Newsletter #1777

You know it’s not often that I profess to be a jealous man but every now and then the old green-eyed monster rears its ugly head. The current cause? Mr Walter Smith!

No, not the former Rangers and Everton manager of repute, but our very own dedicated Blue. Now young Walter found himself with the heaven-sent opportunity to be in the ‘Fanzone’ for the derby game, broadcast live to millions alongside a squirming wretch of a Red. Oh what utter utter joy… though only marginally better than the derby day that Chris Loveridge recounts from Napier.

Walter, we salute you with this edition and may one day we all get the chance of such a moment… read on my friends, read on.

Oh, a small aside: we’ve scored more goals in the first 10 league games than any club in English top-flight history! Ya dancers!

Next Game: Villarreal, 2 November, Away, Champions League, Game 4


After City beating Wolves 5-2 in midweek in the League Cup, I feel sure that many City fans were thinking City playing at home versus Wolves would be “an easy one”.

The game had what was to me the worst referee that I have seen for some time: he was so obviously biased that anyone could see it.

Does the FA review some games to watch the referee’s performance? Don’t ref’s get relegated to refereeing games to the league below? Why not promote a decent ref to the league above and for this to happen at any time during the season?

The Wolves game ended with City with ten men and Wolves with twelve men (including the ref.).

Apart from the referee, I had to admire the Wolves team for trying so hard on the day, and I feel sure that Mick McCarthy, along with everyone else, would like to see ref’s that are fair and honest in every game; sure, there will be some honest mistakes but they will not be continuous.

I remember some time back in South America a ref. got shot; if our game had been there, the ref. from our game would have been in danger!

Sorry about Kompany but in fairness the ref. did get this one right!

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


Martin, I can’t dispute your description of Fergie as “the most obnoxious man in football” (MCIVTA 1776) but “gracious in defeat”… I don’t think so. Think back to the Maine Road massacre, when he blamed the defeat on the crowd, the kick-off time and even the choice of the day the match was played on – it certainly wasn’t his fault.

Fast forward to the 6-1 Demolition Derby and this time it’s the fault of his players. At 3-1 down his full backs kept bombing on, leaving massive spaces behind them that City exploited. He felt let down by his experienced players.

Well, Fergie, you picked the team, you chose the playing formation and you left out your best defender in a fit of pique. And oh yes… you sat on your backside and let it happen!

Gordon Stuart-Cole <gordonsc(at)>


I had the honour of stepping into the shoes of the legend Fanzone Danny for the Derby Fanzone.

If you want to relive the derby through my eyes have a watch. The United fan was a shell shocked man after the game. Thank the footballing gods they gave me such great goals to celebrate :o)

Walter Smith <citysmith(at)>


I am very pleased at the way the club is dealing with Carlos Tévez.

I have to say, though, that I am rather concerned that Kolo Touré is the subject of a disciplinary hearing in the club, having already served a 6 month ban for taking those slimming pills.

Why punish him twice?

I dread to think what the implications of this are. Could this upset Yaya too? What other further implications could this have on squad morale? Hasn’t Kolo been punished enough already for his misdemeanour? I’m not sure that Brian Marwood and co. have thought this one out.

Club discipline is very important. However, Kolo Touré is not a drug cheat. He simply made a mistake. It is extremely unlikely that he will make the same mistake again and I think we should move on.

Phil Banerjee <phil.banerjee(at)>


Wolves: another win, which is great.

I am pleased that City did not disintegrate like the Rags being down to 10! Yaya Touré needs to get used to being shoulder charged though; because of his height he may find an opponent puts his shoulder into his waist and thigh area!

Trevor Francis was one of the commentators and mentioned that today’s guidelines are that a tackle from behind is illegal and his co-commentator said surely he would have experienced many such tackles and Trevor said yes but then they were acceptable! I am not so sure the change is necessarily for the best!

Penalty – so the opposing player got in front of Kompany but, to me, from then on it was fifty/fifty pushing but I guess Kompany was from behind and under these guidelines referred to by Trevor Francis a penalty, but I cannot see it being a sending off! Kompany was doing what he was doing without evil intent and to me it is the absolute intent that should govern the sending off. Hence why I have this feeling of referees having to meet a card quota! Yes, perhaps the coming together of the two players most likely caused no goal to be scored but if Kompany had left him alone the Wolves player under pressure from Kompany breathing down his neck still could have mis-kicked, put the ball over the bar or wide of the post or even into Hart’s hands in his keenness etc.

However, this was third time the ball has ricocheted out from a Hart save and three goals have been scored against City: two at Munich and this one at Etihad Stadium. So I think the defenders have to be more alert and get to the ball first before an opponent! Something for the training ground maybe!

On the matter of goalkeepers, it always bothers me when the ball is passed back to them. On a recent football highlights programme, a goalkeeper mis-kicked and a goal was scored and of course as happened in the Wolves match the goalkeeper was put under pressure and a goal was scored! And when no goal is scored, all that seems to happen is the ball is kicked down field for no advantage when the same result could have been achieved by the player who played it to the ‘keeper having just hoofed it down field himself for the no purpose result and no advantage, so at least then a goal-against potential is avoided.

So, Agüero and Silva keep up the pressure on the goalkeepers; I am sure there are more goals there for City!

Bobby Johnstone comes to my mind with regard to David Silva but perhaps David is more industrious?

Trevor Bevan <mate.bevan(at)>


Sunday was probably one of the greatest days of my life – had to pinch myself at 3.30am the next morning (the moment I crawled off to my bed exhausted and a few Heinekens to the good). First, as with many a patriotic Kiwi, I was camped out at the oldest house in my city with a couple of my oldest mates, decked out in black supporting the AB’s as they and the French smashed each other from pillar to post. One point, 20 points, just like last year’s FA Cup semi-final, winners are grinners. The French were more than gallant after their get out of jail free card given by the Welsh the week before. Hey, but even at 47 and a patriotic Kiwi, this was just a brilliant curtain-raiser to the main game of the day, the derby at the Swamp. Wasn’t to know that Kompany and the boys had watched the Final and were inspired by the efforts of their rugby counterparts. Clearly United were watching the netball before the game!

Then it was on, our splendid fans in blue drowning out the bus loads of Reds from the Greater London region and charter flights from Malaysia. Young and Nani ponced about down the flanks looking for some room, but after 20 minutes decided Richards and Clichy were simply too strong for them whereupon they played as their names suggest – Young and Nanny! City probed about with a few wayward passes early on but were defensively sound and then the Silva/Milner show started and Balotelli again showed us what we have paid for and are now starting to bear fruit from – sublime finish young man, I jumped so high off my seat I nearly punched a hole in the lounge ceiling.

Second half, Evans bamboozled as was the look on Vidic’s face in the stands (does anyone know why he was benched?). Not seen here, but apparently Gary Neville’s face deteriorated as the match wore on as well, and that’s saying something ’cause its starting position ain’t so flash! Mario’s second again sublime and Milner’s running made the moment – Silva will find players that make great runs all day as we found out again later. Then Agüero got on the end of another passing carve up – it was like slicing up a spit roast. On 80 minutes – Fletcher scores – nice goal but I’d forgotten he was on the pitch he was so anonymous. Ferdinand did his best impression of Stonehenge at a corner and Dzeko profited.

Dzeko could have had 5 in the last 10 minutes such was his movement and the service he got. He turned provider for Merlin and when he nutmegged De Gea I found myself saying: Stop! It, it’s too much, almost embarrassed for them I was, but that lasted for a nanosecond. Then the Silva/Dzeko vision and a turn of pace from the big man made it 6 – the looks on the faces of the Blues as opposed to the great unwashed (of whom 50,000 left at 80 minutes) was priceless. Six Poznans at the Swamp will be something those lucky few at the end will get to tell their grandchildren. The game should have been switched to the “adult” channels, because watching 11 a******s getting hammered for 90 minutes is too graphic for the other channels.

Enjoy the moment my fellow Blues – my Irlam and Didsbury buddies over there will be revelling in it – hope to be there in April 2012 to see for myself – hopefully we’ll be close to the title at the time with maybe a Champions’ League QF as well.

Chris Loveridge, The Blue Kiwi <hawkeye11(at)>


I have been a recipient of this fine newsletter for over 10 years and contributed the odd article in the early years… never too busy to read MCIVTA but not sent anything in for years. This week I just had to put pen to paper. It’s taken me a while as I am just starting to come off the high from last Sunday.

In 1993 I married a lovely girl, her only real fault being that she is a Red S**m fan, but it didn’t bother me at the time as they hadn’t won anything forever. Time marches on and I have suffered years of humiliation as the Rags won everything in sight. In particular, the last 3 minutes of the 1999 Champions’ League Final being the lowest point ever when the cheering and floor banging was just too much. Despite the period covering some of our worst performances and periods in history, I managed to ensure my 3 boys (aged 16, 14 and 11) became true Blues and they have had their fair share of playground humiliation. Being City fans has taught them to recognize strength through adversity.

Since we moved to the new stadium I have had 3 great season tickets in Colin Bell Level 2 and when the boys were younger it didn’t seem to matter that I didn’t have a 4th seat as one of them always had another commitment such as playing in their own teams. But in recent years they all want to come to every game so we have a “take it in turns” system. For the Villarreal game they all wanted to come (of course) and I managed to secure 2 extra tickets so 3rd son and Rag wife could come as well and make it a family trip. It was an awful game, we all know that. But the great teams learn to win when playing badly, and I feel Kun’s dying second goal is the turning point for this club… and after that I knew we would win at the Swamp.

Much as the Rag wife wants a season ticket for the Swamp, I have always forbidden it. But we managed to get 2 tickets (in the Red side) for the Swamp. She really really didn’t want to take me, and I have had so many awful experiences at that place that I was only 50% wanting to go. My 2 elder boys were offered the seat first – they refused saying they would only sit with the Blues.

How well I have brought them up (Good work – Ed)! The youngest one wanted to go but he is a bit excitable and City fanatic that we couldn’t trust him to sit down and not celebrate when we scored… and I knew we would score. So reluctantly the wife said I could go.

As I said I knew we would win from the 94th minute of the Villarreal game. Money where mouth is time… Sunday morning off to Ladbrokes. I kept thinking 3-1, 3-1, 3-1… so: £10 bet at 33-1. Noticed on the slip that 4-1 was 125-1 – thought I’d have a bit of that for a £3 stake.

I also knew that when we won at the Swamp there would be a fair chance that some City players would be in San Carlo on Sunday night – that’s a really bust restaurant in town. So last Wednesday after the Villarreal game I booked a table for the 5 of us for Sunday night.

Off to the match… I felt I needed a tetanus walking with all the Rags to the ground. The seats were in a great position (opposite the managers, but nearer the goal where we put the FIVE second half goals in). For the first 20 minutes I was very tense and thought they were on top. From where we were sat I could not see how fab Balotelli’s first goal was, and up to the second half I had the dreaded feeling that they would come back at us. The second half is simply the best, most delightful, enjoyable and fabulous 49 minutes of football I have ever seen. At 90 minutes I had the warmest feeling ever looking at the 3-1 scoreboard and feeling my betting slip! At 4-1 it was even better. My wife was thinking what £375 could buy her to compensate her for the agony… and then 5-1 and 6-1. I have never been so happy to tear up a betting slip: the joy of that scoreline will be with me for decades to come.

On the way home she wanted to call TalkSport and say what an embarrassment her team were. Re-watching the game, and the 22 minute highlights on I can actually say they didn’t play so badly, but City’s performance was immense and possibly unrepeatable. Getting back home, it was clear my boys had had a ball: oldest kid telling me he had to scoop youngest off the ceiling 6 times.

At 7.30pm we went off to San Carlo to celebrate. The first person I see is Edin, who was happy to have his photo taken with my boys. He was sat with Savic. Nice end to a perfect weekend.

So, Wolves at home and feet nearly back on the ground. It’s only 3 points and we need to keep going, but the memories of the 6-1 will be with me forever.

Daniel Berger <Daniel(at)>


The PFA have decided that the fines against Tévez cannot be more than two weeks; they go by their own rules, and even though the charges against Tévez have been agreed upon as being of the worst kind, they refuse to make changes.

Teams are expecting a cut price sale by MCFC on Tévez; may the highest bidder with proof of their money take Tévez away by the winter transfer window.

MCFC are in no hurry for nothing can happen until then. They hold the contract and can decide on the future of Tévez in football, at least until the end of his contract.

Now will Tévez ever play for City again? I stand firmly behind the decision of Roberto Mancini.

I think that Tévez has hurt himself by his own actions, and with his comments on Argentinian TV about the city of Manchester by tearing down its image. It does not always have the weather, does not have all the restaurants of London, and everyone does not speak the language of Tévez, so Tévez why not learn English?

Let me just say this: over the years that I have been to Manchester I have found the people of Manchester to be the nicest, friendliest and with a great sense of humour in the whole wide world!

Wherever you are in the world it is you alone that makes your own world! Let no one like Tévez tarnish it!

I might sound mean towards Tévez but he has done his best to damage something that I have loved all my life, Manchester City!

I promise that this will be my last article about Tévez, unless it is to say goodbye!

In Mancini I trust!

CTWD, Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


For the dozen or so Blues who recommended the Mad Hatter Saloon for derby day viewing: many thanks! Great bar, great company and a great result!

Michael Donaldson <michael_donaldson7(at)>


The next meeting of the Reddish branch of the Supporters’ Club is on Wednesday 9th November at Reddish Working Men’s Club, Greg Street, Stockport, and our confirmed guests are City legend Andy Morrison and City journalist Dave Clayton.

Andy will be signing copies of his new book “The Good, The Mad and The Ugly”, which are priced at £15.00.

Meeting starts at 8.00pm (doors 7.30pm) and as always everyone is welcome.

For more information please visit our website at or

Howard Burr – Secretary, Reddish branch, Manchester City Supporters’ Club <reddishblues(at)>


Desperately seeking ticket for QPR – if you can help please email me at the address below.

Many thanks, Simon Hope <simonjhope(at)>


Probably should have checked this one out but I read in one of the numerous papers I bought on Monday that we’ve already scored more goals this season than we did in the whole of the 2006/07 season.

Request: if anyone has 2 tickets for the QPR game, please drop me an e-mail.

Thanks, Alan Frost <alan.x.frost(at)>


I’ll be in Arizona for several weeks and am wondering if there is a bar in Phoenix where one or more City fans gather for televised matches? I’m in Sedona but may drive down I-17 for the QPR match next Saturday (late kick-off, so mid-morning in Phoenix) if there is a decent venue.

Neil Adshead <neil.adshead(at)>


Life of Brian part 2 maybe (a true story)

Following the thrashing on Sunday, my wife and I went out for a meal and while eating I listened to three United fans discussing the match, the problems United had etc. Eventually they turned their attention to City. After several bits of the usual rubbish, one of the guys started the following exchange:

Guy 1: Not surprising the English game is turning s**t, at least we play English players; perhaps we should buy all foreign players?
Guy 2: They do have Joe Hart
Guy 1: Oh big deal, ok so they got one
Guy 2: And Richards
Guy 1: Oh yeh! Did forget about him
Guy 2: Actually it’s three ’cause they had Milner didn’t they?
Guy 1: For **** sake, ok they had three big deal, you know what I mean
Guy 3 (laughing): Don’t forget Lescott, he’s English
Guy 2 (now also laughing): Oh good one
Guy 1: Why don’t you **** off and eat yourself? I don’t give a **** how many ****ing English they play
Guy 2 (now beside himself): Oh come on you started it! No need to have a fit, you have to admit 4 out of 11 is good by today’s standard
Guy 1 (now having a seizure): You can go **** yourself too (plus other comments too many to remember)

At this point there was a lull of about 30 seconds while they went back to eating.
Guy 3 (with grin on his face): What about Barry?

At this point Guy 2 almost collapsed laughing as;
Guy 1 (going into convulsions): I don’t give a flying ****, shut your ****ing mouth I’ve had enough, your really p****ng me off etc.

All went quiet for 5 minutes or so, until:
Guy 2: So that’s 5 they’ve got

Cue Guy 1 leaving the table. Guess he was upset!

John Lake <lakey(at)>


30 October 2011

Tottenham Hotspur     3 - 1  Queens Park Rangers

29 October 2011

Everton               0 - 1  Manchester United    35,494
Chelsea               3 - 5  Arsenal              41,801
Manchester City       3 - 1  Wolverhampton Wndrs  47,142
Norwich City          3 - 3  Blackburn Rovers     26,440
Sunderland            2 - 2  Aston Villa          37,062
Swansea City          3 - 1  Bolton Wanderers     19,477
Wigan Athletic        0 - 2  Fulham
West Bromwich Albion  0 - 2  Liverpool            25,522

League table to 30 October 2011 inclusive

                            HOME           AWAY          OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L   F   A  GD Pts
 1 Manchester City 10  5  0  0 16  2  4  1  0 20  6  9  1  0  36   8  28  28
 2 Manchester Utd  10  4  0  1 17  9  3  2  0 10  3  7  2  1  27  12  15  23
 3 Chelsea         10  4  0  1 15  9  2  1  2  8  6  6  1  3  23  15   8  19
 4 Newcastle Utd    9  3  2  0  8  4  2  2  0  4  2  5  4  0  12   6   6  19
 5 Tottenham H.     9  3  0  1 10  7  3  1  1  8  7  6  1  2  18  14   4  19
 6 Liverpool       10  2  3  0  8  5  3  0  2  6  5  5  3  2  14  10   4  18
 7 Arsenal         10  4  0  1  9  4  1  1  3 11 17  5  1  4  20  21  -1  16
 8 Norwich City    10  2  2  1  9  7  1  2  2  5  8  3  4  3  14  15  -1  13
 9 Aston Villa     10  2  2  1  7  4  0  4  1  6  9  2  6  2  13  13   0  12
10 Swansea City    10  3  2  0  8  1  0  1  4  4 14  3  3  4  12  15  -3  12
11 Stoke City       9  2  2  0  4  1  1  1  3  3 10  3  3  3   7  11  -4  12
12 QPR             10  1  3  1  3  6  2  0  3  5 11  3  3  4   8  17  -9  12
13 West Brom A.    10  1  1  3  3  5  2  1  2  6  8  3  2  5   9  13  -4  11
14 Sunderland      10  1  2  2  9  7  1  2  2  5  5  2  4  4  14  12   2  10
15 Fulham          10  1  3  1 10  6  1  1  3  3  6  2  4  4  13  12   1  10
16 Everton          9  1  1  3  5  7  2  0  2  5  6  3  1  5  10  13  -3  10
17 Wolves          10  1  1  3  5  9  1  1  3  4  8  2  2  6   9  17  -8   8
18 Blackburn R.    10  1  0  4  6 12  0  3  2  7 11  1  3  6  13  23 -10   6
19 Bolton Wndrs    10  0  0  5  4 17  2  0  3  9 10  2  0  8  13  27 -14   6
20 Wigan Athletic  10  1  1  3  5  8  0  1  4  1  9  1  2  7   6  17 -11   5

With thanks to Football 365

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