Newsletter #809

Apologies for the delay – my ISP was obviously having one of those days yesterday.

Tonight sees opinions, end-of-season video plug and a nice ‘Not Quite Why Blue’.

Fairly quiet on the City front, a rather boring FA Cup Final on Saturday saw Arsenal lift the trophy on their way (hopefully) to the double but this afternoon’s Women’s FA Cup Final between Fulham (2) and Doncaster Belles (1) was a far more entertaining affair!

Next game: to be announced


Thanks to Bayer Leverkeusen this season keeps getting better. Of course some people would tell me to support British clubs in Europe, but I disagree and I think this just about sums up why:

Thanks to:

  • all the sad Rags I work with that arrogantly and dismissivelypredicted they’d get to the final before the first leg had evenkicked off;
  • the feckless prawn muncher who once told me I should support the Ragsin Europe, just before she told me she cheered when Gillinghamscored;
  • the “can’t get a ticket” (i.e. never try) Rag that told me he went toMacclesfield to support them against City, and expected me to find itfunny;
  • Zoe Ball, Angus Deayton, Eamonn Holmes, Ulrika Jonsson, Posh Spiceetc;
  • the sad Rag that told me United were a “European class side” the weekafter they’d been thumped 4-0 by Barcelona;
  • the millionaire couple from london village who got their picture inthe Manchester United Evening News last week just because they’dbought a flat in Manchester to be near their beloved Reds;
  • and all the other sad dirty Reds who think their team has a divineright to win everything and is the best team in the world despite allthe (very compelling) evidence to the contrary, and in doing socompletely miss the point of supporting a football team.

Thanks to all of the above, when I turned over to ITV on Tuesday night to see them trudging dejectedly off the pitch, it brought a warm glow to my heart and a big smile to my face. And the office was oddly quiet on Wednesday, wonder why?

CTID, Julian Griffiths (


It’s very serious who City sign in the off season (if any), but it’s also amusing how fans (including myself) bring out all the different names that City should consider.

The name of Clint Mathis emerged; I recommended him around 9 months ago here on McV and on the official website, but just after he was injured and so I kinda did not follow up.

But now Juan Carlos Osarios has said something; he was at New Jersey Metro Stars before joining City, he should know more about Clint Mathis than anyone, but I will question his ability for the Premier League. For the First Division 9 months ago I would have said yes. We can see him play for United States in the World Cup; of course if he plays well, up goes the price, plays bad, we could be not interested.

One thing that I have never been able to understand in football. A goalkeeper will kick a ball upfield as far as he can, so now it’s a 50-50 ball. Why doesn’t the ‘keeper pass the ball to a team mate who is closer, so the team has the ball, and can work the ball forward as a team. Make sense? If the team has to move the ball forward in a hurry understandable, kick the ball away. Any one want to make a comment on this?

Ernie Barrow (


I noticed that this season, when we were playing with wing backs, that the style of the team reminded me of the Portugal team that beat Keegan’s England side in the European Championships. Lots of nippy little players knocking the ball to feet and running.

Portugal have done pretty well recently and I think that answers the question can Bernarbia and Berkovic play in the same side in the Premiership? If your team keeps possession and scores goals you’ll do OK.

Did anybody watch the England under 17 game against Denmark? I watched to see how Proffit and Lee Croft were progressing – Croft only came on in the second half in the nil-nil draw, but both players looked good. But I also thought the Danish player Lorentsen was outstanding… we should poach him!

Tim Starns (


Dear Manchester City Supporter

We just wanted to inform you about the forthcoming Manchester City official End of Season Video and DVD.

The video is being released on around 20th May (subject to change), priced at £14.99. However, SportOnline is currently pre-selling it at £13.99, with free P&P for all UK orders (that’s £2.23 cheaper than Amazon). Please note, the video is in PAL VHS format only, and therefore if you have an NTSC television system (as in North America) you will need a multi-standard system to view this video.

The DVD (Region 2, Europe and Japan) is being released on around 27th May (again subject to change), priced at £19.99. However, SportOnline is currently pre-selling it at £18.99, with free P&P for all UK orders (that’s £1.46 cheaper than Amazon).

You can find details of the video and DVD easily on our home page at

Sean Willis – SportOnline (


Dear fellow Blues

I recently retired after 28 years with my company. On these occasions you have to go through all the usual speec-hmaking etc., which largely consists of platitudes and clich