Newsletter #952

An injury time equaliser from Wanchope secured 1 point in Saturday’s 2-2 draw at Fulham. Unfortunately no match report tonight, although plenty of opinion on our defensive dilemma, ticketing and the usual requests.

Next game: Sporting Lokeren, home, 8pm Wednesday 24 September 2003 (UEFA)


I’m just wondering if anybody else has the same thoughts as myself following the opening games of the season regarding David Seaman.

IMHO he has been generally poor and at fault for several goals. Keegan at last has realised that Robbie isn’t producing the goods, so when will he see the same about Seaman? I’d like to see Weaver given a run in the first team personally.

Also, what’s happened to Distin this year? From huge/awesome performances last season, to embarrassingly dire this time around. Is it the Captain’s Curse, or something to do with not having Schmeichel screaming and threatening him? I just don’t think Seaman has the presence or communication of the Great Dane.

Does anybody else have an opinion?

As an aside I’d like to concur with a contributor from MCIVTA 951 regarding Berkovic. It was great while it lasted but I think he has to go. Macmoonaman has filled his boots and has a fitness and desire that puts him to shame at present. It’s a shame but I think his City career is over.

Adam Davey <thelegend(at)>


Two new central defenders required A.S.A.P. If Fulham and Villa can pull the defence to pieces, what fate awaits against Chelsea, Liverpool and Manure?

Malcolm Clelland <clelland(at)>


Just a quick word about the differing attitudes of the trip to Lokeren. To judge by the programme the Belgian police are expecting Armageddon when we visit. No City fans in the town in the days leading up to the match etc., fans being bussed in from the middle of nowhere, but go on the Lokeren website and they are very friendly, listing hotels in Lokeren and directions to the ground from the station.

In common with many others I am making my own way to Antwerp and getting the local train to Lokeren and walking to the ground. I am sure some of the restrictions being placed on us must be against the European human rights act!

I am old enough to have followed City in Europe before and hope we do not have to put up with some of the old cr@p like overzealous policing etc.

[The Lokeren website for more info is at: – Ed]

Tony Morehead <Admorehead(at)>


In reply to Scott Moore re ticketing problems with the Blackburn game, I sent my application off on 28th July, waited until the Wednesday before the game (30th July) and telephoned the ticket office enquiring as to the whereabouts of the tickets only to be told that my application had been received, but was in a batch of tickets yet to be sent out (5 days before the match?).

Next day I went to the office, and was told that my application hadn’t been received at all. Now two things here: (1) where was it then, well these things happen (2) my concern, the woman I spoke to on the Wednesday was obviously lying through her teeth, and only because we got such a large allocation was I able to get 3 tickets over the counter.

Now I’m aware that we have a lot of new ticket staff, but do they realise what this kind of thing means to us? A football game isn’t like a trip to the theatre or cinema where if you miss tonight’s show, you can always come tomorrow night. A football match is a one-off event, you can’t see it again. To me, these people do the most important job at the club. I think most of us can accept the few teething problems that the club has had over the last couple of months, but for the staff to lie to us on the telephone is not acceptable.

Just like to say though that this is the only problem I’ve had, and every other contact I’ve had with them has been fine.

Bryan Jones <BryanGt1(at)>


In reply to Jon Abel’s piece from MCIVTA 951

I totally agree that the new stadium must be Eastlands. Apart from sounding awful, Blue Camp sounds so ‘pink’. If Paul Hince or Chris Bailey from the MUEN call it Blue Camp once more – I will protest to the sports editor (who should understand as he is supposed to be a Blue)!

As for the stands, the West and East stands appear to be unofficially known as Main and Kippax respectively anyway. As for the North, may as well keep it as that (after all Maine Road had a North Stand) – but take note and remember – “WE ARE THE SOUTH STAND”!

I have also encountered difficulty with the ticket office (wasn’t it good at Maine Road when you could queue at one particular window for that one game), whereas now, you have to join a huge queue at Eastlands – and there may only be a handful wanting tickets for one particular game – but no, you still have to queue for hours!

I have emailed the ticket office a couple of times and had no reply. I then emailed it to <mcfc(at)> and am still awaiting a reply! I was given the name of someone within MCFC by my mother and have now at least had the courtesy of a reply, to say she has forwarded it to the ticket office manager. She has requested I email her again if no reply by next week.

It seems to be worthwhile emailing a name within MCFC if you can get one!

Andrew Keller <andrew.keller(at)>


In future McV’s, I’d like to see more usage of obscure names from The Young Ones.

I loathe the name BlueCamp; Comstad sounds like an East European secret police force and Eastlands sounds like the name of a Barratt Homes estate.

I was enjoying a pint last week in the Kebab and Calculator and thought it might be good to call it ‘The Citizen’. It’s the official nickname of the club after all and has been in front of our noses the whole time. Most of us have known all along that it’s the fans, not the building, that make it feel like our home. Wouldn’t it be the most fitting tribute of all to name the stadium after the Citizens inside it?

Marc Starr (<Marcatu(at)>


Why not just “The City Stadium”?

Roly Allen <rolek1(at)>


Any suggestions how I might get hold of an extra ticket for the Tottenham match? I am making my first trip to new stadium (live in Wokingham, Berks) and was hoping to bring a friend.

Andrew Elliott <andrew.elliott10(at)>


Can anyone supply a ticket (two if possible) for the away leg of the UEFA cup tie with Lokeren? As a blue living in Holland with no season ticket, Citycard or Matchcard there is virtually no chance of me getting a ticket through the official channels. Lokeren is only an hour’s drive from where I live and I’d love to go and see the Blues play their first real European away match in my lifetime!

Any offers would be greatly appreciated.

John Walker <john.walker(at)>


I have a ticket for the Lokeren game if anyone would like it. I’m unable to come up to Manchester on that evening. I’m not too sure how the system now works but I guess one might have to have a ticket to get into the ground in order to use the ticket (I have a season ticket). If anyone wants the ticket (my seat is near the centre in Row P so not very far back) please contact me through email or call 07900243528.

Ian Burgess <i.burgess(at)>


I understand the home match against Lokeren will be broadcast on Sky on BBC3.

Unfortunately I will be spending a few days at the Munich Beer Festival and I was wondering if anyone knows of a bar in Munich that will be showing the game.

Roy Waddington <roy(at)>


Does anybody out there know of a pub in the Northampton area which will be showing the match on Wednesday evening?

P.S. Keep up the great work folks.

Andy Rose <afbrosie(at)>


Could anyway let us know of a pub in Cork, where we can watch the Spurs match on Sky.

We are visiting for the weekend and won’t get back to Manchester in time for the match.

Thanks and regards, Jane McCulloch <jane(at)>


I have seen a few motorbikes at CoMS. Can you ride and park at the stadium for free, if so do you take a special route in? Does anyone have any details?

Thanks, Ben White <ben.white1(at)>


The September meeting of the Milton Keynes OSC will be held on Thursday (25th) at the usual venue of Great Brickhill Cricket Club; start time is 8pm. If you would like directions to Great Brickhill or any more information about the Milton Keynes Branch, please let me know at the address below.

Steve Maclean – Secretary, MCFC Supporters Club, Milton Keynes <stm1(at)>


The appeal fund established in memory of Foe is progressing well and we are now able to give an update on how people can contribute:

Financial Donations:

Any branch of HSBC

Account Name/Payable to: Marc Vivien Fo