Why Blue?

What can I say, I cannot believe that our once great team are looking at Division 2 next season. I’ve been a City fan since I was six, twenty-four years of every emotion imaginable, and I’ve never seen anything as dire as this from our boys. My brother and I were playing football together as usual in my gran’s garden in Cornwall and we argued over who was going to be who while we played. He is four years older than me and was already a Liverpool fan. I want to be Liverpool too I said, but he explained that I had to be a different team! Man City, he said, you can be them, they’re really good! Why didn’t he say Arsenal!? Ever since that fateful day I have faithfully and lovingly supported City, meeting my old heroes like Colin Bell, Joe Corrigan, Dave Watson, Dennis Tueart,.. the list goes on and on doesn’t it!

Who have we got today? Gio, and he’s going to leave a sinking ship and who can blame him? Unlike you others, I have not been a regular visitor to watch City play and I envy you all (okay so the QPR result was s***e but would you have missed being there?). I was fortunate enough to see the game at Swindon earlier (now I’m a Wiltshire resident) and one of our rare victories. That said we were the slightly better of two crap teams! Gio was non existent but he still has to play as he is the only player capable of any true class, if only for a matter of minutes! Enough rambling! Stay loyal and sing loud on Sunday, I’m going to hide in the shed for the day and may never come out!

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #394 on