mcfc-badge-1972-76The win at Tottenham was enjoyable but it changes nothing where the manager, the immensely likeable Manuel Pellegrini, is concerned. In fact it was further evidence why a change is needed. Whilst City’s midfield worked very hard to stop Tottenham, and Silva and Aguero provided moments of magic which won the game, City’s defensive lack of organisation is alarming. The bald truth is that City could have been at least three goals down before Sergio Aguero scored the winner. Too many crossed balls resulted in free headers for Tottenham strikers and Harry Kane was given oceans of space to run through our defence onto Lamela’s pass. Tottenham had other chances too and on another, day we wouldn’t have been so lucky. That is not to put a damper on a hard earned win which showed that this City side still has fighting qualities to go with the undoubted skill. It is just a note of realism and caution because not only do City need to make some changes to the squad – four top players need to come in – but also a manager who can organise the players to defend properly and be hard to beat once more.

Phil Banerjee

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