20 years!

By: David Atkins – CTID

20 years, and unbelievable how things have changed in that time. I moved to the USA in 1994 and was first connected to the internet around that time.It’s amazing to think how impressed I was about being able to get the City result “only” 3 or 4 days after the event! Then I stumbled upon MCIVTA, which, looking back, was way ahead of its time. Twice a week everything stopped while I read every single item – all of them beautifully written with passion and from the blue heart.

In 1994, here in the USA, Football meant one thing and one thing only – and it didn’t mean football. The only game we saw was the European Cup Final, probably a week later, and on ‘Comedy Central’. Nowadays, with technology moving the way it has, it’s a much smaller world. We see every game live and as many comments, blogs and tweets as you can shake a stick at. But I will forever be grateful to MCIVTA for saving me from the isolation of “Middleton lad, lost in the USA”. Congratulations on the first 20! I’ll raise a glass to the next 20!

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