Lars Ivar Naess

Why Blue?

For me the decision to follow City lies so far back in time that I can’t exactly remember why (I think I’m getting old – 32 by now) but I do have a vague memory of the famous City side from the late 60’s / early 70’s with Lee/Bell/Summerbee. Here in Norway, English league football has been shown on TV regularly every Saturday since the early 60’s, which is why so many Norwegians have closer relationships with English football clubs than with national ones. Sadly, I can’t remember the trophy seasons of the 60’s so I don’t think I really became a City-fan until 1972-73 – at the age of about 10. I think the main reason was that my own football team and my classmates consisted of Liverpool/Leeds/ManU fans and nothing else so I guess I wanted to be special. Also I remember buying a City shirt from England which I proudly paraded at school (being laughed at – especially by Rags fans of course). I remember Colin Bell as my first hero. Later on Manchester City was the first English club to get a Norwegian Supporters Club Branch (1976 I think) and of course I joined as fast as I heard of it.

My finest City memory is watching the 1976 League Cup victory on TV – I’ll never forget that Tueart goal. Not surprisingly – another highlight was the FA cup finals in 1981. It still hurts thinking about it. From then on we all know what a nightmare it has been being a City fan but I think if you’re involved in this kind of a love affair you’ll never stop loving.

I’m a bit ashamed to confess that I’ve been a rather passive member of the Norwegian Supporters Club and even though they arrange trips to Manchester at least 3-4 times per season I’ve never joined in. I’ve seen City live only 4 times – 3 times in Norway during summer and once in London (playing Crystal Palace at Selhurst Park in the 2nd division, I think it was 1985 – a 2-2 draw). In other words I’ve never been to Maine Road – am I the only one on MCIVTA? I have decided for myself that next time City play at Wembley I’ll be there as well as in Manchester to watch some games at the Academy. I’m sure I’ll meet some of you guys then.

Finally I’d like to thank all of you on MCIVTA for giving me the opportunity to be among the best informed City fans in Norway. The match reports in newspapers here is embarrasingly sparse (apart from matches with clubs with Norwegian players involved – I kind of miss Ingebrigtsen in this respect, not on the pitch though) if given at all. Special thanks to Ashley for reasons not necessary to mention, and those of you providing the match reports.

Come on you Blues!!

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Lars Ivar Naess