Newsletter #1691

A win on Saturday against Bolton and we keep in that fourth spot; there is opinion on the game and media reaction tonight from Phil and a look at recent games and line-ups from Keith.

We also have the usual requests and updates on Nelly.

Next Game: West Ham United, away, 3pm Saturday 11 December 2010


The press are making more of Carlos Tevez’s petulant outburst at being subbed than is necessary, but there is a valid point, even if outwardly at least, Roberto Mancini shrugged off this latest bit of nonsense. Now I love watching Tevez, and I love his passion and commitment, not to mention great skill. Tevez is a great player, and clearly our best, and it’s good that he cares, but he really needs to grow up and take a reality check. There is only one team boss at Manchester City and that is Roberto Mancini. Besides, when someone is regularly whingeing about being ‘tired’ he really isn’t on the firmest footing to be complaining about being subbed, and has even less reason when the manager is making yet another astute tactical change! I do hope that Tevez is self aware enough to realise this and just gets on with doing what he is best: brilliantly leading the attack for City and scoring match winning goals. The only person coming out of this little episode with credit is Roberto Mancini for his cool handling of the situation, saying that he is happy to see players being unhappy a being taken off. To use a cricketing term, he ‘played it with soft hands’.

Whatever spat went on in training between Boateng and Balotelli (who are mates), I do not believe there is an issue with team spirit at City. There will always be such incidents at every club, every season, so let’s put that one to bed, shall we. The desire of the players to win is there for all to see, and these blow out of the water any media fabrication. We have a very strong nucleus of players in this squad with the right spirit and professionalism such as Kompany, de Jong and Zabaleta, to mention but a few, so we have no worries there.

Many elements in the media, particularly Red tops like The Sun and The News of The World and those imbeciles at Talksport, are looking for problems that don’t exist at City. The most ridiculous suggestion I have heard is that the players don’t celebrate goals together. That simply isn’t true. You only have to look at the footage of our goals to prove that is another media lie. It is a healthy situation for players who are not playing regularly to be unhappy. Do we want them to be delighted that they are not involved as much as they would like? No, of course not. That’s why I have no problem with Lescott hinting that he may like to move away on loan. He can hint all he likes, though! He has a contract and we need him as a squad player. Who knows, if he shows his best form, he may make himself a regular start. Competition for places leads to better standards, and that can only be good for Manchester City.

Phil Banerjee <philban65(at)>


Having watched both City wins against Salzburg and Bolton on Canadian TV, I have to say I am encouraged by the way the line-up is taking shape and I believe Mancini is finally figuring out how to utilize his staff.

What particularly struck me about the Salzburg game was how efficient Milner played in deputizing for Tevez. If Carlito does pull a bunk as he continually threatens to do, Mancini could do worse by using Milner in his position. I was also impressed with how Johnson and SWP attacked from the wings against Salzburg. I appreciate David Silva is a gifted attacker yet SWP and Johnson provide a different dimension when attacking from the wings. It’s hardly surprising SWP is lacking in confidence due to his lack of playing time, but I still like him as an attacking option. Same with Jo. You get the feeling he could develop into a deadly finisher if he could get some serious playing time.

However, the same can’t be said for Adebayor. He’s just going through the motions and does nothing to inspire confidence. During his spell against Stoke, he had two clear cut chances to score a key goal but fluffed both chances. I don’t know what is more infuriating. The fact that he continues to waste chances or that stupid grin he flashes when he misses the mark! Balotelli definitely has great potential but he is going to get kicked off the park unless he develops a backbone. I don’t know about the rest of you but I am getting a little tired of his dying duck theatrics every time he gets touched!

Moving forward, the defence is solid with plenty of options, I just wish Mancini would give Given a couple more games otherwise we can’t blame him for moving on in January. Do wish the team’s core would stop fighting amongst each other and concentrate on winning on the pitch. The next couple of weeks could define City’s championship aspirations and I do believe they have a great chance of winning the UEFA Cup and maybe even the FA Cup.

Cut out the soap opera stuff and concentrate on sticking the ball in the other team’s net!

Let’s get consistent.

Keith Sharp – Toronto, Canada <>


New reality TV show in the good old US of A: see below. I’ve not caught it as I don’t have cable.

Billy Duffy also played with Steve Jones this year at Monroe Motorcycles in SF. Had a few words. Top fella.

Was watching a new reality show last night about the wives of ‘rock stars’. Billy Duffy and his girlfriend are on it. She was talking with the other rock wives about his love of a certain football club from Manchester. One of the other wives mentions United. His girlfriend says, “No, Manchester City. Get it right or he gets really mad.” Nice.

Andrew Johnson <fastandyj(at)>


Would all those who are travelling to Leicester for the FA Cup game please consider wearing a Red and Black shirt from any era as a tribute to Neil Young. Many of you will remember red and black were the colours worn when City won the FA Cup back in 1969 thanks to another super strike from Neil Young against the opponents at Wembley, Leicester City.

It’s not my idea but I can’t think of a better way to celebrate one of our heroes from the Glory Years.

In the not too distant future a Paypal button will be set up so all across the world will be able to contribute to the fund raising efforts on Neil’s behalf. All funds raised will be split 50-50 between Neil and the Cancer Unit at Wythenshawe Hospital where in Neil’s words “he’s receiving excellent treatment”.

Neil and Carmen really appreciate all the cards and messages of support they have received from far and wide; please keep them coming to me and I will pass them on.

A 6-minute recorded interview with Neil can be heard on Radio Manchester’s Blue Tuesday at sometime between 6:00 and 7:00 pm this week; please tune in.

Alex Channon – Charities Officer, MCFC Supporters’ Club <alexchannon81(at)>


The next meeting of the Reddish branch of the Manchester City Supporters’ Club is this coming Tuesday 7th December at Reddish Working Men’s Club, Greg Street, Stockport.

Our confirmed guests for the evening are Nigel de Jong and Jo Silva.

Meeting starts at 7.30pm (doors 7.00pm) and as always everyone is welcome. For more information visit our website

Howard Burr – Secretary, Reddish branch <reddishblues(at)>


I’ve recently spoken to Neil who is in very good spirits. He’s very grateful for all the cards etc. I have forwarded to him and to those who have sent something directly to his address.

Neil has cancer in 3 parts of his body, all of which is inoperable. He is currently being pumped full of vitamins etc. in preparation for chemotherapy, which will start in about a week if his body is ready for it.

Neil and Carmen really appreciate your cards and messages. Can I please remind all who are posting stuff to me for forwarding to Neil and Carmen to put Neil and/or Carmen’s name on the envelopes. If it only has my name on the envelope I will open it thinking it’s for me. I’ve no desire to see your cards or messages that are intended for Neil. They are your personal cards and messages to Neil.

Please address your envelopes as following:

Neil and Carmen Young
c/o Alex Channon
‘Penalty Spot’
11 Thirlmere Avenue
M27 5XD

Kind regards to all and keep the post coming.

Alex Channon <alexchannon81(at)>


5 December 2010

West Bromwich Albion  3 - 1  Newcastle United      23,486
Sunderland            1 - 0  West Ham United       36,940

4 December 2010

Arsenal               2 - 1  Fulham                60,049
Birmingham City       1 - 1  Tottenham Hotspur     25,770
Blackburn Rovers      3 - 0  Wolverhampton Wndrs   22,314
Chelsea               1 - 1  Everton               41,642
Manchester City       1 - 0  Bolton Wanderers      46,860
Wigan Athletic        2 - 2  Stoke City            15,100

League table to 05 December 2010 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal         16  5  0  3 19 10  5  2  1 15  8 10  2  4  34  18  16  32
 2 Manchester Utd  15  7  1  0 24  6  1  6  0 11 10  8  7  0  35  16  19  31
 3 Chelsea         16  6  1  1 18  4  3  2  3 12  7  9  3  4  30  11  19  30
 4 Manchester City 16  4  3  1  8  5  4  2  2 13  7  8  5  3  21  12   9  29
 5 Tottenham H.    16  4  3  1 13  8  3  2  3 11 13  7  5  4  24  21   3  26
 6 Bolton Wndrs    16  3  4  1 17 11  2  4  2 11 12  5  8  3  28  23   5  23
 7 Sunderland      16  4  4  0 10  5  1  4  3 10 13  5  8  3  20  18   2  23
 8 West Brom A.    16  4  2  2 11 10  2  2  4 12 17  6  4  6  23  27  -4  22
 9 Stoke City      16  4  2  2 12  9  2  1  5  9 12  6  3  7  21  21   0  21
10 Blackburn R.    16  4  2  2 11  6  2  1  5 10 19  6  3  7  21  25  -4  21
11 Newcastle Utd   16  2  3  3 16 10  3  1  4  8 15  5  4  7  24  25  -1  19
12 Liverpool       15  4  2  1 12  6  1  2  5  5 13  5  4  6  17  19  -2  19
13 Blackpool       15  2  2  2 11 11  3  2  4 12 18  5  4  6  23  29  -6  19
14 Birmingham City 16  3  4  1  8  6  0  5  3  9 13  3  9  4  17  19  -2  18
15 Everton         16  2  3  3 10 12  1  5  2  8  8  3  8  5  18  20  -2  17
16 Aston Villa     15  3  4  1 12  9  1  1  5  5 15  4  5  6  17  24  -7  17
17 Fulham          16  2  4  2 10 11  0  5  3  6  9  2  9  5  16  20  -4  15
18 Wigan Athletic  16  2  4  3  8 17  1  2  4  5 11  3  6  7  13  28 -15  15
19 Wolves          16  3  2  3 12 13  0  1  7  5 17  3  3 10  17  30 -13  12
20 West Ham United 16  2  3  3 10 12  0  3  5  4 15  2  6  8  14  27 -13  12

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