Ken Osgood

Why Blue?

Being very much a latecomer to this matter of Blueness I have never seen City in the flesh. For that matter I have never even been to England. Nonetheless, most Saturday afternoons I log onto the Internet telling myself “they probably lost, so there’s no point getting depressed by the score.” Maybe it was growing up outside another Manchester (an industrial city of about 100 thousand in the north-eastern United States. Maybe it is being a life-long fan of the Boston Redsox Baseball Club (wrong color but ever so right history of disasters, near disasters and ‘painfully close but never there’). It certainly has something to do with a powerful distaste for the universal tendency of lots of nitwits to base their allegiances on recent victories and little more. Life isn’t fair, and often things don’t go your way; I know this because the Redsox taught me so. Naturally, in the fall of ’95, I began to pay more and more attention to a team that I noticed had only picked up a couple of points in its first nine games. The rest is (sad) history.

In any case, my wife and I will be travelling in England in the first half of April. Naturally, a visit to Manchester is in the cards. I would be very greatful to anyone who could e-mail me information on the ins and outs of purchasing tickets. I have the clear impression that it frequently isn’t as simple as going to a ticket window cash in hand, and I would hate to find myself ticketless because of obstacles I could have cleared before hand. I would also enjoy hearing from any other Boston area Blues.

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Ken Osgood