Newsletter #863

Whoever said 13 was unlucky? Certainly none of the Blues who witnessed our superb 3-1 victory over Manchester Untied on Saturday. A stunning performance from everyone in a blue shirt. And Gary Neville. Anelka put us ahead within 5 minutes, then Saint Shaun scored a brace, and marked his 100th goal for City.

I’d gone into this game feeling confident for the first time all season, and consequently drove everyone in the supporters’ club mad on Saturday morning. For which I will obviously not apologise. What a day, what a game, what a team.

We have a bumper issue tonight with reviews of the game, opinion, links to some fun sites, a handful of requests and another lovely Why Blue from New Zealand. Thanks to everyone for their contributions, read on and enjoy.

Next game: Charlton Athletic, home, 3pm Saturday 16 November 2002


As we went apprehensively to Maine Road for this most feared and wanted fixture, the recent cup defeat by lowly Brentford worried us quite a bit especially as United had been predictably praised to the skies for their victory over First Division Millwall. The rest should of course be compulsory National Curriculum History for City Fans. City strutted to a 5-1 victory that has sustained us through many dark times. On November 9th the parallel was that United were on a long undefeated Premiership run and we had contrived to be beaten a few days ago by a merely competent Wigan Division 2 side at the Pie Dome. We even had the annoyance of being jeered by a pitch invasion of Neanderthals, whooping and grunting their pleasure at our embarrassment.

The question for us regular City masochists is always: which City will turn up? Will it be the flaccid Southampton version this year or a brave and skilful outfit like the one which so comprehensively beat Millwall at the Den with so few watching?

A few seconds into the game and the answer was clear. City started confidently with a good passing game. On 5 minutes a superbly under-hit pass from Phil Neville gave his mate Rio some tricky defending to do. But he is a quick international defender and he did cost