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Fairly quiet tonight, opinion on the new stadium, news on our young Kiwi Blue in action, and a response to the postmark question – I knew we wouldn’t be let down!

Any subscribers off to the pre-season games, please consider sending in a report for the masses.

Next game: Leeds United, away, 17 August 2002


Whilst watching the Commonwealth Games trials the other weekend I couldn’t help thinking the new stadium looked bitty. The best pictures I’ve found of how it will look as a football stadium are still at the following:

Never mind the new stadium. What about the new squad? I’m definitely excited at the prospect. So Anelka comes with baggage and one of the best man managers in the country thinks he can handle it. After last season I’m not double-guessing KK until he lets me down.

The folks at work had a whip-round for me whilst I was recuperating from back surgery. One of the pressies they got me was the Back To The Premiership video. I’ll swear it has been instrumental in getting me back to work on time. The jumping up and down exercises and walking around with correct posture, back straight, chest puffed out have been excellent.

For those questioning The Goat, please bear in mind that for most of our previous dabble in the Premiership he was injured, but whilst playing, and I can’t remember where I saw the stats, he was not far behind the league’s top scorers at around 1.3 games per goal. Please prove me right Goat, as the player who improves more year on year than anyone I can remember.

Can’t wait for it.

Dave Kilroy (


In response to Tony Ward’s question in MCIVTA 826, I’m not sure about playing Sunderland at home, but we have definitely played the Jamaican national side at Maine Road.

It was during the close season after we were relegated from the First Division. Joe Royle had decided to use the opportunity to blood some of the youngsters, and it was the first time that I saw Nicky Weaver in goal. The Jamaican following had to be seen to be believed, and there was quite a carnival atmosphere in the ground, certainly in the North Stand anyway.

The final score was 0-0, but the City performance was much better that day than I’d watched the previous season, so we left the ground with high hopes for our season in Division 2.

Madeleine Hawkins (


Wednesday night’s Manchester Evening News ran an article on Eastlands, which included banned items such as large flags, bottles etc. It also stated there would be a complete on smoking at Eastlands.

At present smoking is allowed at Maine Road. Does anybody out there know if it is intended to ban smoking when we move into Eastlands. Is there a council decision on this? I would welcome any information.

We smokers need our drag at half time and and watching City in recent years is the reason I’m a nicotine addict (I have to blame someone).

Apart from personal bad habits of choice there is a fundamental question here about freedom of choice. Any views?

Alex Channon (


Tony Ward is correct that we played Sunderland at home (pre-season) for a testimonial match for Bob Brightwell. I’m not sure of the year, but our resident Sunderland season ticket holder at work remembered how the bus driver got lost en-route to Maine Road and ended up wedged between houses, attempting a 3 point turn in a large coach in a small side street. I would like to point out that the same bus driver managed to get lost the last time we played Sunderland at home, and ended up going right around a roundabout followed by 3 bemused coaches following him. So watch out for Mackem coaches in various venues around Manchester on the 21st April!

As for Harvey Russell all I can say is that Houlder Brothers were founded in 1850, and were a shipping firm the had many overseas interests. They were taken over by Furness Withy in 1974; both are now part of Houlder Insurance Services. Houlder Brothers ships sailed from London, Liverpool, Newport, Avonmouth, Southampton and Newcastle, although their head office was in London. Most of its ships were used for export and import, although some carried passengers and during the First and Second World Wars they lost many of their ships, mainly to U-boat attacks. The following website has some excellent photographs of some of the ships that the Houlder Brothers owned: I am presuming that postmark has little if anything to do with City.

And to finish on a footballing topic, does anyone know when/where the reserve fixtures are out?

CTID, James Walsh (


With City finally playing a decent European side, Hamburger SV, my friend and I have decided to be there and take the 1,500 mile short drive from Romania to Hamburg. As you may imagine, our greatest fear is to take the long journey to support City only to end up in the home supporters’ end.

Does someone booked already with the official club trip to Hamburg know what sector of the ground will be allocated to City fans? Or any idea what is the usual away supporters’ section of the AOL Arena, Hamburg?

We do have a good sense of humour, but please refrain from making any jokes and sending us into the home fans’ sector.

Thank you very much.

Valentin Cudric (


Had a newspaper story about Chris Killen in the local paper last week, getting ready for the Premier League with Man City and playing for New Zealand over here and in China. We do not get many stories about the “only team from Manchester” in newspapers over here, so it was nice to read about the local boy from Wellington doing good at City.

Regards City being back up, the “Back to the Premiership” DVD was a really good watch (seen it several times already). With no games of City over here, it was great to see the story last season – month by month and of course all those goals. I cannot say which was the best as there was so many good goals and highlights. Yes “Feed the Goat” and we did… I will be sorry to see him go (?), but who knows what will happen next season.

So a top six finish – says KK, guess I will be waiting for the first 40 points and then any more will be a bonus! Sorry for being negative here, but it comes with being a City fan for over 38 years (the previous 20 over here in NZ)…

We are now a Premiership team – please tell ESPN Soccernet (clicked on the other day and City are still on the Division 1 page).

Chris scored 4 goals for the NZ All Whites in a 9-1 victory today against Papua New Guinea.

Come on the Blues – CTID, John W. Lim, New Zealand (


The All Whites have thrashed an outclassed Papua New Guinea side 9-1 in the Oceania Nations Cup at North Harbour today.

In conditions again made difficult with heavy rain and slippery surface, the All Whites led 4-1 at the break with a Chris Killen hat-trick and a Jeff Campbell goal.

That dominance continued in the second half, albeit late in the piece with 3 of the 5 second half goals coming in the final 7 minutes of the game. Killen bagged his fourth, Campbell a second and Mark Burton, Ryan Nelsen and Raf de Gregorio one apiece.

Best performed of the All Whites in a one-sided match were Jeff Campbell, Chris Killen and Gerard Davis. The bench was given a full workout as Mick Waitt and Ricki Herbert try to find their top 11 for the semi-finals on Friday.

Before that New Zealand will play the Solomon Islands in their final group match on Tuesday night at 7.30. The Solomons are out of the reckoning after losing 3-2 to Tahiti in the early game today.

Sent in by John Geary (


Man City reserve player, Chris Killen scored a hat-trick in New Zealand’s 9-1 thrashing of Papua New Guinea yesterday in the group stages of the Oceania Nations Cup.

This is the Oceania Football Association’s match report:

OFC Nations Cup 2002 Auckland, New Zealand 5-14 July

Match 2, Day One (Friday 5 July):
Group B – North Harbour Stadium, Albany
Final Score: New Zealand 4 Tahiti 0
(Half time: 1-0)

The New Zealand All Whites sent out a chilling message to reigning Oceania Champs Australia after comprehensively beating Tahiti 4-0 at North Harbour Stadium on Friday night. In difficult conditions, the All Whites put on an impressive display scoring four goals in the second half after Ryan Nelsen put the home team in the lead 1-0 at half time. He showed good vision to chip the ball over the Tahitian goalkeeper who was caught off his line. Chris Jackson set up Nelsen’s goal after making a break down the right side from near the halfway line late in the first half. He took the ball up then crossed it in to Nelsen in front of the penalty box. With the weather conditions improving after the break, the All Whites upped the ante adding three more goals to Vicelich, and replacements Paul Urlovic and Jeff Campbell.

The Tahitians looked clearly hesitant in defence and were lethargic in their play overall. They had few chances to score and the odd breaks they did make were quickly cleaned up by the New Zealand back four. Duncan Oughton was especially outstanding alongside Vicelich. Afterwards, Mick Waitt was not too impressed with some aspects of the game but admitted it was a fair effort considering the conditions.

Tahitian captain, Tetahio Auraa, said the All Whites deserved their win, describing the game as very physical. He said the All Whites’ preparation prior to the OFC Nations Cup 2002 had been superior to Tahiti, who only assembled just over two weeks ago because of a lengthy club season. He was confident the Tahitians could bounce back if they won their next two games against Solomon Islands and Papua New Guinea who drew the first match 0-0 in the opening match earlier on.

Ralph Sheppard (


Can anyone help me? Stuck over here in the USA, the only thing keeping me going was looking forward to seeing the season review on DVD. I was overjoyed when I saw in the newsletter that I would be able to watch it on my USA DVD player. So finally it came, I send the wife and kid to bed and grab a great bottle of wine. And of course, it doesn’t work. All I have is the lines going up and down my screen and a pretty expensive new beer mat. And a next door neighbour from Stretford with a smile on his face.

Anyone out there had the same problem?

Andy Dillon (

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