Billy a.k.a. Oxford Blue

Why Blue?

I was born in Moston 1974, My dad, a die-hard Glasgow Rangers fan, and my mum not caring about football. So I was probably always going to be a “Blue” but the day I was born it was confirmed. My mum’s sister had married a Red a few years previously, they had 3 girls and were still trying for a boy, so when I was born, this uncle was delighted and proudly proclaimed another Red being brought into the world and told my mum how he would take me to the matches when I was old enough. Thankfully though, my uncle really irritated my mum, so she decided that I was going to be a Blue at all costs, all baby clothes were sky blue and white and my dad promised my mum to take me to a City game as soon as I was old enough.

My memories of my first game are a little hazy, but I think it was at home to Sunderland in about 1982? A night game and we won 2-1; I remember me sitting on the white wall and my dad falling down some of the steps of the Kippax (?) with a beer in his hand and hardly spilling a drop (typical Jock). I only went to a few games a season after that when my dad could take me, even when I started to go on my own I managed few matches, my favourite memory being the 5-1. I was in the Manchester Evening news family stand for that and the ticket cost me