1981 MCFC documentary


In 1979 Malcolm Allison was offered the chance to return to Manchester City by then-chairman Peter Swales. Allison had experienced great success coaching the City team under Joe Mercer from 1965 to 1972. After Mercer was moved “upstairs” to allow Allison to take over the results did not go in Citys favour, the fans became hostile, and in March 1973 (after only one year in sole charge) Allison resigned as Manager the first time.

City’s only success since Allison left in 1972 was League Cup victory in 1976 although the club had been doing reasonably well under long-term manager Tony Book, finishing 2nd in the league in 1976 and runners-up in the League Cup in 1974. Swales believed that the flamboyant and larger than life character would create the necessary spark to take City all the way. Sadly it did not go well this time either. Allison decided to get rid of established internationals like Dave Watson, Dennis Tueart, Peter Barnes and Gary Owen. He famously bought Steve Daley from Wolverhampton for a record £1,45 mill. a price-tag Daley never managed to cope with.

Allison left the post for the second time after only a year. He was followed by John Bond.

This 6-part 1981 behind the scenes documentary paints a brutally naked picture of a club in turmoil. Allison, Bond and Chairman Peter Swales play key part in the documentary which culminates with Allison returning to Maine Road as manager of Crystal Palace.

Part 1/7:

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