Ernie Barrow

Why Blue?

I as a youngster followed Holyhead Town who were a force in the league they were in; most of my friends were Liverpool, Everton, and the other Red team fans, but my heros played for City: Roy Clarke, Roy Paul, Bert Trautmann, and City were so inventive in those days with Don Revie and his deep centre forward plan. Just one visit to Maine Road and there was no other team for me.

I would see as many games as I could. In 1967 I started the Holyhead Branch of the Supporters’ Club; we even had an annual football game against the Social Club (then the biggest and best in English football – under the guidence of Roy & Kathy Clarke). My sea career would take me away for great periods of time and so I handed the reins to Tony Hughes and Terry McMullen (who I converted from an Everton fan). The people I met (“City” supporters) were and are the best people in the world, they always made me feel so welcome, including Stan Gibson (the recently retired head groundsman).

I would meet several players, for I stayed at the same hotel that City players stayed until they got a house when they first signed for the club. It was exciting football. City was an attacking team, teams came to Maine Road to try to draw, and Franny Lee was the King; no one gave as much effort, I still think he could show some of today’s players how to score. Thanks for the great memories Franny & Co.

P.S. I have been a bad critic of today’s City, but think I was wrong: we should not kick our team when they are down, let’s support Franny Lee & Frank Clark – maybe it will rub off onto the field?

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Ernie Barrow