Newsletter #1053

Continuing views on should he stay or should he go, the Everton performance and news from the reserves who were back in winning form this week. There is also news of a potential cash injection, and the woes that are currently MCFC. Rumours tonight that the second yellow kindly awarded to Cahill for his chest-baring antics on Saturday is also to be rescinded.

I’ll leave you with a reminder that 5 years ago this week, we beat Palace 2-1.

Next game: Crystal Palace, away, 3pm Saturday 18 September 2004


“Woe, Woe and Thrice Woe” News

Once Woe: City are this week’s “club in crisis”, according to this week’s media coverage. It all started with a dismal show by the team in a 1-0 home defeat to Everton – only David James could be spared criticism. James put the trauma with England behind him to produce a string of stunning saves to keep Everton at bay. James said later that he was touched by the home crowd’s reception. “The crowd’s support was just awesome,” he said. “I was told when I came back that the fans would get behind me. I imagined there would be a few claps for me but the response was awesome. It was better than when I first signed for the club. It was just great. I came to the game today and the fans were then superb so for me it was business as usual. Unfortunately the result was not there and that is the disappointing aspect to today.” KK was also impressed by his no.1. “It’s a shame he’s ended up on the losing side,” Keegan stated. “He’s not had the easiest of weeks, but he made a couple of saves that he had no right to make. He’s a world-class goalkeeper.” Most of the match headlines were made by shirt lifting – Everton’s goalscorer Tim Cahill earned a second yellow card for pulling his shirt briefly over his head after finally managing to beat Jammo. Both managers agreed that the red card was harsh. “They come up with new rules every year, but I thought it was a sending off if you took your shirt off, not lifted it over the head, Ravanelli style,” mused David Moyes. KK was more forthright. “The game is going mad,” said the City boss. “Some guy is sitting in an office in Switzerland somewhere making up ridiculous rules like this. The guy has just joined a club, has scored an important goal and he wants to enjoy it. Pulling a shirt over your head has become something of a ritual now. It’s not even as if he threw it into the crowd or tied it to the corner flag. I feel so sorry for the lad because it’s so stupid – but football is like that sometimes.” Keegan could not defend his side’s performance, however. “We weren’t good enough,” he said. “Almost everyone under-performed. We played so well here two weeks ago against Charlton. Okay, there’s been internationals but I can’t justify to our fans a performance that didn’t lack passion, but did lack guile. We do have players who, in the positions they were in, could do better. There was nothing surprising in what Everton did, though they did it very well.”

Twice Woe: Sunday saw the slurry really hitting the barn door, as KK’s future became a hot topic for the journals of Britain. Even John Wardle got a splash from the rumour truck. The Sunday Mirror reckoned that Wardle was ready to step aside in a move that would leave KK isolated – the chairman was said to be Keegan’s sole supporter in the boardroom; even last week’s news of KK’s apartment selling was used as evidence of his imminent demise. Monday’s Sun said that KK was one game from the sack. A source close to the board told the newspaper: “He has lost a lot of the players. Now there are members of the board who are seriously doubting him. The chairman, John Wardle, still remains supportive but he is fast becoming an isolated figure. Even he is beginning to wonder if it is time for a change. If they lose at Crystal Palace that could be it.” This view was given short shrift by a City spokesman. “I will not comment on this matter because it would just give it an authenticity it does not deserve,” he said. Tuesday’s board meeting would be high noon for KK – the Mirror said that his future would be discussed. Not so, said a by-now overworked City spokesman. “Tuesday’s board meeting was purely a routine monthly get-together, which the manager attended. His position at the club was not discussed and it is business as usual at Manchester City.” Still no let up in the speculation though. Gary Megson of war-torn WBA got mentioned again as a possible successor to Keegan, along with Gordon Strachan.

Thrice Woe: And so it went on. Next we had rumblings of discontent supposedly from within the squad. An unnamed player was quoted in the Daily Mirror as saying “It’s a shambles. Training is a joke and we’re not as fit as we should be because we’re not training properly. Keegan has lost the respect of the dressing room and although most of us want to work hard and do well for the club, there are some players who are doing whatever they want. We tried to speak to Keegan at half-time against Everton and one or two players suggested making changes, but he said he doesn’t change teams at the interval. Keegan seems to have lost his passion and something needs to be done to sort this mess out or we’ll just continue to drift along.” Next we had Danny Mills having to deny Wednesday’s tale in the Daily Mail which alleged that he and KK had had a major falling out at training. Mills said on his website: “Why oh why do certain sections of the media spend so much time fabricating stories until they have created something that they can justifiably claim is worthy of an insertion in their newspaper,” he wrote. “To be woken up this morning by my advisor telling me that The Daily Mail’s back page lead is a story suggesting that I have had a training ground bust up with the manager, is complete garbage for which I am absolutely astonished. For a newspaper with a fairly high level of respectability and upstanding, I do have to say that I am somewhat surprised and for that reason I would like to know where they got their so-called exclusive information. It looks to me like someone somewhere is looking to stir up trouble for which they themselves can only tell you what their motive is behind it. As for ‘Let’s use Danny Mills to instigate it’ in particularly as I can be out spoken, well if that person or persons would like to come and speak to me about it first, then please do. You know the procedure and the correct channels to go through.”

“Any Other Business” News

Are You Experienced? Just to prove that the news ain’t all gloom and doom this week – The Manchester City Experience was recently given a ‘Highly Commended’ award at the Manchester Tourism Awards 2004. The Experience includes a tour of the mighty COMS, and a visit to City Museum. The award was made in the “Small visitor attraction of the year” category – not, as you might think, a tour for persons of restricted growth (which is good news for us six footers, folks), but a category for attractions with visitor numbers of less than 100,000. Gary James, Manager of the Manchester City Experience (Museum & Stadium Tour), said: “I am delighted with our success. We officially opened the Experience in April and to receive such recognition so soon is incredible. The most satisfying aspect is that this accolade recognises Mancunian excellence. We are passionate about this city and its achievements and have taken great lengths to explain to the 15,000 plus museum visitors we’ve received so far, the rich history of this city.” If you fancy going on the tour, details can be found on the club’s website.

Pinn’ll Fix It: The M.E.N. brought news of a potential new director for the club. The journal said that the club were hoping to attract the “former Manchester policeman and now millionaire Keith Pinner”. Pinner is the chairman of Disley-based sports sponsorship company Arena International. The paper says that Pinner played a key rôle in Sky’s decision to invest in the Blues, as well as brokering Barclaycard’s and Carling’s sponsorship in football. Let’s hope he brings his piggy bank with him.

Win for Reserves: City Reserves have at last broken their duck at their new home venue. Last night they beat Nottingham Forest 2-0 at the Regional Athletics stadium, thanks to a pair of Bradley Wright-Phillips strikes. David Sommeil has begun his comeback after injury – the French defender played in the first half before giving way to Nathan D’Laryea. City team: City: Ellegaard, Sommeil (N D’Laryea 46), Jordan, Onuoha, McCarthy, Bischoff, Croft, Negouai, B Wright-Phillips, Flood (Collins 78), Ireland. Subs: Schmeichel, J D’Laryea, Bermingham.

Carry on Bernard: KK wants to extend Bernard Diomede’s trial period by another week before deciding whether to sign him permanently. The 30-year-old former Liverpool winger left French side Ajaccio in the summer. Keegan said: “Bernard has done very well but I have to see him in a game. If he doesn’t want to stay another week then he can go.”

I Call That a Bargain, the Best They’ve Ever Had: The powers that be have ruled on the fee that Sunderland will have to pay for Stephen Elliott. The Stadium of Light club will have to pay City £125,000 up front for Elliott and upwards of an additional £100,000 for a total of 50 appearances for the North East side. City will also receive £100,000 if Sunderland are promoted to The Premiership and £50,000 if Elliott earns a cap with Republic of Ireland. City will also get a 25 percent sell-on fee, if Elliott leaves Sunderland in the future.

And Finally…

Boredom? B’Dum B’B’Dum… We close today with a tale from last Thursday’s Guardian; thanks to Mike Hallsworth for bringing it to my attention. It has the twin advantages of referring both to our beloved team and the employers of this Editor. Under the heading “United, we stand; City, we fall”, Simon Hattenstone writes: “According to a new study by Staffordshire University, supporting a losing football team is bad for your health… Let’s explore this scientifically. According to a 30-year-long survey carried out by the esteemed research organisation SIMON, Manchester City fans are more likely to be bald, fat and unhealthy than Manchester United fans. SIMON says that while City fans are more likely to have high blood pressure and heart attacks than United fans, this is not a poor reflection of class, wealth and breeding. City fans fulfil every northern cliché: we love our fish, chips, mushy peas, gherkin on the side, four slices of bread and butter, and bucket of ale to wash it down. United fans are less likely to fulfil the classic northern cliché because they are less likely to come from the north.” Simon then recalls the demise of his uncle, a Red, who passed away celebrating Norman Whiteside’s winner in a Cup Final. “Which only goes to show that supporting a successful side can be equally bad for your health. Perhaps the solution is to support mediocre clubs that never do much either way – Villa, say, or Spurs, or Southampton. Then again, we would probably die of boredom.” Oh, I don’t know, Simon, perhaps a couple of seasons of boredom would do all us Blues some good!

Don Barrie <news(at)>


I’m not sure where we go from here… something is drastically wrong at our club. We endured so many games last season where the possession and chances fell but we failed to convert and after Christmas we simply lost our confidence and will to play football. Apart from the brief Charlton interlude, I have seen nothing this season that makes me think that we aren’t picking up exactly where we left off. Consider that had Charlton equalised when Murphy blazed over from 6 yards, could we have lost that game as well!?

Everton are a side compiled of workmanlike midfielders, gritty defenders and a useful forward in Marcus Bent who impressed me both times he played for Leicester last season (he’s no Anelka but makes up for it in work rate and commitment). Everton have known from the start of the season that they need to fight to win games, which is probably why they took all three points here at the weekend. City seem to be a side devoid of confidence and ideas. I thought the first half was a real good game, full of lots of half chances but looking back, Everton had three clear-cut chances to take the lead but thanks to superb world-class saves from James we were still in it. Nice to see David answer the critics in the best possible way. City had lots of possession but like the Fulham, Birmingham and Liverpool games I don’t remember the opposing ‘keeper having to make a save. The ball hit Fowler’s a**e on a couple of occasions but that was it!

Everton came with one plan: stifle the midfield and hit us on the counter-attack. They did a great job of this, Bent was a target man and linked runners well into the game and it was from exactly this their goal game – Thatcher being undone from the left by a neat one two with Bent and Carsley and a good cross found Cahill in the middle who tucked the ball neatly past James.

The only positives to come from this game was James’ superb performance and I was quite pleased to see Anelka coming deep and running at defenders (especially so in the first half); had Fowler bothered to move this could have been menacing. The atmosphere was also excellent, many thanks to the Everton fans stirring the South Stand up. I would do player ratings but the whole team with the exception of James, Dunne and Anelka were simply average. We were out-fought, out-passed and out-classed by a well organised side that had little pace and very little ingenuity and I fear this spells big problems for our season. We could blame a truly awful performance from the referee with his woeful decisions, but both teams were affected by the man in black’s complete incompetence.

I have to say KK is inept and time is surely ticking for him. Why have so many highly regarded players come to our club and simply fallen flat? The team plays with little or no leadership and unless we score first we simply have no idea how to break sides down (you can visibly see our ideas dry up and confidence sap the longer the game goes on). Last season our best strike partnership was Wanchope and Anelka; lo and behold we sell Wanchope and persevere with Fowler and Anelka. It didn’t work for the 30+ games we tried it for last season, why on earth will it work now? Tactically he waited again until 75 minutes to change things. I think it was Einstein that said the definition of stupidity is to keep doing the same thing and expect a different outcome – enough said.

To me our problems are simple – our full backs are defenders and not wing backs who can get forward (with the exception of Sun who is great going forward but cannot defend). Midfield is compromised of fetchers and carriers (Barton, Bosvelt, Reyna) who simply don’t have the class to cut open Premiership defences. Leaving Sinclair (unsettled and played out of position on the left) and SWeeP as natural wingers. Our forwards are not the type of players to hold the ball and bring others into the game, Fowler and Anelka are too similar, so immediately we should give Macken an extended run as he is the type of player who can potentially act as a target man. Like others I don’t think Fowler has completely lost it (look at his strike at Fulham), but he’s the type of player that will thrive on quality balls into the box. Anelka too is most comfortable with the balls threaded behind defenders, this all adds up to us having no method (other than SWeeP) to get behind defences, which is why the majority of games we have the lion’s share of possession but are limited to 5/6 long range efforts – we simply can’t get behind defences.

Our problem lies squarely in midfield; selling Berkovic/Huckerby was the single biggest mistake Keegan made, Berkovic was the only player in our squad with flare and ingenuity and Huckerby could have given us the balance/pace on the left that we are looking for. But there is no point in looking back, the answers are not simple but I’d start with replacing Fowler with Macken to at least give us an option of bringing running midfielders into the game. Away from home play 4-5-1 to invite the home teams forward and capitialise on Anelka/SWeeP’s pace on the break. At home we need an answer to the left side problem – I don’t think any of the current first team is the answer so maybe it’s time to give youth a chance – they can’t do any worse than what’s on display at the moment. As I said at the start, with the transfer window shut and no money in the kitty, I don’t know where we go from here!?

Rich Fenton <rich(at)>


Well, I did promise to write more match reports this season, but one thing and another prevented me sitting down on Sunday morning to do so. One factor may have been shock.

Having been highly impressed by the 4-0, not simply the scoreline, more the manner of the result, I predicted a 3-1 home triumph against Everton, usually one of the sides we do ok against. As my wife was in Shanghai for the week (what did she know that I didn’t?), my youngest sister accompanied me, visiting York from Portugal. As we cursed the usual York traffic I explained how marvellous SWP is and how when Anelka is at full flight you do not see his feet touch the ground, etc. She went on about Jose Mourinho (she lives in Oporto). She loved the stadium, as did the two friends of hers we met (Everton fans!). Then the match. Oh my God.

David James was magnificent, and at half-time I was puzzled as to how his 3 awesome saves had kept us in a game which territorially we had bossed. City looked tentative and shapeless but I assumed that a half-time ‘hairdryer session’ and some flying teacups would put it all right and we would win. Distin could not motivate, no one took responsibility in midfield.

God, but how we miss Ali Benarbia. I have read a lot of the moans in the latest MCIVTA and I agree with the fact that we have a problem, somewhere, but not necessarily with the sometimes vitriolic criticism of our players. This team beat Charlton, who tried to play, 4-0. I for one would not like to watch this workmanlike Everton team every week, so negatively did they approach this fixture. However, it worked! And this is the problem, insufficient creativity, à la Ali or Eyal. We must play to our strengths, I have said this before, which must surely be SWP and Nic. But we do have other quality international players: Fowler, Bosvelt, McManaman, Sinclair, etc., who seem totally unmotivated and unsure sometimes. I appreciate that these people will not play international football again, in all likelihood, but they can still play and at times we look a totally professional and quality side. Mills looks a good addition and is able to communicate; why not give him the armband? Thatcher, incidentally, would contribute more if it were indeed Maggie, so it must be Carol!

My suggestions are not wholesale panic, but as follows!

  1. New Captain: Distin is quality but quiet and currently off-form,woefully so, due to the burden of leading a misfiring team.
  2. Midfield Playmaker: Try Macca in a free rôle behind the front two.
  3. Get someone to play down the left: a left-footed player.

I understand the huge disappointment that KK seems to be at the moment, and I am one of his biggest fans, but what are the alternatives? He, after all, is the name that has brought in many of the players of the quality we have. If he goes, then what? Then who? I feel we should put more emphasis on the positive, the great display, two weeks ago, and not always hark on about problems. I do not know who at the club reads MCIVTA but they must be thoroughly disheartened by some of the ludicrous morbid negativity presented in some of the columns I read. I would have loved it, just loved it, if we had won on Saturday, but we did not. City are City, hopelessly inconsistent.

If we lose at Palace then KK must go. We should win, or at least draw, and go on to do really well in the League Cup. If we do not beat Barnsley by four, then. Anyway, we’ll beat Arsenal!

I’m boring myself now. Come on City!

Mike Bains <mikebains(at)>


City’s stuttering Premier Reserve League campaign got a boost with a two-nil win against a very young Nottingham Forest team in only their second home game at Sportcity athletics arena. A goal in each half from Bradley Wright-Phillips made it a comfortable night for City’s second string, who have now doubled their points tally to six points from four games.

This was City’s first reserve encounter for over ten years with Forest as they had bizarrely been plying their trade in the Southern Premier League division, along with Derby, but with an imbalance in the numbers in the two divisions, Forest were forced to join the northern division from this season.

The game only came to life in the second half as City started with their usual negative formation of playing Bradley up front on his own. So the only interesting first half play came when City scored their first goal, on thirteen minutes. Willo Flood made a strong run from midfield and fed a neat pass to Bradley on the edge of the area; he rounded the defender and shot powerfully from fifteen yards past Barry Roche in the Forest goal.

David Sommeil, who was playing his first competitive action since suffering a bad calf injury pre-season at Wolverhampton Wanderers at the end of July, was replaced at half time by midfielder Jonathan D’Laryea. This allowed City to move to a more conventional four-four-two formation and Christian Negouai was pushed forward to partner Bradley up front.

This created far more space for City to work with, as Forest’s defence were forced back, thereby creating a gap between their back line and their midfield, which City exploited to their advantage on many occasions.

That exploitation finally paid off on sixty-one minutes with a defence-splitting pass from Stephen Ireland to Bradley to run on to and smash past Roche.

Forest’s young side struggled to cope with the pace and movement of City’s midfield, with Flood being City’s main instigator in most of their attacking moves. Indeed, it was Flood’s mazy run into the box that led to a Forest goal line clearance from a well struck Negouai shot after Flood’s initial shot was blocked and rebounded to Negouai.

Let’s hope the City management could see the transformation that playing two up front considerably enhances their chances of winning games, as City’s defence has generally looked solid for over a season now but the team has lacked that spark in front of goal with limited striking options.

Ellegaard: Had very little to do all evening to be fair. 7
Sommeil (46): With Nedum defending on his side of play, he had little to do. 6
Jordan (capt.): Led by example, with Thatcher poor, perhaps a call up? MoM 8
Onuoha: As solid as always, makes it hard for me not to let him hog the MoM award. 8
McCarthy: Was probably missed last week at Birmingham whilst on int. duty. 7
Bischoff: Would have got 8 but got a silly booking from a rash challenge late on. 7
Croft: Another one of those games where he was very ineffective and wasted the ball. 6
Negouai: Used his height to his advantage on many occasions and played neat balls. 7
Wright-Phillips: Looked sharp up front, unlucky not to get a hat-trick. 8
Flood (78): Worked hard and was creative in driving forward the play before a knock. 8
Ireland: Needs regular reserve team football to show his undoubted talent. 8

J D’laryea (46): Had an industrious second half without being spectacular. 7
Collins (78): On too late to mark.
Not Used: Schmeichel, N D’Laryea, Bermingham.

Forest: Roche, Perch, Vickerton, Beaumont, Hurren, Tarka, Gardner, Bopp, Mullarkey (Vickers 78), Glass (Litchfield 67), Hughes (Blair 72).
Not Used: Lukic, Hanbury.

Att: 663.

Gavin Cooper <blueboy(at)>


It’s obvious from the current crop of comments that the tide is turning against King Kev. City fans are known for their patience and loyalty in the most adverse of circumstances. It’s something we should pride ourselves on in our quest for success. Remember the near ten year period of instability that ensued following Peter Reid’s dismissal after five or so games in charge? Now is not the time to start sticking the knife in, now is the time to get behind the team.

I share and appreciate the frustration and have seriously questioned Kev’s tenure myself. However, Kevin Keegan is a quality manager. He has attracted fantastic players, though some have let him down badly. If you look at the backbone of this team, we have a lot to be positive about. I think any change before Christmas with no money to spend would be a reactionary mistake. We have seen glimpses of our potential, but the expensive players have let us down, not the manager.

If those same players had delivered a top 6, a cup or a Champions’ League spot, none of us would be worried about the £50 million debt. It is concerning to note we cannot even find the funds to buy a proven and committed centre half, but those concerns should be aired with the board and not the manager.

Kev now needs to be playing people on merit as his job clearly depends upon better performances. I support calls for Jon Macken to get a run out as not even Robbie or his mouthy mate could seriously complain about the chances afforded to them based on reputation. Given Kev’s commitment and influence in cutting our yoyo strings, we need to give him at least until Christmas to get us on track. Get behind the manager and the team! See you at Palace!

Whatever you do, stay Blue!

Dave Clinton <daveclinton(at)>


The only game to come our way this year on TV was the Liverpool game so I can’t provide any comments worth listening to, but why let that stop me!

The game against Liverpool looked just like so many games from last season and judging by comments on the Everton game we are soon going to be reliving last season’s fight against relegation.

A loss against Palace may just force some decision at City. I’ve always liked Keegan’s enthusiasm and honesty about the game but I think it is clear that we have made almost no progress in the last year. I suppose it could be argued that there was an expectation that some funds would have been available this summer for new players. I can accept that, but what about the choice of transfers so far? Very few have worked out at all.

A number of Monday’s comments focused on the young players and why they are not getting a chance. Again I can understand the reluctance to throw them in when there may be such a struggle going on to win games, but I think we now have to accept that we need to give some of these youngsters a chance. Crystal Palace away may not be the best time but what about the League Cup (does it really matter how far we go in that competition when Premiership status could well be on the line)?

Anything else I could say would echo what has already been said. My best guess is that Kevin has 2-3 games to show there is some progress being made. There is a real chance of no points at all from the next 3 league games (and possibly the next 5 league games), though given the perverse nature of this club it is probably worth a bet that City will end Arsenal’s remarkable unbeaten run.

I also sense that no-one is taking much pleasure in suggesting there needs to be a managerial change but I don’t see any other way to get away from the inconsistency and routine poor performances.

Best wishes to all.

John Pearson <john.pearson(at)>


Should he stay or should he go?

I have always been a big fan and supporter of KK but have like everyone else become very frustrated with the whole situation, especially after the game last weekend. I tend to agree with most if not all the views put forward in the last McV issue, points made that all seemed well thought out and from the heart, also visiting city websites and seeing views posted only compounded the feeling.

However, having 5 or 6 days to take stock of the situation has given me the even greater worry of the alternatives. I really cannot see anybody with the experience needed to manage at this level who can take us forward with the limited resources we now have, or who would want to take on the poisoned chalice; the pressure on a new manager would be enormous. You can just see our past history repeating itself; listening to Alan Ball on the radio yesterday talking about his new book made me remember. The only manager that I can think of would be Strachan; would he come back into management for all that aggro? Also, we haven’t even sorted out the mess over Joe Royle yet and find ourselves potentially in another one.

Which leads me into my next point (being the eternal optimist); there is the outside chance that the players could turn it around on Saturday and put in a gutsy performance and come home with 3 points, because to be fair to KK it’s the players who have let him and us down. However, I can only see this being a short term improvement.

A new manager would still have the same squad to work with. We all know that ever since Berco and Benarbia went and Fowler came in things have gone downhill for one reason or another.

In our hearts we know that it’s not if but when he goes, but let’s hope we are not stuck at the bottom of the table when it happens. The board really have got us into this mess. Bernstein was right! You really do have to blame the people at the top over the years for the repeated problems. You cannot blame all the dozens of managers along the line, it’s just a joke but sadly not very funny! We are stupid you know we are the ones who put up with it and fund it over the years; when this lot have gone we will still be there!

All we can do is give the team our support at the games and not get on individual players’ backs as this makes no sense at all and only ever makes things far worse all round; we cannot go back down – that would be a disaster, the power of the fans’ support cannot be underestimated, just look at the backing David James got on Saturday and how it gave him confidence; if the whole team gave a top performance like that we could beat teams hands down.

Keeping the faith, CTID, Simon Challiner <saramay(at)>


Well another season underway, and already people are calling for Keegan’s head. Maybe they should be calling for a few players’ heads as well.

Being 12,000 miles away I haven’t seen anything of City this season, and only have the Internet for reviews etc., but the overall theme is it’s time for Keegan to go. Trouble is, who do you replace him with? The one I like is Big Sam of Bolton who seems to get the best out of his over 30’s players, but would he come? This morning Gordan Strachan’s name was mentioned; he’d certainly stir things up, then Gary Megson?

My question is ‘why is it always City?’ Maybe the board needs to take a long, hard look at themselves; sure we had problems when David Bernstein was here, but things ran a lot more smoothly. Where is he now?!

We also need to get rid of players who ‘don’t want to play’, have wage bills that could halveworld debt, and feel they only have to turn up; we all know who they are. And why haven’t some of the reserve players been given a run?

I know us fans have all the answers, but it’s never that easy is it? Still, Neil Higson’s last paragraph in MCIVTA 1052 says it all. Supporting City is what we do and always will do.

Keep the faith, pray for a miracle; they do happen!

Kevin Williamson <scribbs(at)>


So now the knives are really out for KK. Well I’ve been saying it for a long time. He is technically inept, and anyone who saw him on the Sky Sports post match interview will know that his body language suggested that he has had enough. To be fair to him he has done us a good job. But you will not win things with his ideas of what footballers should do. Most footballers at the top level are only in it for the money. If they can get paid for not performing to the best of their ability then they will. Football is like any other business, it employs people who don’t give a stuff about their employer, just as long as the pay check is there at the end of the month. Now we see that the knives are also been drawn for the Chairman? May be that is not a bad thing as a new Chairman would have to bring some money with them.

When KK got his chance to land Robbie Fowler who was it who said it was not a good business decision? Still not sure he DB was correct either.

As for Wanchope, as soon as the season had started he would have been off to those World Cup qualifiers and the treatment room.

Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out, Anelka out.

Who next for the Manager’s job? Answers on a postcard please.

Sam Duxbury <samduxbury(at)>


I wrote this after the Birmingham game. It still stands.

So Kevin was pleased with the performance against Birmingham? Well not quite pleased because of course no-one is ever pleased with a loss, right? Well, zu befehl, we’ll take your first words (before you realized what a stupid thing it was you just said) as indicative of your state of mind. You can all go down with der Führer singing the Horst Wessel if you like. As for me no more evidence this man is more a corporal than a captain is needed.

What was it General Melchett said, something like “that is why the plan is so cunning, doing the same thing we have done 17 times before is precisely the last thing the enemy will expect.”

What was the other thing General Melchett said (looking upon the wrong [blank] side of a field map without realizing it), “My god, it’s a barren, featureless desert out there.”

Come in Kevin Tinkerman and lay down your fiddle, our time is up: or do you expect the ghosts of Frederick the Great and Barbarossa to suddenly appear at the gates of Berlin to turn back the Bolshevik hordes?

Jack Buckley <Jack10000days(at)>


My feelings are very simple: three ex-Liverpool players. Kevin Keegan who does not have the control or motivation of his players. Robbie Fowler who claims one day he “needs to get his confidence back”, next day he says “I am not the player I once was”; how the hell can any player get his confidence back with that attitude? McManaman, who has spent more time dreaming of how to spend his money in Spain given to him by City for doing nothing!

All three should say to City: “I am at fault. I am getting paid under false claims of doing a good job, so I will leave without making you pay me under my contract.” But expecting them to be gentlemen like David Seamen was, when he admitted he was not doing his job, is hardly ever likely to happen, the three are Dick Turpin and Jesse James combined.

Kevin Keegan has done a decent job up to a point, his big mistake was wanting to replace most of the players; to be called his players and not Joe Royle’s. If we are to be a team in the future to be reckoned with, we are without doubt on the wrong path. Keegan thinks that only senior players can compete in the Premier League; how then did Rooney, Defoe etc. get their chances? We have youth waiting for a chance but not being given it.

I can remember when stones were thrown through Peter Swales’ windows by restless fans; we never ever want to see that kind of behaviour again. Changes must happen, the guilty walk away as gentleman please.

I am City till I die, Ernie Barrow <britcityblue(at)>


I also have 2 tickets to sell for the Palace match on Saturday, cost price. Can meet in London.

Phil Harper <phil.harper(at)>


I will be in Prague for the Arsenal game, and wondered if any readers knew of a place to see the game – assuming it’s on TV?

Also – the weekend after, I’ll be in Amsterdam, so the same request please but for the Southampton game.

Ian <ID313(at)>


13 September 2004

Charlton Athletic     0 - 0  Southampton           24,263

League table to 15 September 2004 inclusive

                             HOME          AWAY        OVERALL
                    P  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F  A  W  D  L  F   A   GD Pts
 1 Arsenal          5  2  0  0  8  3  3  0  0 11  2  5  0  0  19   5  14  15
 2 Chelsea          5  2  0  0  3  1  2  1  0  3  0  4  1  0   6   1   5  13
 3 Bolton Wndrs     5  2  1  0  7  3  1  0  1  2  3  3  1  1   9   6   3  10
 4 Middlesbrough    5  2  1  0  6  4  1  0  1  5  5  3  1  1  11   9   2  10
 5 Everton          5  1  0  1  3  5  2  1  0  4  1  3  1  1   7   6   1  10
 6 Tottenham H.     5  1  2  0  2  1  1  1  0  2  1  2  3  0   4   2   2   9
 7 Aston Villa      5  2  1  0  6  2  0  1  1  1  4  2  2  1   7   6   1   8
 8 Liverpool        4  2  0  0  5  1  0  1  1  1  2  2  1  1   6   3   3   7
 9 Portsmouth       4  2  1  0  8  5  0  0  1  1  2  2  1  1   9   7   2   7
10 Charlton Ath.    5  2  1  0  5  1  0  0  2  1  8  2  1  2   6   9  -3   7
11 Manchester Utd   5  1  1  0  2  1  0  2  1  3  4  1  3  1   5   5   0   6
12 Newcastle Utd    5  1  1  1  5  3  0  1  1  4  6  1  2  2   9   9   0   5
13 Manchester City  5  1  1  1  5  2  0  0  2  1  3  1  1  3   6   5   1   4
14 Birmingham City  5  1  0  1  1  1  0  1  2  2  4  1  1  3   3   5  -2   4
15 Southampton      5  1  0  1  4  4  0  1  2  1  4  1  1  3   5   8  -3   4
16 Fulham           5  1  0  2  2  5  0  1  1  4  5  1  1  3   6  10  -4   4
17 Norwich City     5  0  1  1  2  5  0  2  1  3  4  0  3  2   5   9  -4   3
18 West Brom A.     5  0  2  0  2  2  0  1  2  2  6  0  3  2   4   8  -4   3
19 Blackburn R.     5  0  2  0  2  2  0  0  3  2  9  0  2  3   4  11  -7   2
20 Crystal Palace   5  0  0  2  1  5  0  1  2  3  6  0  1  4   4  11  -7   1

With thanks to Football 365

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