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Hello from me, the Joe Kinnear of the MCIVTA organisation. I’ve been pulled out of a dusty cupboard to caretake (if there is such a word) over the next three issues, as Heidi takes a sunshine break. Unlike Kinnear, I know exactly how long my tenure is, and unlike KK, Heidi will be back in a week or two. And I don’t swear as much as Kinnear, either!

Enough of other folks’ misery, what about our own beloved Blues? Well the UEFA Cup continues – City progressed to the group stages of the UEFA Cup with a 2-1 win in the second leg of their tie with Ommonia Nicosia. It threatened to be an easy win after City raced into a two goal lead on 55 minutes, but true to form we let them back into the game so there was the odd scare in the latter stages. And what’s in tonight’s cornucopia of classic comment? It’s good to see that the News in in such good hands these days, so here’s Alex’s Round Up. We have pleas on behalf of ex-players, and the relatives of ex-players. Steve brings you everything you wanted to know about City’s Six appeal, Patrick would like us all to sing along with a new terrace chant (good luck with that mate), Ernie agrees that video technology’s the way forward, and much much more. Enjoy.

Next Game: Liverpool, home, 3pm Sunday 5 October 2008


General News

The Future’s Bright, the Third Kit’s Orange: The third kit for City’s 2008/09 season went out on sale at Sport City this weekend and it’s pretty hard to miss. The bright orange top with black trim and black shorts will find it hard to be quite as popular as last year’s white kit, which sold out within its first day of sale but some fans are suggesting a new craze; the day of the inflatable banana has passed, now comes the age of the orange.

Eleven Robinhos Don’t Make a Team: Sir Alex Ferguson was once again questioned about the new era over the true side of Manchester and for the fifth millionth time warned new boss Mark Hughes that money won’t buy success. This is Ferguson who spent £30 million on Berbatov, a combined £30 million on Nani and Anderson, £30 million on Ferdinand, a combined £20 million on Evra and Vidic, £30 million on Rooney and a combined £40 million on Carrick and Hargreaves. Obviously the experienced Scottish manager is in the perfect situation to claim money gets you nowhere: “You can buy 11 individuals – you can buy 11 Robinhos but it wouldn’t be a team would it? The art of management is building a team with balance, with certain characteristics that blend with each other – that’s the most important thing.”

“Dad’s the Word” In Brazil: Only three weeks after brokering the biggest transfer in Premier League history, Wagner Ribeiro has been sacked by City’s superstar Robinho. The agent who agreed terms of £160,000 a week salary with City for his client would have probably considered his job the safest in football and yet rumours suggest that Ribeiro’s cut of the deal and his supposed ‘pressure’ on Robinho’s move from La Liga have culminated in his dismissal. Gilvan de Souza, Robinho’s father, will now take up the post as agent. The twenty two year old wonder kid stated: “I am thankful for everything Wagner [Ribeiro] has done for my career up to this moment, but our work cycle has come to an end, and this is the moment for each one to go his separate ways. I have new targets for my career with Manchester City and the time has come to have my father by my side, having a direct participation in my decisions.”

City Sheikh-Up? The change of Prime Minister saw the fall of Britain’s first grand casino planned for the rejuvenation of East Manchester. Now City’s mega rich owners have decided that they will take advantage of the empty space around Sport City and develop a brand new hotel and leisure complex. New owner Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed al Nayhan has stated that he is willing to buy out the deeds for CoMS but also wants to expand the stadium to eventually fit around 80,000 seats. In this way City could truly challenge Stretford Reds and yet it would mean the Sheikh also purchasing the ‘wasteland’ around the stadium. The sheikh-up (I couldn’t resist, I can only apologise) will mean a move for the Academy, currently located at Platt Lane, to Carrington and the building of a five star hotel and major shopping centre.

Squad News

City’s Samba Three Replace ‘Dinho: Brazil’s world cup qualifiers against Venezuela and Columbia are fast approaching and under pressure manager Dunga has chosen his squad. Whilst City’s Robinho, Jo and Elano have all been included, the highest profile absence is that of former City target Ronaldinho. The man who turned down a move to Eastlands this summer has yet to find his feet at Ac Milan and his omission could be a huge milestone in Dunga’s managerial career, which may be about to reach breaking point.

Ireland Irish Return Unlikely: Stephen Ireland’s recent performances have been of top quality since the start of City’s new era and this has led to skipper Richard Dunne trying to persuade his fellow compatriot to re-join the international scene. Since his controversial absence from the Ireland squad last year, new manager Giovanni Trappotini has been in contact with Stevie but Dunne feels a return is a long way off: “I had a chat to him a couple of weeks ago to see what he wanted to do but he seemed like he was still undecided, for whatever reason I don’t know. I think he’s enjoying his football at City and doesn’t really seem to have any desire to come back and play for Ireland at the moment.”

Blue Identity: Joe Hart and Danny Sturridge are the next lads in line to be given the opportunity to commit to the club. Micah Richards and Michael Johnson have recently put pen to paper in order to remain at the club for a further four/five years and as part of the new owner’s plan to protect the true identity of the club, Academy graduates Hart and Sturridge may be about to follow the trend.

Transfer News and Gossip

Sergio Aguero: The twenty year old Atletico Madrid striker was linked last week with a move to all the major clubs in Europe but it was City that seemed the most likely destination for Diego Maradona’s future son in law. Aguero’s manager Javier Aguirre stated: “On the subject of him possibly leaving, he has a contract here, he is happy here and I’m sure that he is going to want to stay.” Whilst Aguirre may be desperate to keep hold of his brightest talent, having lost Fernando Torres two summers ago, the forty million pound buy-out clause in the forward’s contract means Aguirre will have very little say come January.

Thierry Henry: Yes it’s one of the rumours that nothing will probably ever come from, but I’ve spent my life reading rumours of a possible return to the club of Wigan’s Michael Brown or of signing some random Greek striker from the Dutch leagues who will cost £6 million but will be well worth the risk! So I’m going to satisfy my own need to read such rumours by writing about Henry. A combination of missing his daughter and lack of first team football over in Barcelona mean that the Arsenal legend may possible make the move back to England and though it is expected that he would go nowhere other than Arsenal, money talks. The Frenchman claimed: “I don’t think of going this winter – at least not yet – but you can never say what will happen because I never believed before that I would leave Arsenal.”

Post-Match Reaction

Inevitable (vs. Wigan): A trip to the JJB, facing Wigan and a penalty, it was never going to be a promising day for the Blues. Losing 2-1 to ‘weaker’ opposition is not exactly the way the Blues wanted to follow up that drubbing of Pompey but things as they are, the team we’d have wanted to face least would be Wigan who for some reason we have never beaten in the Premier League throughout seven meetings. Sparky was clearly disappointed with the giving of a ‘controversial’ penalty decision but also felt his side simply wasn’t good enough to deserve three points: “We have lost partly through an outstanding strike from Valencia as well. For all our possession in the second half our tempo and momentum was not at a high enough level to ask more questions of Wigan. Once they were camped out in their own half, they were going to protect what they had and it was difficult for us to break them down. We got into decent situations without having that final pass or that degree of guile to be able to create really clear-cut chances. In the end, we did not test the ‘keeper enough in that second half.”

Ex Blues’ News

Musampa Finds Himself Seoul Searching: Former Man City winger Kiki Musampa finds himself looking or new employers after a disappointing spell with South Korean side FC Seoul. The Dutchman, who played under the charge of former manager Stuart Pearce, is yet to find his feet following his release this summer but now it looks possible that Kiki may make the move back to England. Having spent the last two weeks on trial at Sheffield United, manager Kevin Blackwell may be prepared to offer the former Ajax man a contract for the season.

Alex Rowen <news(at)>


I posted some years ago after a friendly at Hull about how well we were treated and wishing them all the best for the future. Well we know how they are doing, well to say the least, and once again I have only praise for this family orientated club. I rang the KC stadium on Monday and asked if I required tickets to attend the reserve fixture the following day. I was told yes I did and they were on sale at the KC for £4 but if I was a season ticket holder entrance is free. I told the lady that I was indeed a season ticket holder, in Manchester not Hull, but I only live 14 miles from North Ferriby where the game is to be played. She asked me how many of us were wanting to go and then to wait a minute whilst she had a word with her boss. When she came back on the phone she asked my name and told me there would be 3 complimentary tickets on the turnstiles for me. So once again a wonderful piece of PR from Hull City FC. As long as the first team don’t beat us (life at work would be rough if that happened), I really hope they do well this season.

There was a large crowd for the game, a lot of whom were hoping to see their new signing Stelios but he didn’t play. The locals were in good spirit after the win at Arsenal and we had plenty of friendly banter as my Grandson insisted on wearing his blue and white scarf. Hull started with 5 players who were regulars in the Championship last season and had the better of the first half, scoring a soft unmarked header from an early corner. They went in at half time one up and deserved the lead. The second half was different totally, City played the ball on the floor and the young Blues ran an experienced Hull side ragged, scoring 4 good goals and taking a deserved win. Highlights were Vladimir Weiss running Richard Garcia all over the pitch and coming away with the ball almost every time. Big Clayton McDonald had a shaky start but commanded the defence in the second half. The Referee Mr Davidson was excellent. This was football as it used to be, played with pace, passion and endeavour by both teams. An excellent evening out, which was enjoyed by the home crowd even though it ended in a comprehensive defeat for them. City have some wonderful young talent in this side and it only bodes well for the future.

MickB <koolfurmick(at)>


I was fascinated to read in the last issue a couple of requests from subscribers for a testimonial event for Neil Young. Those of the readership who have been here for some time will remember I proposed the self same thing a number of years ago, nine to be precise.

Over the later summer of 1999 and all through 2000, a committee made up mostly of readers and contributors from MCIVTA, proposed and arranged a number of events culminating in a gala dinner at the Piccadilly Hotel in Manchester for nearly 300 guests including the top management of the club.

During the near eighteen months of the campaign we received help from many luminaries associated with the club, city council and stars of screen and television. In short the backing for the campaign was enormous except on one level. We begged the club to play the obvious main event, which would have been a testimonial match at the end of the 1999/2000 season, but to no avail. Despite many meetings between the committee (including our usual editor Heidi for the campaign) it was only when the headache of hitting a brick wall set in that we realised that there were absolutely no circumstances under which the club would risk players in what they saw as, at best, a meaningless friendly.

In the end we judged the campaign to be a success as over the year or so we were visiting supporters’ clubs and organising events we managed to raised a sum of around 18,000 pounds sterling for Neil. It wasn’t without expense though. Apart from the obvious costs in organising any sort of event, every member of the committee gave their time and energy for nothing. I can’t speak for the other members, but it also took its toll emotionally as well, not just on the committee members, but on Neil and his family.

Neil dedicates a chapter in his biography (Catch a Falling Star) to the campaign and to his thoughts and feelings about what went on during that period. I have to say that my recollections on a couple of points are a little different to Neil’s, but those are differences of detail and not substance. The main issue for Neil in the end was that he felt that the constant pleading for a game was becoming ‘undignified’, for want of a better word, and he withdrew his support. In hindsight I can’t say that I blame him for that decision. A year trawling the local and not so local supporters’ clubs and being a virtual goldfish in a bowl, doesn’t sit well with the proud memories that Neil has of his playing days. Once upon a time, fans would flock to see him; it isn’t the same when you have to drag yourself off to Warrington on a wet Monday evening trying to promote a game that may well never happen.

I have spoken with Neil recently when I invited him and his wife to my son’s twenty-first birthday party. Funnily, we held it in one of the venues that we used during the campaign. Sadly Neil and Carmen didn’t make it to the party. Neither are in the best of health these days and were too poorly at the time to attend.

For those of you that say a testimonial is long overdue for Neil, I couldn’t agree more, but personally, I think the time has passed. I understand the depth of feeling better than most at the injustice with which Neil has been treated by City, but whilst nobody can stop this sort of discussion, it is my belief that now Neil would prefer to let sleeping dogs get on with their snoozing and let the memories speak for themselves.

Dave Cash a.k.a. Droylsden Blue <vanda_david(at)>


Mark Hughes has called for video technology. I agree 100%. I have said this for the last three seasons.

There should be video technology limited to the penalty area; we don’t want to slow the game down, and it will not be slowed down any more than what an injury takes as things are right now.

Don’t we all want to see “fair play”? Why should referees give penalties or not give them? Why should goals be given when it was never a goal, or not given when it should have been a goal?

It will also stop the cheating divers in the penalty area. The sooner the rules are changed about video technology, the better for the game.

All we want is a game that is fair for every team, and not just the ones favoured by certain referees.

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


After just over a week since we asked you to predict who would be leaving City before the start of next season, here is the first update as promised, based on votes received so far. If you haven’t cast your votes yet, don’t worry, the voting lines are still open! If you need to phone a City friend, it should be just to tell them to join in this bit of fun. Click here for the link to the blog:

According to our pundits only eight players are guaranteed to be staying at least another year:

  • Hart
  • Richards
  • Zabaleta
  • Johnson
  • Wright-Phillips
  • Robinho
  • Jo
  • Kompany

Favourites to leave in the January transfer window:

Logan, Etuhu
Vassell, Mills, Benjani
Garrido, Schmeichel

Favourites to leave in the Summer transfer window:

Onuoha, Fernandes, Ben-Haim
Garrido, Mills, Glauber
Ireland, Schmeichel, Benjani

Favourites to be gone by the end of August 2009:

Mills, Castillo
Caicedo, Hamann, Garrido, Vassell
Ball, Benjani, Logan
Schmeichel, Etuhu
Onuoha, Ben-Haim
Bojinov, Elano
Dunne, Petrov, Evans

Steve Kay <steve(at)>


I cancelled Sky TV years ago. Always hated them and Setanta now too. Apart from Sky’s very biased commentators, football should be free to terrestrial/normal TV. Always was, always should have been. It’s part of our culture and poor people can’t afford to go to live games or watch on TV now. I know that the players would disagree because they would lose their silly wages. Look at away game attendances now. Hardly anyone ever sells all their allocation nowadays. Look at our home matches, lots of empty seats unless it’s a big game. Bring football back to the poor of Manchester! (me)

Oh yeah and I was at that Hartlepool game all those years ago, in fact I nearly got stabbed by three Rags after the game who were sneakily waiting for City fans near Princess Road bus depot. Hyde Road? Did you mean Gorton Baths? If you did they are now dead and gone, replaced by modern sh**ey cardboard flats.

Mark Redgrave <leaguecup1976(at)>


The son of the late City and England legend, Fred Tilson has been in touch with me regarding his own son. The late, great Fred Tilson’s grandson has Muscular Dystrophy, which is a life threatening condition. This 21-year-old is now confined to a wheelchair and relies entirely on the help and support of his family to meet his needs. Fred’s son, who is also called Fred, has been in touch with the club to try to get support for his son. So far his requests appear to have fallen on deaf ears.

There is now an online petition for supporters to sign in the hope of getting the club to recognise the plight of a legend’s grandson and give him some much needed support. To sign the petition log on to In this case the CTID part of the address is most poignant.

Currently the petition has almost 2,000 signatures. With all the MCIVTA readers out there I would think we could double that number. On behalf of Fred’s grandson can I ask all to consider signing the petition.

Alex Channon <actiontilson(at)>


Thanks to John Nisbet for the mention as he trawled through my website for scores of six or more since 1968. You actually missed a few John!

  • We beat Scunthorpe 6-0 in the League Cup in 1974.
  • Beat Burnley 6-0 in 1999 at Turf Moor (Goater 3, Allsopp, Horlock, and Morrison).
  • Beat Sheff Wed 6-2 in 2001 at Hillsborough (Goater 2, Wanchope 2, Benarbia, and G-G-G-Granville).
  • … and beat Birmingham 6-0 in the same year in the League Cup (Huckerby 4, Goater,and Luntala o.g.).

I think I was at the first one but still vividly remember being at the other three as they were part of my unbroken 327 match run. That Sheffield Wednesday match was also memorable for Bert Trautmann’s Helmet Editor Noel Bayley having a major strop en route because my coke bottle had leaked all over his fanzines in the boot of my car, and he chucked a couple of dozen of the fanzines over a fence in disgust. Tom Ritchie, Mike Billinge, Leanne and I thought it was hilarious, but Noel was only happy when I offered to pay him for the fanzines, even though he was getting a lift in my car!

The only time City have scored 6 or more and not won was in the 6-6 draw at Maine Road on December 2nd 1939 against Stockport County. City’s goals were scored by Heale (5) and Wright. Although it was only a War League match, Frank Swift was in goal for City that day, and Peter Doherty was up front. As for defeats by 6 or more since 1968, thankfully there have only been four:

  • 1989 0-6 vs. Derby County
  • 1995 0-6 vs. Liverpool
  • 2007 0-6 vs. Chelsea
  • 2008 1-8 vs. Middlesbrough (as if we need reminding)

Steve Kay <steve(at)>


Heidi, this is the message sent to M.E.N. (Peter Spencer) last Friday. Can you help get this new City song out to the City fans?

There is an old music hall song from the Vaudaville era called “The Sheik of Araby”.

It’s a great melody but short and snappy, with a great chant/response that

was popular at the time (a sort of Karaoke for that generation – which the City fans will love).

Harry Connick Jr. has a up to date version (Swing style) on his “My New Orleans” Album (2007-Columbia/Sony/BMG, track 12), should you like to download/hear it.

So, if you can help to get the City fans to incorporate this into their “terrace chants/songs” I would be very grateful. My new lyrics are as follows (but knowing the great ability of City fans – recently “Another Brick In The Wall” – to rewrite songs, I’m more than happy for others to arrive at a final version). This will keep up the tradition unique to City fans of having a good laugh and being entertaining to others at the same time (inflated Bananas and tea towels etc.).

I’m The Sheik of Araby,
I’ve just bought Man City,
Mark Hughes and Gary Cooke,
They bring me so much luck.

Robinho, Sweep and Kompany,
Will soon be joined by (Lionel) Messi,
Only the best for Man City,
Cause I’m The Sheik Of Araby

Add the chant/response (listen to Harry Connick) and; I think we have, what we used to say in Manchester years ago, “a belter”.

Feliz De Sema-a From Barcelona, Patrick Knowles <pjamk(at)>


We’re just back from the printers with the latest issue of King Of the Kippax fanzine, number 163, another bumper issue of 52 A4 pages at £2.50, which should be avaiable for tonights ‘Acid Test’ (geddit!?) game against Omonia at the Silver Machine of Eastlands. As usual it contains something old, nothing (much) borrowed, and plenty Blue. Bangkok Bugle is now replaced with the more apt Desert Dispatch, as has Uncle Ryan by Uncle Abdul. There’s a review of Gary James’ book ‘Manchester A Football History’ by Dave Miller, which first appeared in MCIVTA a while ago (Century City review awaited Dave!) and there’s a lengthy and interesting interview with Gary about the book. Recent matches are featured and games coming up in the next few weeks are previewed. There’s plenty of humour and lots of sounding off against the disgraceful anti-City media c**p of recent weeks (OK for Liverpool to welcome Dubai, but City are now ruining football with Abu Dhabi cash!). All good stuff for you lucky Blues. If you enjoy MCIVTA you’ll love KOTK. Also available from 25, Holdenbrook Close, Leigh, Lancs, WN 7 2HL. The last issue ran out after three games so you may have to be quick with this one.

Dave and Sue Wallace <dw001e8104(at)>


For anyone interested in Darren Huckerby’s current status:

NEW YORK (TICKER) – San Jose Earthquakes forward Darren Huckerby on Wednesday was named MLS Player of the Month for September. Huckerby scored three goals and had one assist during the month in leading the Earthquakes to a 1-1-1 record. The seventh San Jose player to win the monthly honor, Huckerby had a goal and an assist in a 2-1 victory over D.C. United. Huckerby scored the Earthquakes’ only goal in a 1-1 tie with the Houston Dynamo on September 13, which extended the team’s unbeaten streak to nine games. The run came to an end in a 3-2 loss to Real Salt Lake on September 27, although Huckerby bagged both goals for San Jose. Since joining the Earthquakes in July, the former Norwich City standout has recorded six goals and four assists, helping San Jose to a 4-1-4 mark. The Earthquakes (7-10-8) are vying to become the first expansion team to make the playoffs in 10 years.

Tim Hamblin CTID <tim.hamblin(at)>


Ernie – I need to take you to task on your comment, “The game should have been a draw”. Sorry Ernie, we scored 1 goal. If you think that is satisfactory, then I’m afraid that we see the game differently. One goal against a team like Wigan is not good enough. Remember, we have to become Champions’ League contenders and if we are going to continue using refeeing decisons to explain why we can’t score more than 1 goal against a team that cost less than Jo, let alone Robinho, then the new owners have made a bad investment.

Disgusted from Dukinfield – John Nisbet <nisbet1957(at)>


I just checked out the link to ‘Manchester City – the future’ from Andy. Like he said, very professional indeed and words to warm the cockles of any true Blue. One thing that struck me as odd, if SMBZAN (sorry not typing it all) set up ADUG solely to purchase the club, then why the hell did he have to have the word ‘Un**ed’ in it? Answers on a postcard please. On a different note, any old the old Blues boys still going down the Keepers’ Arms?

Tim Parnacott <Timothy.Parnacott(at)>


League table to 28 September 2008 inclusive

                              HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD  Pts
 1 Chelsea          6  1  2  0  6  2  3  0  0  6  1  4  2  0  12   3   9  14
 2 Liverpool        6  2  1  0  4  2  2  1  0  3  0  4  2  0   7   2   5  14
 3 Aston Villa      6  2  1  0  6  3  2  0  1  6  5  4  1  1  12   8   4  13
 4 Arsenal          6  2  0  1  5  2  2  0  1  7  2  4  0  2  12   4   8  12
 5 West Ham United  6  3  0  0  9  3  1  0  2  4  7  4  0  2  13  10   3  12
 6 Hull City        6  1  1  1  4  8  2  1  0  5  3  3  2  1   9  11  -2  11
 7 Blackburn R.     6  1  1  1  2  5  2  0  1  6  7  3  1  2   8  12  -4  10
 8 Manchester City  6  2  0  1 10  3  1  0  2  6  6  3  0  3  16   9   7   9
 9 Portsmouth       6  2  0  1  4  2  1  0  2  3 10  3  0  3   7  12  -5   9
10 Wigan Athletic   6  1  1  1  3  3  1  1  1  6  2  2  2  2   9   5   4   8
11 Manchester Utd   5  1  1  0  3  1  1  1  1  3  3  2  2  1   6   4   2   8
12 West Brom A.     6  1  0  2  5  6  1  1  1  1  1  2  1  3   6   7  -1   7
13 Sunderland       6  1  0  2  2  4  1  1  1  4  4  2  1  3   6   8  -2   7
14 Everton          6  0  0  3  2  8  2  1  0  7  5  2  1  3   9  13  -4   7
15 Fulham           5  2  0  1  4  3  0  0  2  1  3  2  0  3   5   6  -1   6
16 Middlesbrough    6  2  0  1  4  3  0  0  3  2  6  2  0  4   6   9  -3   6
17 Bolton Wndrs     6  1  1  1  4  4  0  0  3  1  5  1  1  4   5   9  -4   4
18 Stoke City       6  1  0  2  5  7  0  1  2  2  5  1  1  4   7  12  -5   4
19 Newcastle Utd    6  1  0  2  3  4  0  1  2  2  7  1  1  4   5  11  -6   4
20 Tottenham H.     6  0  1  2  2  4  0  1  2  2  5  0  2  4   4   9  -5   2

With thanks to Football 365

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