Carole Surey

Why Blue?

My good pa’s fault.

I was destined to be a Blue. my grandfather being an Evertonian, moved to Hulme, Manchester where my dad was born. He was encouraged to be a Blue when 10 years old by a school friend.

My first brush with footie was on my dad’s shoulders, 2 years old at a Blackburn Rovers game, where we lived then.

Time passed as it does and the weekly noise from the radio coupled with Match of the Day and my Blue years were born. I was one of those girls who played footie with the lads, along with asking for a girls’ football team for the school. Back in the 1960’s that was met with hostility by unimaginative teachers.

I then managed to marry a man who detests football. So I often go to matches on my own, or with friends/fans of the opposing team.

However, my love for the game continues and I’ve supported Man City for 40 years now. I love the humour and character of City fans, so proud to be one of them.

One of my best memories was meeting a childhood hero Mike Summerbee at Maine Road.

I’ve finally got a ticket to enjoy my first game at the new stadium.

Here we go, City till I Die.

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Carole Surey