Elaine Taylor

Why Blue?

My football initiation was at the age of 11 when I was introduced to ‘Bury FC’ by a tom-boyish girl at school. At a small club like Bury you soon learn what being a real fan means, which has certainly come in useful since! I remember travelling to away matches in the early 60’s on the ‘one and only’ coach that Bury took in those days.

I suppose I ended up at Maine Road because of Colin Bell and City had always been my grandad’s club. I remember him being really chuffed when he heard that my sister and I were supporting his team, especially as not many females went to football matches then. Anyway I ended up making the move in 1969 I think it was and since then we have been lucky enough to go to Wembley with City 3 times and of course there has been the excitement of the European matches. Standing on the Kippax was an entertainment in itself.

I did have a break during the 80’s bringing up my daughter Heather, but my niece and her boyfriend kept up the family tradition during this time and my sister also returned. I came back ‘home’ in ’94. The day I came back with my husband (also a City fan), I had only been in the ground 10 minutes or so and I felt as though I had never been away.

I am now a season ticket holder in the Kippax Lower Tier along with my husband, sister and niece (who incidentally marries a City fan in July). It is sheer luxury now compared with the 70’s and those frozen-up outside loos and nowhere to get warm.

I thoroughly enjoy the camaraderie, for as long as I can remember City fans have had a great sense of humour, it’s like being part of one big family.

The Club has always responded to my correspondence, requests for shirts or greetings cards to be autographed, even help was on hand for my niece who received information from them which she used in a piece for her degree work.

We should be proud of ourselves because I have a sneaky feeling that there are a lot of people out there who can’t quite work us out, they get very frustrated that they can’t wear us down with their constant snide remarks; there’s even some envy. I know this sounds daft but I believe it.

I suppose nobody can really answer the question ‘Why Blue?, it’s a life sentence and let’s face it, there’s never a dull moment!

Stay Blue – The Club needs us now more than ever.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #368 on


Elaine Taylor