Nigel Pickles

Why Blue?

A Nearly Why Blue

I know this isn’t the normal ‘Why Blue’ that you feature but I thought you might like to hear about a guy I met before the Crystal Palace game. His name is Pete, sorry but I don’t remember his last name as someone kept buying me beer, anyway Pete comes from Watford. Apparently when he was 9 years old he was at school when his best mate decided he was going to support U****d, so just to be different Pete thought “Ok then, I’ll support City”. The guy is now 30 odd and follows the lads home and away, all because he wanted to be different from the rest of the sheep.

I know Pete travels up to home matches on the train courtesy of Mr Branson so maybe someone else knows a bit more about him and can fill in the rest? I also gather his best mate is no more either, what a top bloke.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #587 on


Nigel Pickles