Newsletter #726

Some doubt was cast on the Colisimo deal by that august organ the ‘Daily Mirror’. The unofficial mouthpiece of MUFC PLC apparently heard that Colisimo had gone home, so thought they’d invent a nice little story about a lack of work permit – is it me or is it really the the most execrable rag (newspaper) on the planet?

This issue has some nice memories (good and bad) from Michael Leafield (anyone else fancy having a go?); lots about City on TV next season; and more opinion on Joe Royle.

Next game: Halifax Town away, Saturday 21st July 2001 (3.00pm)


General Stuff

More Colisimo Wrangling – Yawn: What is hopefully nothing more but scare mongering from one of the Daily Comics led us to believe that the Simon Colisimo deal was in danger due to him being unable to get a valid work permit. According to a report in the Daily Mirror the Aussie was forced to return home the other day, after arriving back in Manchester for further talks. It was allegedly due to the fact that he did not have a valid passport or work permit. City have completely denied that there are any problems at all with the deal, including in some instances refuting the fact that the Aussie even arrived in Manchester this week! Apparently though both of Colisimo’s parents are Italian