiership… the teddy will then be framed in a glass case for all time…

Optimistically Blue – Dickov you liccle belter!

Nick Charles (


Here’s an interesting article I was forwarded from a Man Utd fan today. Seems another good reason to boycott cable or satellite to me.

“United moved from the football field and stock market onto the box with the unveiling of a joint venture with BSkyB and Granada which will see its own prime time subscription TV channel start from next year.

MUTV will hit television screens from autumn 1998 via satellite and cable, broadcasting six hours a day of news and features on the Premiership champions.

Chairman Professor Sir Roland Smith said: ”We believe that this new service will be very popular and will provide an important source of future income for Manchester United.”

The club and the other partners were confident fans would want to watch the station, even though no first-team games would be on show.”

On a happier note, it has been great working in Swindon this week. My car has even gone through it unscathed, despite having the City kit hanging in the back. Looking forward to the return match in February which has got to be better than last year’s performance here.

Samantha Alexander (


At first, did anyone really believe the result? Even had I made it to the Academy, I still wouldn’t had believed it. I got the news on a chat, this bloke said “Hey, 6-0”, I’m like “City?”, thought for a moment… “yeah right, sod off.” Then he says, check on the WWW. So I go and see; 6-0 over Swindon. “Aye, they have won! Sorry, I was quite rude mate”, he said it was OK, and I was really happy for the remainder of the evening.

Mike Blue (


Just thought that the season ticket holders (and others) among us may be somewhat miffed to learn that MCFC is offering students at the University of Manchester and presumably elsewhere, cut price tickets (£7) for home games. Although this may encourage new supporters to the club it does seem a bit bizarre to ‘reward’ those who are only fleetingly in this city and continue to charge long-term, non-student residents the full whack. Surely it’s more in the club’s interest to foster long-term support in the local community and offer cut-price tickets to the unemployed, etc… Happy as I am with my season ticket seat in the Kippax, I don’t feel particularly chipper about the fact that temporary student residents are offered deals whereas as far as I know (correct me if I’m wrong), others are not. Any thoughts?

Laura Turney (


OASIS Was There Then Photo Exhibition

If you don’t know already, the above exhibition has been running at The Roundhouse, Camden since Friday 19th Sept.

It comes to Manchester at the Old Market Hall, 39-45 Swan Street between Wednesday 15th October and Sunday 9th November.

Tickets – £5 (£3 concessions) Bookings via Piccadilly Box Office at Virgin Megastore (0161 832 1111) or Way Ahead Exhibition Hotline (0161 237 5554)

I claim an interest – I’m working for the next 10 days at Olympus one of the sponsors.

Chris Egerton


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