Andy Birkin

Why Blue?

I was born in Oldham, 7 miles from Manchester and became interested in football during the Championship season.

I was taken by my grandfather (Oldham RL fan) to O*d Tr*****d to see the Rags play. Best, Law, Charlton etc. – they lost. Next match was at Oldham, it was unusual because they lost but managed to win when the results were announced on TV. Next game MCFC – Love at first sight. It was great to see Bell, Lee (Won Pen), Young, Summerbee (the elder) and all the rest. Being knee high to a grasshopper I didn’t get to go to Newcastle but ate all my fingernails whilst listening to the radio.

Next season was the Charity Shield (West Brom 6-1 I think) followed by a typical season.

Some of the best memories were Villa Park for the semi-final, FA cup final vs. Leicester (great Neil Young volley). Other memorable matches were the derby games especially when we won away, Stepney’s ‘save’ from an indirect free kick which sent us to another final. Sad times too, we always seemed to outplay Liverpool but lost 3-0, Bell getting injured, Spurs Final (both of them).

I joined the Air force when I was 21 and managed to see all the Midlands matches; my girlfriend took some time to suss out that I only came home for matches! Postings to East Anglia were OK (Norwich & Ipswich) but Germany and Northern Scotland were real downers. I’ve now left the Air Force and live in Crawley. I plan to take my son to some of the London games; he’s already been to Palace and is awaiting his new kit.

Most of my supporting is now done from the armchair – the nasty Building Society seem to take most of my money but I try to see as many games as possible. For me there are no other teams; it will always be City and on Saturdays I will always be waiting for the result.

Some of the greats I remember are:-

Bell, Lee, Summerbee, Young, Hartford, Doyle, Booth, Watson, Corrigan, Tueart & Kidd. There do not seem to be too many defenders but frankly over the past few years we haven’t had a defence!

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Andy Birkin