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Why Blue?

STUART WARD (Manchester 1968-1997)

Stuart Ward was a City fan for the simplest of reasons: family tradition and local connection. His passion for the club was as strong as any City fan’s.

Stuart and his girlfriend Natalie were tragically killed on Tuesday 26 August, 1997 whilst walking home after City’s defeat by Blackpool. We all know the disappointment and the depression of that night, a disappointment which, for us, fades over time (like most City defeats). Unfortunately, Stuart had no time to reflect on this.

Stuart had just graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University and Natalie was undertaking a PhD. Both had extremely promising futures. The death of these two deeply loved and respected people puts bad results into perspective and illustrates the really important things in life.

Let’s hope City achieve success and when they do, let’s smile not only for ourselves, but for all those of us who are no longer here to smile with us.

First printed in: MCIVTA Newsletter #326 on


Submitted by Stuarts friends