Newsletter #1892

First off thanks to everyone for their support with the grand idea of making Issue 1894 a ‘Special’.

There seems, and I’ve included a couple of examples, to be a move towards making it a ‘Memory Timeline’.

“What in the heck do you mean by that?” I hear you cry (cupping my hand to my ear). Well what I mean is, if you can supply your favourite memories and anecdotes about supporting the Boys in Blue through the years then I’ll endeavour to put them into a timeline as a snapshot of our collective memories.

Sound like a plan?

Well I hope so as, with all things being equal, we should also have one or two guest contributors who, if you’ll indulge me, I’ll keep up my sleeve for now! Whilst not forgetting your ‘normal’ contributions, do also jot down your memories and anecdotes and I’ll start collating them accordingly. Just one thing, best to keep them short and punchy else we all might drown in a vat of self-indulgence!

Next Game: Everton, Goodison Park, 16 March 2013, 12.45


City progressed to the FA Cup semi-final with consummate ease against 2nd Division strugglers Barnsley with an impressive show to delight us on a cool wintry day. Carlos Tévez starred with a hat trick and assists in the other two goals.

There was incredulity as we made our way to the Etihad Stadium as we digested the result of the early kick-off in the FA Cup. With Everton’s shock 0-3 home defeat to Reading, surely our biggest bogey team is out?

Barnsley sold their 6,000 allocation out and the South Stand was bedecked with a line of St George crosses bearing various places “London Tykes”, closer to home “Dearne Valley Reds”, and, er, “Barnsley”, then further afield again:

“Hove Tykes”. Even 2nd Division strugglers have “Glory hunters”!

The visiting fans enquired where we were when we were ####. Well many of us were “here” supporting City of course during those dark days, and many of us were in Barnsley rather than Barbados (as the song went) as they outclassed us on their way to the Premier League and we slid down towards the Third Division! How times have changed.

City set about Barnsley with purpose and much flair, probing for openings. Nasri’s cross from the left was slightly too high for Dzeko who headed over.

The Barnsley fans who hoped for a repeat of their 2007 Cup run to the FA Cup semi, which included scalps of Liverpool (at Anfield) and Chelsea bellowed “Yorkshire, Yorkshire…” with pride, but this day belonged to a corner of Lancashire…

Barnsley optimism was pricked when we were in front after ten minutes. Taking Dzeko’s forward pass, Yaya Touré cleverly found Silva in the box with a lob. Silva’s shot was pushed onto the post by Barnsley ‘keeper Luke Steele and Tévez followed up to open the scoring.

“He’ll drive when he wants” was the chant, which referred to Tévez’s latest driving misdemeanours.

City left nothing to chance. The tie was effectively over in the 27th minute when Kolarov clinically swept home Tévez’s insightful cross to make it 2-0 after Dzeko had won the ball and sent him clear down the right.

City’s third goal came three minutes later after another stunning move. Kolarov threaded an incisive pass to the advancing Silva who pulled the ball back from the by-line, and Tévez turned to steer the ball in from six yards. It was almost too easy, and Tévez was given too much time and space to turn, but rich credit was due to City for playing excellent football. City and Tévez in particular was hungry for more goals and he forced Steele to tip his long range shot over after Dzeko had played him in.

“Wemberlee, Wemberlee, we’re the famous Man City and we’re going to Wemberlee” filled the concourse at the break. How un-City like was it for us to feel so confident!

The master class continued after the break as a sleet shower fell over East Manchester. Nasri waltzed down the left touch line past a defender to the by-line, skilfully crossed with the outside of his right foot and Tévez scuffed the ball into the net with his left to complete his hat trick. He looked rather delighted to say the least, as were his team mates.

The Barnsley fans decided it was time for a few wind ups: “Champions’ League… you’re having a laugh”“Twelve points”“You’re not Champions any more”, which drew the reply from City fans: “Championship, you’re having a laugh”. Wind-ups on the face of it but a lot of people from Barnsley (certainly not all – I’ve met City fans from there in the 1980s) support the Rags, or the not quite so other easy way out, Leeds. Some of these Rags tag along with the true Barnsley fans on days out like these. The link with Trafford goes back to Tommy Taylor being signed by United in the 1950s and the Munich air disaster increased that link for some, though definitely not all Barnsley fans. I know for a fact that many were less than impressed when United amoeba trashed their away end a few years ago. Some Barnsley fans, like their Watford counterparts, were embarrassed by some anti-social behaviour and other anti-social pro-United chanting from a minority that is not really representative of their fan base. Similarly the chant “Town full of Munichs”, which could be heard from a small minority of Blues, is embarrassing for us and we shouldn’t be hearing it.

Barnsley manager Dave Flitcroft (Gary’s younger brother) has built up the spirit in his side and not been afraid to try new things. He made three changes in one go after the break and Barnsley looked a little brighter as an attacking force, and one of his subs, Jacob Mellis made Pantilimon work to push his shot away.

Tunnicliffe ran through on goal and forced Pantilimon to save with his legs, and more conventionally again from Mellis’s drive. City’s 5th came in the 66th minute. Silva drove forward down the inside right channel finding Tévez, who cut the ball back to him. Silva’s initial shot was saved by Steele but the ball broke straight back to the City playmaker who slotted in the rebound.

Much credit goes to City for a job well done. It would have been easy to have played beneath ourselves, given the huge gap in quality between the two sides, but City’s football was high class and we worked hard. Our passing, domination of possession, and ability to find angles was too much for the visitors to cope with. It is easy forget sometimes how lucky we are to have a team like this. Thank you Sheikh Mansour, Khaldoon, Roberto et al!

So, it’s either Chelsea or Trafford in the semi-final. We can beat any of the teams remaining (we are better one on one with Trafford with our best team and were better than them overall last season), not that anyone will be complacent. It will be what happens on the day. A nice civilised day out with Blackburn (not Millwall) or Wigan would have been nice, but Chelsea fans are mostly okay nowadays. Let’s hope for a good, successful, day out with no trouble.

Everton are next up in the League, and despite their stuttering form, we can expect the usual very difficult game there. But if Wigan can do it, why not us?

Goals: Tévez (11, 31, 50), Kolarov 29, Silva (65)

Att: 46,728

Pantilimon: Good handling. Had little to do but when he was called upon he made a fine save to deny Mellis. He also made a good double save to deny Tunnicliffe with his legs and then Mellis again: 7
Zabaleta: So reliable and consistently good: 7
Kolo Touré: Did what he had to do well: 7
Lescott: On poor pass aside, a good aggressive return: 7
Kolarov: Took his goal superbly well. Not tested defensively: 7
Silva: Again he was highly influential. It is sheer pleasure to watch this team and in particular this special player plying his trade: 8
Yaya: His strength and skill dominated midfield but he picked up a silly booking for dissent though: 6
Barry: Quietly efficient: 7
Nasri: Cleverly created the 4th goal: 7
Dzeko: Worked hard. Some good passes: 7
Tévez: Involved in all of our goals: 3 scored and 2 assists. A great all round performance. Let’s hope his driving issues don’t affect his availability: 10
Sinclair (for Nasri 53): Very lightweight and knocked off the ball easily. Made little impact: 5
Razak (for Silva 65): Keen, but needs to be more composed: 6
Milner (for Tévez 75): n/a

Best oppo: Jacob Mellis. A lively presence. His last visit to the Etihad saw him get sent off for a horrible tackle in the 2008 FA Youth Cup Final in which City defeated Chelsea. This was a happier visit for him as he made a positive difference for the visitors, adding a little drive and going closest to scoring: 7

Refwatch: Anthony Taylor: Unnoticed, which is how it should be. It wasn’t though a difficult game to referee: 7


Barnsley and its surrounding villages suffered greatly in Thatcher’s war on the coal miners and the subsequent pit closures. Some European money has regenerated housing and other facilities since 2002 and new construction jobs have eased the unemployment rates to below the national average, though like everywhere else Cameron and Osborne’s Austerity are not having a positive effect. Barnsley FC have had their ups and downs too. Their one season in the Premier League proved costly and brought a fall through two divisions and administration, before returning back to what Football League marketing men call “The Championship” (I prefer the Division 2 tag myself, because that’s what it is). Since then it’s been a struggle for them to stay up against relegation with that Cup run of 2007 providing a welcome distraction for them. Good luck to Dave Flitcroft and his Barnsley side in their struggle against relegation. He was very sporting in defeat and recognised City’s quality (rather than the usual undignified rambling about money à la Tony Pulis). Gary Flitcroft incidentally is already a manager of Chorley, and gained promotion for them.

Report dedicated to my mum, who hails from the Barnsley area!

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>


I was wishing for a City versus United FA Cup Final, but as things stand, if Chelsea play the replay against United as they finished the game at Old Trafford, it will be Chelsea that City will face at Wembley Stadium, or will it be a repeat of 2011?

The replay, Chelsea versus Rags, is almost like a derby game – so many United fans will be at home.

Never in history have City played versus United in a final, they are always kept apart!

City made sure of getting through to the semi and a return to Wembley with a 5-0 victory over Barnsley, no underestimating in this game. Carlos Tévez the hero with a fantastic hat trick.

Right now City are playing some great football, slick passing, and the desire to win; long may it continue.

In Mancini I trust!

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


In response to The Cult – The Ritz, a quick search on Google and I found the band played at the venue on Tuesday 28th May 1985.

I too attended the Monday night ‘disco’ – it was where I first heard bands like The Chameleons, Violet Femmes, The Wedding Present and The The.

The first time I went, I got caught up in the infamous Dambusters ending… after that, I was well clear of the dancefloor before that final tune was played.

I was always ‘not fit for work’ on a Tuesday as a result of getting back home to Sale around 2.45am and a little tipsy – a little worrying when I look back seeing as I was a delivery driver for a printing company at the time!

Another reason to celebrate The Ritz (which opened in 1926) is it was the venue for The Smiths’ début performance on 4th October 1982 – and also featured in the seminal Kitchen Sink drama ‘A Taste Of Honey’ during the ballroom dancing scene.

I digressed… this is a football newsletter 😉

Phill Gatenby <gatenbyp(at)>


Rags 1 Madrid 2

Real Drama / The Nani State / Turkish (not) Delight / The Ex Factor (as Ronaldo scores the winner….)

Ho ho ho – I rock with mirth – I know there is a job for me at The Sun as chief pun writer.

It seems City fans were in two camps over this game…

Camp 1

Those that wanted United to win, that way they would progress and have more games, United would elevate the CL as the higher trophy, hopefully take their eye off the ball in the Premier League, drop some points (9) and allow City to take them on the blind side.

Sound logic, can’t argue with that. However m’lud, the case for Camp 2.

Camp 2 (where I sit)

Those that wanted United to lose, that way the treble is off, the derby would not be moved again from (Mon 8/4/13) because the CL quarter final would have been that same week. Had United gone through you can bet your mortgage they would go cap in hand to the PL and ask the derby to be moved back after FA Cup Final as the CL is more important (i.e. they don’t want a tough game before CL) and then potentially parade the PL trophy in front of us or even worse win it back in front of our very noses. Defeats / Victories are contagious and with every victory they galvanise and strengthen.

I absolutely p****d myself laughing at the Nani red card, then watched the whole team’s morale collapse like a flan in the oven making the ensuing defeat even more enjoyable. Watching the faces of the United bench react to the ref breaking the 11th commandment (though shalt not give a red card to a united player at Old Trafford). To see them cope (not) with a decision going against them as they fell apart in Keystone Cops fashion.

Where was their sympathy for Kompany’s red card when they went 0-3 up in the Cup derby? Did we crumble, collapse? No, we are made of sterner stuff and made a fist of it to come back to 2-3…

Those aforementioned nightmare scenarios a) The Treble b) PL trophy at the derby have now (all but) gone, minor victories I know but baby steps, there is still a way to go this season, at least 1/4 to go.

The fall out over Rooney being dropped and Nani selected has spectacularly backfired and now instead of blaming himself all the Fergie / Phelan ire was taken out on the Turkish ref. Less and less people are being fooled by the deflection strategy. RVP, where was he with just 1 single shot on goal from 35 yards, outplayed by Modric who came on as a sub.

The Keano vs. Crerand public spat is very amusing. I don’t really care who is right, it’s like watching 2 neighbours you can’t stand having a fight, not really caring which one wins. It’s great to watch, it’s like watching two bald men fighting over a comb, pull up a garden chair, crack open a Heineken and watch the squabble from a safe distance.

The revelation from Neil Custis from The Sun (on the radio this week) – he points to a fall out with Rooney and Fergie that dated back to a Xmas fixture in 2011. Apparently Wazza went on the sauce for a couple of days (Weds and Thurs) and was, therefore, unfit to train on the Friday and was dropped from the game on Saturday when they lost at home to Blackburn (a home banker, a coupon buster) and as such 3 (massive) points dropped. Custis went on to say, forget the defeat at Wigan and the home draw against Everton (4-4) there was 3 points there for the taking at home to relegation fodder Blackburn. That was a more serious crime and when they lost the PL on goal difference. Fergie points to Wayne and says we could have done with a fit Wayne Rooney and won that game. Fergie never forgets. So the fall-out continues. Well done Neil Custis for exposing some truths from behind the scarlet curtain.

I suddenly feel much better about things, I am hoping that United v Chelsea in the Cup is a testy (and tiring) 2-2 draw with an even more tiring replay with extra time at the Bridge with Rafa getting the upper hand in a penalty shoot-out with Lampard getting his 200th goal for Chelsea (what a shame he didn’t get it at the Etihad)…

You never know, if we beat Spurs and Everton and United away then we can keep tabs on them and push them all the way, with the way United feel that their overwhelming sense of entitlement has been breached, the CL defeat will hurt them; who knows if this will spread, with Wazza out of favour, more pressure on RVP to deliver, he’s got to have more bad games in him, wonder boy Danny (2 goals this season) Welbeck has not set the world on fire…

Let battle commence!

Be seeing you.

Phil Lines <philipjlines(at)>

ISSUE 1894

Regarding the issue 1894 er… issue, how about getting members to write in a paragraph with their favourite or most memorable moment?

Publishing them in chronological (ish) order for 1894 would give a first-hand history of City’s best moments. That would be special.

Cheers and keep up the good work!

Ade Collins, Blue and exiled in Cumbria <ade.collins(at)>

ISSUE 1894

My suggestion for 1894 is both brief and simple – we should give our personal memories/feelings of both the highs and lows over the years we have spent investing our collective emotional fortune in our club.

Sergioooooo (aka Steve!) O’Brien <bodsnvimto(at)>


I was amazed that Keith Sharpe thinks Kompany’s dismissal identical to Nani’s.

Vince took the ball cleanly on the ground and didn’t foul the opponent. How is that identical to a standing kick to the heart and then pretending to be mortally wounded?

Martin Hunt <martinhuntctid(at)>


Anyone else worried about the new fan survey touting the “Ever Blue” scheme?

It appears to say if you don’t pay to have the right to get your season ticket’s normal seat someone else can come along and take your seat. Sounds a greedy money making scheme not worthy of Man City.

Hope everyone answered in such a way as to make it clear that it is a horrible idea and the fans want no part of it.

Gordon Hindle <ghindle(at)>


League table as at 10 March 2013 (am)

                    P  GD Pts
 1 Manchester Utd  28  37  71
 2 Manchester City 28  27  59
 3 Tottenham H.    29  15  54
 4 Chelsea         28  26  52
 5 Arsenal         28  21  47
 6 Liverpool       29  20  45
 7 Everton         28   9  45
 8 West Brom A.    29   2  43
 9 Swansea City    29   4  40
10 Fulham          28  -5  33
11 Stoke City      29  -8  33
12 West Ham Utd    28  -9  33
13 Newcastle Utd   29 -10  33
14 Norwich City    29 -18  33
15 Sunderland      29  -9  30
16 Southampton     29 -12  28
17 Aston Villa     29 -26  27
17 Wigan Athletic  28 -22  24
19 Reading         29 -21  23
20 QPR             29 -21  23

With thanks to Football 365

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