Newsletter #958

Our away campaign in Europe proper begins on Wednesday night as we travel to northern Belgium. We then face Bolton at home on Saturday and have a new feature tonight thanks to John on match stats against the forthcoming opponents, which shows us ‘slightly’ ahead.

A young reserve side were in action tonight against Blackburn Rovers and notched up a comfortable 3-0 win (Macken penalty, Elliott 2). Excellent return for Macken and some very promising performances. Report to follow.

We have opinion tonight on our Europe trip, players, fans’ reaction to season ticket/kit prices and issues is requested along with the usual requests and finally a bit of fun with the return of ‘Superstars’ for those who remember it first time round.

Next game: Sporting Lokeren, away, 7.30pm Wednesday 15 October (UEFA) TV – BBC3


                        W       D       L       F       A
Premier League          2       0       0       3       0
Division One            1       0       1       3       2
Old Division One        23      10      8       77      47
Old Division Two        1       0       1       6       5
League Total            27      10      10      89      54
FA Cup                  1       0       1       2       2
League Cup              1       0       0       3       1
Grand Total             29      10      11      94      57
Hyde Road               8       2       4       23      16
Maine Road              21      8       7       71      41
COMS                    0       0       0       0       0

First Meeting           9/3/1901         City 1 Bolton 1         15,000
Latest Meeting          30/11/2002       City 2 Bolton 0         32,661
Last Win                30/11/2002       City 2 Bolton 0         32,661
Last Draw               29/3/1980        City 2 Bolton 2         33,500
Last Defeat             9/4/1997         City 1 Bolton 2         28,026
Last Clean Sheet        30/11/2002       City 2 Bolton 0         32,661
LastFailure To Score    25/3/1961        City 0 Bolton 0         21,816
Biggest Victory         21/3/1936        City 7 Bolton 0         40,779
Heaviest Defeat         13/9/1919        City 1 Bolton 4         20,000
Most Goals In A Game    21/3/1936        City 7 Bolton 0         40,779
Fewest Goals In A Game  25/3/1961        City 0 Bolton 0         21,816
Highest Scoring Draw    27/8/1958        City 3 Bolton 3         40,844
Highest League Attendance 15/4/1938      City 1 Bolton 2         53,328
Lowest League Attendance  9/3/1901       City 1 Bolton 1         15,000

John Clancy <johnny(at)>


The votes have been counted, checked and spoiled ballot papers discarded. With grateful thanks to all who voted.

The winners, in reverse order are:

3. Blue Camp
2. Eastlands
1. City of Manchester Stadium

Buckley, Jack, Returning Officer <votes(at)>


Hope this one reaches all the fans that are going to the match in Lokeren. Please do all us City fans a favour and try to help out the tarnished reputation of English fans in general by being the best behaved bunch of supporters that England has (although don’t really need to mention to you what we already know). The only comparison I love to see City draw on to a British team is the reaction that Celtic fans have had in their UEFA Cup run last season and hope that we can be just as good if not better than that, which leads me onto my next point…

I’ve heard talk recently that KK could be interested in a new striker should Fowler prove that he is not the man for the job (although I hope he starts a scoring run to silence any doubters, I soon might fall into that category soon) and the name in the frame is Eidur Gudjohnson. My advice is don’t do it; if KK wants a striker he can either wait to see how Macken gets on, or if he and we can wait we could have one of the best strikers in Europe for nixie. What KK should do is he should have a word with one of our former employees Martin O’Neill about signing Henrik Larsson, 50+ goals in one season is proof enough of his prowess. Imagine it, a front line of Anelka and Larson; sheesh, the Premiership really would have to look out.

Gareth Croke <garethcroke(at)>


Don quotes Joey Barton’s views on our “future captain” McManaman:

“What is really great is that he doesn’t mind someone as young as me telling him where to go on the pitch. I like to organize people even though I am young and Steve gives and takes.”

I can only recollect two real captains, Psycho and Mozza, in the seven years that I’ve been watching. Most of the time it’s as if they drew straws for the armband. Barton plays in the right position, looks the part, has the confidence and – we now learn – actually enjoys telling people what to do.

When can he start?

Dorien James <dorien.james(at)>


There’s an interesting(ish) article on the ticketless smartcard system we have at the new stadium. It’s aimed at IT professionals but it contains a few details about how City might be extending the current system in the future.

David Lamb <david_lamb_uk(at)>


If I read the following quote one more time I’ll scream: “well look at how far we have come in the last 5 years; our derby match was against Macclesfield we’re now top 6 and in Europe.”

It seems to have been a quite common statement coming out of “Maine Road” recently, obviously under the impression that our last 3 or 4 performances will be instantly forgotten about if they remind the supporters about our recent history.

How much have we spent in those 5 years to be scaling the great heights of being below Fulham and Birmingham or should I say how much have we wasted on the likes of Fowler, Macken and Vuoso; best part of £15 million there.

Yes we were in Division 2 and only scraped out of that by the skin of our teeth and we went on to win a poor Division 1 under KK to put us back in the Premiership.

I don`t expect us to be world beaters but for a club that has averaged over 30,000 for the past 5 years and spent millions, last season’s mid-table finish isn’t really anything to get over excited about and as for Europe, imagine how we`d feel if a team finished below us and qualified for not getting as many bookings.

No I’m not a boo-boy, I consider myself more of a realist, a realist being someone who doesn’t wet themselves at supporting a team who’s won nothing real for 27 years and had 1 derby victory in 14 years.

Brian Channon <appz72(at)>


Those who remember the great “Superstars” programme back in the 70’s/80’s will be delighted to know it returns to our screens this week on BBC1, 8pm Thursday.

The tenuous City links include ex-competitor in the original series (Keegan – who will forget that bike fall?) and competitor the current series (Pearce).

To prepare, with yet more nostalgia of those “Top Trumps” games, follow this link:



Here is your chance to have your say. Alistair Mackintosh wants your opinion on the following.

2004/2005 Season Ticket prices.
What price should they be?
Should the price be more or less than this season?
More? How much and why?
Less? How much and why?
Same? Why?
Should there be any early payment discount?
Again, if so, how much and why.

New kit for 2004/2005 season.
Another home and away/3rd kit will be produced next year.
How much should this kit be?
What discount, if any, should fans get if they buy the kit from our Superstore?
Extra discount if you buy more than one?
Extra discount if you buy both?

Please send all opinion to me ASAP. This is your opportunity to have a say, please don’t waste it.

Stephen Knott <knotty64(at)>


I have two spare tickets for the Lokeren game including coach transfer, face value £30 each. Please email me if you want them. Thanks.

Jarrod Bull <jarrod_bull(at)>


I have one spare ticket for the Lokeren game – in the City end, face value £30 plus postage.

Ian Reeves <mcfc(at)>


The website has listed that BBC 3 are showing the away leg of the UEFA Cup 1st Round against Lokeren.

Unfortunately I have to be in central London that evening; does anyone know where the best place to see this match will be in London?

Steve Cheeseborough <steve.cheeseborough(at)>


I know you’ve heard all the excuses and heartstring-pulling stories before, but due to the stress and drama surrounding the premature birth of my son (one of the rare occasions when City have slip down the list of priorities), I missed out on the deadline to order tickets through the London Blues for Chelsea, Southampton and QPR (I also had to sacrifice my Fulham tickets – fortunately finding a last-minute buyer). If anyone out there has any spare tickets for any of these 3 fixtures I would really appreciate a call on 0208 473 3851 (evenings) or 07989 396687 (daytime).

Patrick Moore <citypat(at)>


I have 2 Chelsea tickets (City ‘end’) that I now can’t use. If someone wants them for face value (£42 each), contact me at the address below.

David Smith <dsmith(at)>


We are full season ticket holders of many years standing and now find that we are available to go to the Chelsea away game but all the tickets have sold out. Does anyone have two tickets for sale please.

Thank you, Chris <comstad(at)>


Could you ask any MCIVTA subscribers if they know any good bars in central Rome that are likely to show the Chelsea game? Somewhere near the Spanish Steps if possible.

Thanks, Nick Mills <nick.mills(at)>


The next meeting of the Essex & Suffolk branch of the MCFC Centenary Supporters’ Association will take place at the usual venue of The Seabright’s Barn, Galleywood Road, Chelmsford, Essex from 8:30pm on Friday the 17th October. All Blues in the area are welcome to join us. For more information contact:

Paul Gallagher – Secretary <essexblues(at)>


I was wondering if anyone on your site would be able to help me. I am trying to put together a database of all international (full & U21) players who have played for Man City. It is proving harder than I thought!

Mike Cooke <Mikecooke321(at)>


The appeal fund established in memory of Foe is progressing well and we are now able to give an update on how people can contribute:

Financial Donations:

Any branch of HSBC

Account Name/Payable to: Marc Vivien Fo