Newsletter #861

What is the world coming to? Chester to merge with Tranmere! Newcastle vs. Middlesbrough is called a derby! Paul Burrell lives in my childhood village! City win two in a row to climb to 14th! The Geist Index returns!

Last edition in charge and you’re back into the safer hands of Heidi. Though not before 3 match reports (thanks to John, Richard and James), a opinion or two, some requests and someone called Mr Gallagher writes in – fortunately not Dermot who made another minor error on Sunday…. hmm ball hits crossbar, therefore, corner given… another set of fans who can save 26p on a stamp for a Christmas Card, mind the draw was a better result for us.

Next game is Wigan and it’ll be interesting to see how Anelka performs, given KK selecting him against his wishes. Let’s hope it’s not as close as the play-off games.

Thanks for reading (even those who keep calling me Heidi). Keep the reports, opinions, Why Blue?, requests and general City musings flooding in.

Keep the faith.

Next game: Wigan Athletic, away, 7.45pm 5 November 2002 (WC Round 3)


I never thought I’d be old enough to say something like this, but for one reason or another it’s been twenty-two years since I have been to the Hawthorns. Last time I was there we were without a manager. Malcolm Allison had been sacked a few days earlier after we had lost to Leeds and the club had not yet appointed Johnny Bond as his replacement. So I guess that means that Tony Book must have been the caretaker. We lost 4-0. I think Gary Owen scored for them. Two lads off our coach, who can’t have been more than 12 or 13 years old, were ejected from the ground for swearing and there was a rumble outside the ground afterwards. I legged it, as usual. Happy days!

Anyway, to Saturday. I arrived at the ground at about 1.45. There was steady light rain, and a steady flow of City fans after spares. The 2 pubs nearest to the ground wouldn’t let my cousin and I inside, but a steward told us that we could get a drink in the ground, so in we went.