Legal action against Financial Fair Play

Manchester-City-Supporters-Club-LogoOn Sep 23 2014 the MCFC Supporters Club joined forces with fans from the UK, France and Belgium to battle UEFA’s “Financial Fair Play” (FFP). A unanimously Committee voted to join the legal actions against FFP led by lawyers Dupont and Hissel (complaint to the European Commission and civil action in the Brussels’ Court).

The MCFC Supporters Club was formed in 1949 and has almost 15,000 active members, with 168 branches worldwide covering the UK, Europe, Asia & America. The decision to join the legal battle is founded on the belief that FFP is not designed to implement a true “financial fair play”, but in fact a prohibition to invest that prevents ambitious owners to develop their clubs, that therefore shields the established European elite from being challenged .

More information can be found at the MCFC Supporters’ Club Statement and Manchester Evening News Story.


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