Newsletter #948

A short issue tonight due to the lack of games, although the reserves will be playing Bolton tomorrow night (7pm at Hyde) and Villa are the visitors for Sunday’s Premiership game.

Manchester City old boys were in action over the weekend at the “British Masters” tournament, which took place in Newcastle, and took the title with a comfortable 3-1 win over favourites Rangers so congratulations to them. For more information there’s a link:,,7-1102981,00.html

Tonight we have opinion on first visits, reviews of Kevin Cummins’ “We’re Not Really Here” photography exhibition of our final season at Maine Road which sounds like a must, and details of the book signing this week. There are also a few requests for viewing and ticket details.

Next game: Aston Villa, home, 2pm Sunday 14 September 2003 (TV game)


Arsenal was my first home game this season. Great seat, fantastic ground, nice people next to me, good first half (why not Berko earlier, should have been out for the win, Bosvelt too old, Seaman gave the Gooners a goal, etc.), but why is the music on the PA system so loud?

It utterly destroys the singing and the atmosphere, and as much as I like to hear about Moonchester’s kiddie kick around at half time, I would also like to chat with my mates about the game, without having to shout. Am I already an old fuddy duddy? Come on City, turn it down. We are not the Swamp, we can make a noise without all the c**p that comes out of the tannoy.

By the way, as a London Blue, had to drive back with three Gooners fans, who all thought that the COM was the best stadium they had seen, and when ‘we’ scored, they said that the noise was deafening, and totally intimidating, which is great to hear… bring on the Rags!

[The PA depends where you are sitting, Miles, inaudible in the lower tier yet over compensates for that in the upper! – Ed]

Miles Webber (


Can anyone please explain why we are missing 2,000 fans for both Premier games played at Eastlands (my vote for the new stadium name).

I have always been told that stadium had a capacity of 48,000, so why are some 2,000 seats left empty when both games were supposedly sold out by home and away teams?

Also, why has KK bought two more midfielders when we desperately need a right back? And has he been feeling a bit old lately, which would be the only explanation for buying so many players 30 years or older! Joey and Sweep get my vote ahead of any of these old timers every time.

Steve Cummings (


You’ve seen the book, now see the photographs.

I went along to the Richard Goodall Gallery on Thursday 4 September to see the exhibition of photographs by Manchester’s finest: Kevin Cummins. Sixty images in a lovely photo gallery. Well worth a visit for any football fan, not just Blues.

Loads of us are now familiar with the book. The best football book I’ve ever seen. Seeing the pictures in frames on the wall of a well respected gallery makes them even more special.

Kev Cummins is a world famous Rock ‘n’ Roll photographer. He’s particularly well know to fans of Manchester bands. I remember seeing him at Fall gigs in the late 70’s. He’s won loads of awards for his pictures of Ian Curtis and of New Order and the Stone Roses. Now he’s turned his lens on his favourite football team. The pictures are both emotional and stunnning. All are in full colour. The picture of the Blue Moon Chippy is like an Edward Hopper painting. The pictures of the Gene Kelly make it look like an Eastern European Rollercoaster (his expression – not mine). He has the ability to turn the ugly and mundane into something beautiful and very special. All these photographs would look great in my house. I wish I could afford them all. All the pictures are for sale. I met both Kevs last night – Keegan and Cummins. Both signed my poster for me and KC had to stand and listen to me going on about the Manchester Punk scene and how brilliant I thought he was. I meant it too. It wasn’t just fuelled by the free beer!

Be thankful that Kevin Cummins is a diehard Blue. Nobody else could have injected this much passion and creativity into such an epic project.

Hopefully somebody at Manchester City will buy all these photos so that the club will have them forever to remind them of their heritage. They’d look fantastic in all the reception areas of COMSTAD.

The exhibition runs until 18 October the day of the Bolton game. Get down to the Northern Quarter and see it now!

We’re not really here exhibition at the Richard Goodall Gallery. 59 Thomas Street M4 1NA:

All the photographs are for sale and there is also a limited edition poster for ten quid.

[Sounds like a must, and Kevin is doing a book signing/talk this week – Ed]

Alan Ashcroft (


As we have not yet received our copy of the above (due to problems finding suitable packaging!) we decided to go along to see the exhibition (at The Richard Goodall Gallery in Thomas Street). It is fab, what a way to remember last season. There are about 40 photographs around the top floor of this gallery depicting memories of Maine Road, including fans, players, and the ground itself.

There was a great one of the Goat wearing a T-shirt listing The Goat’s 100 goals, and the familiar smiling face of Foe, there were various tattoed bodies and painted faces, the Blue Moon Chippy (where we used to get our pre-match sustenance), but for me the most moving images were the simple streets around and shots of the ground, particularly the view down the ginnel with the blue of the woodwork reflected in a puddle, looking like the image’s title, ‘Blue Blood’.

If you’re in the area and you get the chance, it really is well worth a visit.

It was also great to see the City ‘old boys’ in action again in the Masters Football (albeit on Sky this time!). Indeed City went on to beat Rangers in the final!

Sarah Longshaw (


Come and meet Kevin Cummins, who will be talking about and signing his new book We’re not really here: Manchester City’s final season at Maine Road (Dazed Books £24.95).

Thursday 11th September, 6.30pm

Books Etc. in the VIP lounge at the Tiger Tiger bar in the Printworks, Manchester, Tel 0161 839 4223.

Tickets cost £2.00 from Books Etc., Printworks

If you are unable to attend, please call to reserve a signed copy.


This might help anybody looking for a day return flight trip for our away trip at Lokeren :

Michael Meadowcroft (


Any ideas how to get hold of English matches in Brazil? I am here in Brazil for three months.

Spencer Bowman (


I expect to watch the televised Villa match at the Dubliner pub in Bucharest – anyone else?

Peter Birbeck (


Melbourne Blues will be meeting up at the Keeper’s Arms at 11pm on Sunday night to watch the City vs. Aston Villa game.

The Keeper’s Arms is on the corner of Queensberry and Peel Streets in North Melbourne (Tel: 9329-7081).

Hope to see you all there.

Martin Rayner (


Typical. You wait for 4-odd years for a season ticket, you get it, you watch City doing their best in years, in the finest stadium in the country… and you get a job in Shanghai.

Any Blues out in that part of the world? Any good watering holes to watch the footy?

Neal Beatty (


How does an aged, exiled, long term City fan get tickets for the Villa game?

I even borrowed three season tickets for Villa and queued at Villa Park on Wed last. No joy. Sold out at dawn.

Although banished to the Midlands in 1965 I stood on the Maine Road terraces more times in the 50’s and 60’s than I care to remember – reserve matches too! Since then only periodic chances to see my beloved Blues. Now I am in Manchester on 14 September.

Here I am in my dotage – and can I get to see the new stadium? No chance.

Unless you, dear reader, know better, Two or three tickets? Any chance?

Doreen Macklin (


Hoping someone can secure me an away ticket for Wolves on 4th Oct. I’ll pay face and a couple of pints.


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