Newsletter #1337

Another week begins and our potential new owner is still playing tag with the City board, as he has yet more assets frozen by the Thai authorities. Is it time to kick this particular takeover talk into touch?

The latest manager to have his hat thrown into the ring is the man still on the payroll of the FA. The whole saga appears to be descending into farce.

Tonight we have opinion on the current plight, honourable owners, racist abuse at the U21 game, a request from a brave Canadian Blue planning on coming over next season, and some Blue humour.

Next game: TBA


Frank is still saying that he will buy Manchester City and is working on funding the deal as soon as possible, his lawyers are at work 24/7.

With the military in control of the government in Thailand, and being the same that ousted Frank out of power, it is making things very difficult. It is not the same as an elected government, and they seem to be able to say and do what they want to hurt Frank (I wonder if the military government has secret ties to the Rags?). The military government cannot keep Frank’s assets frozen indefinitely and if Frank wins through, he can be the one to take MCFC to the next level.

This week surely has got to be the deadline for a deal so that the club can announce the new manager. If Frank wins through it sounds as if it will be Goran Eriksson as the new manager. Before the England job, Eriksson was very successful as a club manager; this is why he was appointed manager of England. Eriksson has stated that he will only accept the job if Frank takes over MCFC, so good luck Frank!

Failing Frank taking over, several names have been mentioned, and the only people having a good time through all this must be the bookies, whilst our neighbours at the Swamp look nervously on with the feeling that a challenge will be mounted by the greatest Manchester club: City.

We wait as the clock is ticking away closer to the first pre-season games, and where will they be played? MCFC has some penciled in, but needs a manager to OK them.

In the history of MCFC this will go down as the most desperate before a new season.

Come on you Blues!

Ernie Barrow <Britcityblue(at)>


We are like the naughty school kid who just cannot stay away from headmaster’s office aren’t we? I know.

It all goes quiet for a bit. So quiet in fact, I’m not sure we even existed last season. Then we sack our manager. No bad thing. Loved Pearce. Lovely Bloke. Rotten manager, or at least whilst he was here with us he was. I’m not saying he won’t become great – he will. We don’t know what internal rumblings at Eastlands were helping to stifle his progress. But it’s clear ‘something’ was. And to be fair to us, we are probably not the club to ‘cut yer teeth’ on…

Wardle, Makin, Macintosh et al. All of them desperate men. More desperate than ever now. You can see this in the names we are now being linked with. I’ve almost stopped reading the press tittle tattle for fear of rocking up to the Stadium and either handing in my own application or asking for me 400 quid back. I’m erring on the latter (plus reimbursement from the last two hideous seasons). Desperate men lead desperate lives. I can imagine those three, on their knees in some London hotel tearfully begging “but please, Mr Thickskin, please can you find the money, we’ll love you if you do.” Idiots the three of ’em.

Wardle’s own standing from the fans’ perspective is similar to that of Barton. You either are deluded and you love him, or you hate him. Well it needed spelling out to those in the ‘Barton, legend’ camp – and he did. Comprehensively. I than’ you. Anyhow he’s gone and thank God (sorry Cummins). But, I’m almost not panicking. The cards are on the table now – and whether it happens now or in a year – we have told all and sundry we are for sale. Ultimately we will get bought.

I can’t help thinking if Bernstein was still around we’d be doing a damn sight better on many levels. But he’s gone too – so no point dwelling eh?

Back to the talk-over. There’s a lot of information and mis-information abound regarding Thickskin. On one hand you hear that he’s a rogue and n’er do good. On the other you hear from those who have a slightly more informed view of Thai politics there’s this. The Thai government by their very nature is a very fraught and caustic affair. Lots of back handers, lots of secret meetings, lots of paying off the militaria, lots in-ethical goings-on blah blah.

What many don’t do when looking at this whole City takeover fiasco is recognise that good old Blighty and bad old Thailand operate very, very differently, at least politically. People who comment don’t seem to be able to separate the workings of these two very different systems. However, given Blair’s last 10 years, not that differently.

It would be naïve of me to say I know loads about “changes on the political landscape in Thailand from 1978-2007 Magnusson” (where did he go?) but what I do understand is Mr Shinawatra became so popular amongst a certain faction of the Thai people that the state military got worried and he was overthrown. The same state military are the ones who instigated the freezing, leaving Dawdle, Muckintosh, and Murkin on said knees in said hotel. He’s a rich man, but he’s not stupid. No multi-billionaire is stupid. But I’ve a feeling the outcome will be portrayed as him giving another club the run-around. He paraded round luiddypool in red scarves and hats and then it went t**s up. He’s not done that round Bradford Road has he? Thank goodness. People learn to put up or shut up.

I don’t ultimately know whether he will get his dollar out or indeed if he can but we can’t panic, and we cannot put all of our eggs in one basket can we dawdle? We’re in no position to rush into something as big as this next season. But whilst we were all happy to give Stuart the chance at the time it was a costly error in the long run if for nothing else but rubbish football.

I think the fact is, we can only wait. I cannot consider watching us under Coleman’s guidance after the temptation of Ranieri, Ramos etc. It just doesn’t bear thinking about. Ranson, don’t come near us with your borrowed funds. Let’s get Sven, his club record is unsurpassed. He’s getting his wages still from the FA and we’ll be on the front page of the Sun every week. Top…

We have got to be ruthless in business as a club. I bet if you A/B the goodness and bad of Thickskin and Abramovich, there would be no contest. Was it not Roman who took land off the people of his own village for very little money, leaving many homeless? I don’t hear anyone at Chelsea complaining.

People who support City and even on here, whose general intellect I deem to be higher than those who post on say the MEN website, always go on about their fear of ‘ruining this family club of ours’. Well buster, what the hell has being a ‘family club’ ever brought us? Nowt. Toughen up City. And Quick. Oh stop, halt, rewind it’s all just become obviously clear. How silly of me. The current government in Thailand are actually bona-fide United fans. They’re all getting a bit jumpy and concerned that funds have the very real chance of rocking up at Manchester’s only real club. They all got jealous, Started throwing their toys and now it’s all this. However, old Thickskin boy isn’t having any of it; he hates United, siphoned off loads of wonga from numerous other accounts and it’s now in large shipping containers (heading for Barton docks ironically) concealed in fake Louis Vitton handbags ready for depositing at teller number 2 at the RBS on Wilmslow road in Withington. Job’s a good ‘un… we all renew, get Ramos, get rid of Wardle and Barton, who gets a handful of fake Louis Vitton handbags to sell to his mates in Huyton, who have sold ’em to fat Allardyce (wasn’t it nice to hear him moaning on his first day in a new job?) to shift in Geordie land thus, inadvertently getting Barton his £300,000 revenue he so forthrightly deserves. Genius.

Joel Perry – Re-newed, Re-Invigorated, Re-torical (yes I know…) <j.perry(at)>


Interesting report in the Bangkok press, seems money is moving! Check out the link:

How many pounds to one baht?

Ian Richardson <kinkladze(at)>


It is a nice, warm June day in Northern California and yet my thoughts seem to be focused on this latest series of disasters at City. I may be giving away my age but I feel I am either in the middle of a Brian Rix farce or have suddenly stumbled on a long lost Goon Show episode.

This is not typical City; this is not typical anything. It is a case book scenario of a mess that gets worse every week. Was there no plan at all? Just wishful thinking that:

  1. we would get investment
  2. we would get a manager
  3. no players would want to leave over the summer

Just about speechless in Northern California.

John Pearson <john.pearson(at)>


To reply to Billy Watkinson in MCIVTA 1336 – the Under 21s (and other age groups) still run like school ages, so if you were under 21 before something like Sept 1 that season then you would qualify to play for that team during that season.

Also just to say I’ve been guilty in my time of being a bit of a glass half empty Blue but some of the recent things I’ve heard and read from City fans is just pushing it.

There is a chance to make a fresh start (again) now. All those that wanted SP out have now had their way, saying things like it was the worst ever time in the history of club. Now he’s out, others are saying now (before a ball’s even been kicked) that we are down, no players, manager etc., the worst ever. Make your minds up!

Why don’t some of these fans take a radical approach and say ‘give it a chance’? Let’s see who comes in as boss, owner and players, then watch what happens on the pitch for a bit, then get back to the half empty glass.

We’ve got rid of a massive problem player in Barton (at least 2 major problems a season for God knows how long) and got good money for him. Obviously he was a good player for us but he clearly didn’t care about his team mates and the club at the end of the day. That could even settle the rest of the players left because he appeared to put his stamp (literally!) on the team being a one man show.

We all desperately want and need to have this sorted out yesterday – but surely Macintosh and the board know what is needed and will be working towards a quality manager coming in (please not Coleman though!).

I’m firmly in the Ernie Barrow camp over this…

Keep the Faith, John Baines <johnbaines76(at)>


Once again one of our players suffers from abuse because of the colour of his skin (England U21’s).

Fantastic credit to Nedum Onuaha as I heard a short interview on Talk Sport this morning where he was heard to be saying that he had suffered it before; he said it in such a dignified manner, he wasn’t ranting and raving about it. Well done Nedum. Such a young man, such a level head.

Once again though, it is the Eastern European countries that give this kind of abuse out. And then we let them into the EEC!

Any country who are found to have abused black players from the terraces should get a 5 year ban after 3 (proven) offences.

The one country that amazes me is Spain. They give black players a difficult time yet the majority of Spaniards are hardly lillywhite, are they? Beggars belief.

And once again, I said it with SWP when he was being abused, it really brings it home to you how much this hurts when ‘one of our own’ suffers in this way.

And before anyone writes in again thinking that it is OK to abuse black players when they don’t play for City, think again. I am merely pointing out that for white people, it is almost impossible to appreciate the hurt involved because we don’t suffer this kind of abuse but, when one of our own players gets it, it gives us a taste. And it’s not a very nice taste.

Head up Nedum, you have the consolation that we think you’re great no matter what colour and you have conducted yourself with incredible dignity. Well done Sir. And you will go on to be a rich and successful man whilst these a***holes from the gutter will wallow in their own cesspit of bigotry forever and probably never achieve anything worthwhile in their lives.

John Nisbet <nisbet1957(at)>


In November of last year, I posted a query about the wife and I coming over to England from Canada this fall, and our hopes to watch City whilst there. I received a good many responses then (thanks all!), and now that our plans are firm, I thought I’d follow up.

We arrive in London on 30 September, and will be in London until at least the morning of 5th October. Our plan is to attend the match away at Newcastle on 6 October, and to take a tour of COMS at some point on the Friday, Saturday or Sunday? We’ve never been England, so I’m not sure about travel – I understand the train from London to Newcastle is about three hours? Is there a train from Newcastle to Manchester?

I’ve contacted City about tickets, and they have told me I can’t book seats until 6 weeks before the fixture. Basically, just wondering if any kind souls have trip advice, pub recommendations, etc.

Any information at all would be a help.

Thanks again, Alan Jackson <ajbj76(at)>


I wrote about the size of the junior shirts in Tuesday’s article. I can now tell you that I have a reply from the retail manager and they have reduced the price of the adult x/s to £22 because the large boys was too small for 8-10 year olds; they said that are going to manufacture an XLB shirt, which will benefit you not having to buy the adult shirts for your children!

Steve Phelan <stephen.5268(at)>


Inspired by the Stevens report, I couldn’t help but think of Cliff Richard.

The bung ones
Darling we’re the bung ones,
And bung ones always will be paid,
To oil (da dum dum) wheels (da dum dum) in the dodgiest deals
But we don’t feel
What we’re doing’s
Very wrong

Once in every season
Comes a bung like this
Oh, I love cash
When it’s free
We’ll just call it “special fees”

Bung ones
They’re harrying the bung ones,
But bung ones shouldn’t be afraid,
‘Cos the F (da dum dum) A (da dum dum) will give up fairly soon
And we’ll all still
Be the bung ones
Come next June

Allegedly, Quid Pro Quo, Sub Judice, Ipsum Lorem and all the other legal b****cks that means “he’s as guilty as hell but we know that he’ll get off on a technicality”.

Andy Longshaw <andy(>


Dark days at City but let’s not forget the inspirational words of Bluto (John Belushi) in Animal House: “was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbour? Hell no!”

See the full speech at –

Let’s have a few months of mindless optimism.

Neil Roberts <nroberts(at)>

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