Newsletter #1407

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An anonymous ode about the derby tonight, together with opinion on the fireworks, the song origins and usual requests.

After a short break, the Blues now have two home games in quick succession and the opportunity to edge closer to those European places.

Next Game: Saturday 1 March 2008, 5.15pm, Wigan Athletic (home)


Manchester United vs. Manchester City

On 10th February 2008
United they suffered a terrible fate
The day when the world saw that City was great
When old fashioned sportsmanship banished the hate
The fans and the team, together so proud
“Blue moon” ringing round Old Trafford, so loud
A memorable day with no hint of trouble
The day we completed a memorable double
The press had arrived, to bury our fans
The club were prepared to issue life bans
They need not have worried, with supporters so fine
Who’d shown their fair-mindedness time after time
The players came out, a lone piper played
Spectators fell silent on a crisp winter’s day
Wreaths were laid out, in memory of death
Then everyone present held onto their breath
Blue and red scarves held aloft in the air
A moment so special for everyone there
A minute elapsed, then a deafening roar
Emotions released as the tension did thaw
Then such a rare honour the Blues were afforded
United’s supporters stood up and applauded
Appropriate, we were there, making no sound
We’d helped them before when we lent them our ground
They proved themselves sporting, willing and able
A day when the “citizens” joined the top table
The players saluted the fans’ good behaviour
Then we all settled down for some football to savour
The game did commence and City took charge
Three points were secured by the end of the half
With Joe Hart in goal, big hands just like Swifty
Onohua and ball, the full backs so nifty
King Richard the Lionheart holding the back line
And Micah’s challenges, so perfectly timed
Didi Hamann, so efficient and neat
Gelson Fernandes with terrific quick feet
With Petrov so elegant hugging the wing
And Ireland was soon winning everything
Darius gleefully slamming it in
Benjani then broadened the City fans’ grins
Fergie was livid, his face getting redder
His fury, all down to Benjani’s fine header
About to explode, his chewing got quicker
Whilst out on the pitch our passing became slicker
With Eriksson sat in the dug out, so cool
His players were easily winning this duel
And just at the end their late consolation
Merely added to the Reds’ consternation
City had triumphed in front of the nation
No-one in the sky blue could hide their elation
A win for the fans who’d been loyal and true
A truly great day for the heroes in blue
And after the match we savoured the day
City had triumphed both home and away
Six easy points, no-one could deny
That City were truly Manchester’s pride.



In response to Gareth Rogers, yes it was the United fans who quite commendably applauded the away chant of “There’s only one Frank Swift”. It pains me to say it but United do deserve credit as well as they showed just as much respect for Swifty as our impeccable lot did for the other victims.

CTID, Alex Rowen <ajpr2007(at)>


I don’t know if anyone has heard this or not, but a work mate of mine went up to Manchester last weekend and did stadium tours of both the CoMS and the Swamp.

When at the Swamp, a question was raised about the loud bangs during the minute’s silence and the tour guide stated that it was Rag fans letting off 8 fireworks in memory of the 8 players lost in the crash. So after all the talk about City fans disrupting the event, which seemed to go on for weeks, along with all the vilification and disgust that was ready to be thrown at the club, it was some of their own lot in the end who couldn’t keep quiet. But surprise, surprise, not a single word has been said about it. How strange!

It was just nice to see City, not to be outdone, respond with one b****y great 90 minute rocket of their own in a fitting tribute to the one great Frank Swift and get the result that the world of football wanted to see.

Paul Rawling <paul.teresa1(at)>


Thanks to those who also found the “explosions” a mystery! Maybe it was hushed up. Anyway, let’s forget it now and press on.

However… one thing that did annoy me (well I am a grumpy old man now, having passed 60, so I am allowed to be so) was the United manager chewing his everlasting b****y gum whilst laying the wreath on the centre spot. Words fail me. Could he not have stopped for a couple of minutes?

Maybe he should take up smoking to take his mind off the chewing gum?

Chris Ryder <christopherryd(at)>


I don’t want to drag this out too long, but many kind subscribers have asked me to let them know what the answer is to “Where did the song begin?”. I can offer this update in the style of I’m a City Fan, Get me out of here!

Millwall Away (No fans): It’s not you.
Div 2 days (fan disbelief): It’s not you.
Luton Away (No fans): It could be you!
Lincoln Away: It’s not you.
Repost to Alan Brazil saying support had dropped off: It’s not you.
Which leaves; Pre-season tour of Southern Ireland. It could be you!

The Ireland theory definitely has had most ‘votes’ so far, so if Luton is your favourite make sure you vote.

My thanks to the multitude who have filled my inbox with ‘It was …’ and ‘It was definitely before …’ emails. Hopefully end this thread very soon!

Stu Wells <stuloujos(at)>


Happy to put the record straight on the Invisible Man song.

The origin of the song relates to a City fan who died (I seem to remember in a car accident). His mates who still attended games referred to him as the Invisible Man, joking that he was still there at the game with them.

As this coincided with us playing at the likes of Sincil Bank and Moss Rose, the song was often sung as though the City fans were trying hard to believe that we had to play in such dumps. Then (thankfully) in latter years when we have won at places like The Swamp, St. James’ Park etc.

I don’t know who the chap was who died, but what better tribute that singing that after the 2-1 win a few weeks ago? Hope he enjoyed it.

Rich Ellor <richardellor(at)>


I agree with Mark Redgrave (MCIVTA 1406). It was at Luton, can’t remember the exact year, probably late eighties. I managed to get a local to get me in on his ticket (cost me a tenner bribe plus cost of ticket).

If I remember, this was one of their biggest crowds of the season (maybe somebody could clarify this?).

Duncan Madden-Ross <maddenrossduncan(at)>


I recently came across the Invisible Man in Nick Hancock’s book of Football Chants, which dates from around 1997. This clearly predates some of the explanations, and he attributes it to an incident in Ireland where City fans (on a pre-season tour?) trashed a hotel, then sang this to the arriving police, in the belief that the police would not be able to identify the perpetrators amongst the rest of the fans. I have no idea if this is true. Does it ring any bells with anyone?

Andrew Downie <adownie(at)>


Idiot me completely forgot to sort a Reading ticket; it is now sold out and it is one of my nearest away matches.

If anybody has a spare ticket available, please could they drop me a line!

Many thanks, Mike Collard <badgersinbucks(at)>


Does anyone know of a good pub in London where City fans congregate to watch games on TV?

Struan Malcolm <struan_Malcolm(at)>


24 February 2008

Reading               1 - 2  Aston Villa           23,889
Blackburn Rovers      4 - 1  Bolton Wanderers      23,995

23 February 2008

Birmingham City       2 - 2  Arsenal               27,195
Fulham                0 - 1  West Ham United       25,280
Liverpool             3 - 2  Middlesbrough         43,612
Portsmouth            1 - 0  Sunderland            20,139
Wigan Athletic        2 - 0  Derby County          20,176
Newcastle United      1 - 5  Manchester United     52,291

League table to 24 February 2008 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal         27 12  2  0 31  8  7  5  1 25 12 19  7  1  56  20  36  64
 2 Manchester Utd  27 12  1  1 32  5  7  3  3 23 10 19  4  4  55  15  40  61
 3 Chelsea         26  8  5  0 23  8  8  2  3 15  9 16  7  3  38  17  21  55
 4 Liverpool       26  6  6  1 29 11  6  5  2 14  8 12 11  3  43  19  24  47
 5 Everton         26  8  2  3 24 11  6  3  4 17 12 14  5  7  41  23  18  47
 6 Aston Villa     27  8  2  4 24 17  5  6  2 26 18 13  8  6  50  35  15  47
 7 Portsmouth      27  4  7  2 16 10  8  1  5 21 16 12  8  7  37  26  11  44
 8 Manchester City 26  9  3  1 21 11  3  5  5 13 18 12  8  6  34  29   5  44
 9 Blackburn R.    27  6  4  4 17 14  5  5  3 19 20 11  9  7  36  34   2  42
10 West Ham United 26  5  5  3 16 13  6  2  5 15 10 11  7  8  31  23   8  40
11 Tottenham H.    26  6  2  4 33 22  2  6  6 15 19  8  8 10  48  41   7  32
12 Middlesbrough   27  4  4  5 14 18  3  4  7 11 23  7  8 12  25  41 -16  29
13 Newcastle Utd   27  5  5  4 18 23  2  2  9 12 29  7  7 13  30  52 -22  28
14 Wigan Athletic  27  6  2  5 17 14  1  3 10  9 28  7  5 15  26  42 -16  26
15 Sunderland      27  7  3  3 17 13  0  2 12  9 33  7  5 15  26  46 -20  26
16 Bolton Wndrs    27  5  4  5 17 12  1  3  9 10 27  6  7 14  27  39 -12  25
17 Birmingham City 27  3  5  5 15 16  2  3  9 12 24  5  8 14  27  40 -13  23
18 Reading         27  6  1  7 15 21  0  3 10 16 34  6  4 17  31  55 -24  22
19 Fulham          27  3  5  6 18 23  0  5  8  7 22  3 10 14  25  45 -20  19
20 Derby County    27  1  3  9  8 24  0  3 11  5 33  1  6 20  13  57 -44   9

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Newsletter #1407



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