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After a perhaps surprisingly successful England international break for England, the weekend sees us returning to Premier League business and one of the biggest clashes of the season with our visit to the Emirates.

No doubt we’ll see the debut of two-goal England hero, Danny Welbeck, and maybe our new centre back, Mangala, may get a run out with injury concerns around Kompany and Zabaleta.

The lack of premier action may account for light MCIVTA this week but some interesting content nonetheless, in particular around FFP.

Kind regards, Phil.


Totally agree with Phil B’s comment around FFP.

Our club did the “honourable” thing and complied with the wishes of the Cartel rather than taking court action. I hope this will help us build friends and allies (some hope) but at the same time would like to think that any more threats will be met with some form of a legal case. Only in football is this allowed to take place, in any other walk of life this would be considered anti-competitive and ruled out. There is much talk about the spending of Trafford, they can because they earn so much, but how “fair” the adidas deal is to the likes of Burnley is anyone’s guess.

The introduction of FFP was meant to stop clubs building up debt which in the end could be unsustainable, something I fully agree with. The Glazers were originally in Platini’s sights as he objected to so much money being removed from the game (see below), until he became the puppet of the cartel. An unwanted consequence of FFP is that few are likely to want to invest in football at any level now, note the plight of Aston Villa whose owners can’t sell it.

What really galls me is Chelsea though. They have had a very similar investment as us, but they soon closed to door behind them when voting FFP in. I see from final “ins and outs” of this window that Chelsea either sold or loaned over 30 players, that’s 3 teams! After stockpiling players, some of which will have some added value coming from the club set up, they will for some time meet FFP rules.

While I am no fan of US involvement in football in UK (fundamentally all US business is driven towards making money for shareholders, nothing else), FFP would never happen there!

Alan Lingard (alan.lingard at

KOTK #217

We are pleased to announce that KOTK 217 should be out at the weekend, in the usual outlets and on sale at the Arsenal away game, provided, of course, we don’t oversleep. This issue is a whopping 52 pages, A4 and has a colour front cover showing arch villain Platini making a rude gesture to City with suitable captions. I’m still seething, and unfortunately we went to press before they decided to give our fine to the rags (if they get it whilst not being in Europe?) and their fellow in-breds.

This issue includes an interview with John Harding, who’s just updated his Meredith biography and also the Shelagh Delaney book, City world diary, Stateside Blues, Transfers Ins and Outs, Prem league predictions, season DVD criticism, book reviews, Mario Balotelli, media watch, Arsenal arses (Wilson and Wenger), Ukrainian football, Farewell to Rodders and Garcia, Gerrard gets a mention too!

It’s £3, can also be bought for £4.20 direct from 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, lancs WN 7 2HL Don’t miss it!

Dave and Sue Wallace (dw001e8104 at


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Newsletter #1962
Date: 2014/09/11
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