Newsletter #904

Not much to say really in the wake of Saturday’s 2-0 defeat at the hands of Bolton. Still, we’ve probably helped another North West team retain Premiership football next season.

Understandably we have plenty of opinion on the lamentable performance, the Anorak’s form guide and the usual requests.

Next game: Middlesbrough, home, 3pm Saturday 12 April 2003
Countdown: 34 days


Match report written in the style of an unnamed MCFC player:
Ermm well I’ll see you next week then eh? Any chance a man can get a drink around here?

Match report written in the style of a pi**ed off City fan:
We were inept. We were clueless. We played like eleven players who had turned up for park trials and had never seen anybody before.

I exempt Joey Barton, SWP and Eyal Berkovic from this as at least they were trying to get things moving.

Nobody was making any forward movement and Nic was squandering any chances that came his way, and his understanding with Fowler is non-existent. Fowler, I cannot remember him having a shot, or is it just me? Anyone?

Macken came on a sub for the witless Fowler so I will also absolve him as he is still trying to return to fitness following his injury. Rudolf gives away a penalty, escapes a card, but then talks his way into the book complaining! Excellent move. Dunne was Dunne and done by every player to attack him.

Pitiful… pitiful… pitiful.

I am going to do what they did and give up.

It’s a cr@p match report but I put more effort into it than they did into the subject material… the C in MCFC now stands for Capitulation.

There was a young lad who came on at the end whose name I missed, he did ok as well, sorry for missing your name kid.

To make it worse the Rags have beaten the Mickeys and the @rse have only drawn. I’m going for a sulk in Wetherspoons.

Chris Murphy – News at Ten, Piston Broke (


Pitiful wasn’t it? I thought the season finished in May but nobody has told our players that. Gutless defence with a strikeforce about as potent as a packet of crisps. There was some pretty football early on but with our ‘world class strikers’ passing back to their ‘keeper, it didn’t count for much did it?

I love our club, City have been part of my life since day one. I along with many other loyal supporters spend countless