Ted Boardman

Why Blue?

Being born and bred in North Wales it seems odd that I ended up a City fan rather than the usual Liverpool/ManUre follower. Like most people, I have my dad to thank. I first became aware of City in the late 60s, early 70s due to my dad’s interest (he was originally from Leigh). When I left home to go to University (UMIST – is it still there?) in 1979 I remember one of the last pieces of advice from my dad was “Go watch City play, not U****d”.

So started the real obsession with City. I initially lived in that godawful tower in Fallowfield, but enjoyed a view of Maine Road and attended regularly at the Academy. The following year, home was Whalley Range, easy walk to the ground via the Parkside and a season ticket. Then Chorlton-cum-Hardy and regular away matches became the norm.

These were up and down times for City but I began to enjoy the atmosphere and camaraderie with other fans as much as the results. In 1985, after five years holding a season ticket, I was promoted at work but had to move to Sheffield. I managed to maintain my season ticket for a couple of years, but the commitment to City was starting to conflict with another love in my life. Consequently, I was reduced to the odd home game and away matches in the Sheffield area.

In 1991, after marriage and two children, I moved here to Oz. Support for City was strongly maintained through the ABC showing a weekly one hour package of Premier League highlights, but following relegation times became hard. Information on City was restricted, though eagerly awaited, to results in the Monday papers. Interest began to wane through information denial.

Then about a year ago, work very graciously gave everyone Internet access! MCIVTA was quickly discovered, Soccernet, Blueview, home connection obtained, live commentary on the web, sleepless nights and a Kappa shirt courtesy of visiting relatives – it was almost as good as being back in England. The magic has returned with a vengeance and this season has been one of the most closely followed in years. When asked what I miss most since moving to Australia, the list has reduced over the years and now only Man City remains (and is usually met with a blank expression, except for those in the know).

This weekend is a long weekend in Oz, we have next Monday off as it is ANZAC day. The ANZAC tradition is very strong here and is basically remembrance for those who gave their lives in war. “ANZAC stood and still stands for reckless valour in a good cause, for enterprise, resourcefulness, fidelity, comradeship and endurance that will never own defeat”. Sound familiar?

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Ted Boardman