Newsletter #537

Well, definitely a first for MCIVTA, the chance to lead into this issue with the news that we are on top of the league! The Blues chalked up an impressive 1-0 win over Walsall on Saturday, which was most remarkable for the fact that we only scored one. The solitary effort – scored by Sean Goater – was accompanied by a host of excellent saves, poor finishing on our part, and sheer luck on Walsall’s part. We are now a point clear at the top, as Ipswich went down 1-0 at home to Birmingham City. We’ve been linked with Karl-Heinz Riedle over the weekend, though how much substance there is in this is anyone’s guess. What is clear, is that neither Morrison or Wiekens will be fit for tomorrow’s game, so Fenton has been drafted into the sqaud.

This issue has a match report from the Walsall game (plus a belated offering from Tony Burns for the S’ton first leg); a review of ‘The Guvnors’, opinion and an unusual Why Blue from the Norwegian coast! Peter’s news summary hasn’t arrived, but will undoubtedly be woven into the next issue’s.

This one reaches 2,749.

Next game: Southampton away, Worthington Cup 2nd Round, 2nd leg, Tuesday 21st September 1999


MANCHESTER CITY vs. WALSALL, Saturday, 18th September 1999

Oh yes, top of the league, and loving every minute of it. I was reading in a newspaper that makes it now 15 games on the run away from home that we have not lost, stretching back to last December. Well I missed the first 10 minutes of this game, for one reason and another, so what happened then, you will have to read elsewhere. From the 10 minute mark until the final whistle we dominated. We dominated the game, the way we did against Sheffield United, but we only won 1-0. My theory of my lucky yellow iluminous hat bit the dust, as I forgot it, but we still won. Oh well, I’ll carry on wearing it now, as I’ve become rather attached to it.

Goater had a chance before his goal but struck the ball too near the ‘keeper, Tiatto for me had another nightmare, maybe I’m just looking for faults when I see him play, but he really is dreadful, I can’t wait for Granville to get back in the team, he looks so much better, he doesn’t get caught out of position and looks comfortable on the ball. Anyway that’s my opinion and I’m sticking to it. City had the better of the first half; we looked good throughout the team (except you know who and Dickov). He goes to ground too easily and reminds me of a spoilt child (or a United player) in the extraordinary amount of whinging to referees he does.

Walsall’s best effort of the first half came because our friend Danny Tiatto got caught on the ball, and let their man through on goal; it lead to Wiekens having to wrestle the Walsall man to the ground – luckily Jobson had made his way back to cover the man, meaning that Wiekens only saw yellow, instead of red.

Edghill had a decent shot which went very close, leaving their keeper with no chance. Man of the match Bishop, hit the post with a decent shot and also had an effort on goal after beating 3 Walsall players in the space of couple of feet. He looks the absolute business, and how I wish he was a few years younger.

The second half kicked off and how City didn’t score I will never know, we had 3 or 4 scrambles in their six-yard box, the ball was flying around like a bee on drugs, going everywhere except the back of the Walsall onion bag. Their goalkeeper must have made a satanic pact with Lucifer himself at half time, while we all munched on our pies. The ball was just refusing to go in, the space between the posts may as well have been double-glazed.

Dickov made a decent run into the penalty area, and found himself with only the goalkeeper to beat, but not a word of a lie he looked scared (maybe it was the red of the goalie’s eyes). Dickov had a very poor game, I feel he may not be up to the task of First Division football, so far this season I can’t recall a good game he’s had. I would like to see Allsopp give an extended run in the team. Goater seems to be improving as a player, his heading and shielding of the ball, has in my opinion improved greatly (Dickov take note).

With so much domination, you just had the feeling that Walsall may sneak one. Fortunately their one chance shaved the cross bar and we are top of the League. We do need to ask ourselves why after dominating for so long of this game, did it only end up one-nil, the answers are there if you look for them.

On a completely different note, why was their a group of Rangers fans in the City end singing songs about sectarian matters, whilst holding a Rangers flag aloft? I find them very offensive and may buy a Partick Thistle or Celtic top, to wear to away games. I wonder how Kennedy feels seeing this? I know that if I never see them again, I for one won’t miss them. City are nothing to do with bigotry, I for one don’t like seeing UVF (Ulster Volunteer Force) tops at games, (Everton pre-season friendly). Am I being out of order for feeling this way?

Walter Smith (


MANCHESTER CITY vs. SOUTHAMPTON, Worthington Cup 2nd Round 1st Leg, Wednesday 15th September 1999

This game promised to be interesting – City playing a real Premier League team for the first time this season, and a chance to see for real how we have improved, and perhaps an early chance to see how we would cope in the Premier with the current side.

A couple of changes were forced, and the side started thus:

Edghill   Jobson      Morrison   Tiatto
Cooke     Whitley     Horlock    Kennedy
          Taylor      Goater

Subs: McKinney, Crooks, Bishop, Allsopp, Wright-Phillips

The game started off worryingly, with Southampton having much of the play. It seemed like City would have a torrid time, and Marian Pahars was looking very threatening…

He had a chance early on which saw the ball dip and hit the corner of the goalposts. In general though, the defence was coping admirably, although we were definitely having problems at the other end.

The first big blow was losing Andy Morrison with what could be a hamstring injury. In his place came Lee Crooks, with Richard Edghill moving into central defence.

Just before half time another change was made, with Taylor coming off to be replaced by Danny Allsopp. Shortly into the second half, Ian Bishop came on to replace Terry Cooke, in what looked like a tactical switch to try to control midfield better. This seemed to spur City on, who were able to push forward much more and Kennedy, in particular, started to cause the Southampton defence lots of trouble. He got a couple of excellent crosses in; sadly no-one was there to take advantage.

At the other end, Nicky Weaver made a couple of excellent saves, although one attempt too many to dribble the ball round an opposition attacker led to a yellow card as he was judged to have fouled a forward. I didn’t see this incident so can’t really comment, but I hope he has learnt something from it!

Towards the end of the second half, we could quite easily have snatched a win – Shaun Goater missed a couple of good chances, Kennedy also came close on a couple of occasions.

All in all, the result was probably fair. City really do need a proven goalscorer while Allsopp etc. learns the ropes. Shaun Goater tries very hard, but we can’t rely on him to take us up.

By the way, I got a look at the Sun’s review. Did the Sun reporter spent the second half in the bar? I can only guess that he did given his description of City as ‘lucky’ and as having been saved by Nicky Weaver!


Weaver     7  Made three excellent saves, only failing was
              the incident that led to his booking.
Edghill    7  Would have been 8 if his distribution had been
              better. An excellent defending display, some
              superb tackling.
Jobson     6  Not as accomplished as against Crystal Palace,
              but competent nevertheless.
Morrison   7  Solid and commanding, some great passes, but why
              always down the left towards Kennedy? I believe
              we have a half decent right winger called Terry
Tiatto     6  Some excellent runs, still some misunderstanding
              with Mark Kennedy, the odd wayward pass.
Cooke      7  Is getting back into form. Some good running,
              but why does Morrison not put the ball his way?
Whitley    7  Ran like mad. Some great tackling, distribution
              needs a little work.
Horlock    5  Largely anonymous. I would consider bringing in
              Michael Brown for a game or two...
Kennedy    6  Quiet start, came more and more into the game
              later on. A couple of shots - is he getting a bit
              impatient with the rest missing chances?
Taylor     2  Pick any aspect of the game, passing, control,
              striking, and you'd be pushed to find anything
              good to say. Apparently has a back injury.
              If anyone needs to be sent on loan to a lower
              division side, it's Gareth Taylor.
Goater     6  Worked hard, some good flashes of control.
              Needs to take a higher proportion of chances
              to make it in the 1st Division, let along the
              Premier League.
Crooks     5  Anonymous. Lost his way a bit when Cooke went
              off, as all the play seemed to go down the left.
Allsopp    6  Has some way to go, shows a desire to do well,
              and moves well off the ball.
Bishop     6  Not as accomplished as of late. Brought a balance
              to midfield though.

That’s all for now…

Euan Bayliss (


Ipswich Town vs. Manchester City, Sunday 26th September

This fixture is now sold out. Supporters are advised not to travel without a ticket.

Important Notice: Season ticket holders and members should quote their patron codes/ membership numbers on all purchases from the ticket office to ensure that sales are tracked and will count for high profile matches.

Tranmere Rovers vs. Manchester City, Saturday 16th October, Kick off 3.00pm

Tickets priced £13 adults, £6 OAP’s and £3 Jnr’s will be on sale by post to regular season ticket holders with the Bolton away ticket stub from Monday 20th September. The application form is ‘H’.

Birmingham vs. Manchester City, Tuesday 19th October, Kick off 8.00pm

Tickets priced £17 adults, £8.50 Jnr/OAP’s will be on sale by post to regular season ticket holders with the Walsall away ticket stub from Monday 20th September. The application form is ‘I’.

Manchester City vs. Blackburn Rovers, Saturday 23rd October, Kick off 3.00pm

Tickets for this fixture will go on sale by post on Saturday 18th September. Applications will be taken from valid members who include 4 ticket stubs from home league matches this season per ticket. Tickets will be available by post to non members with 4 stubs from Wednesday 22nd September.

Full selling details for all the above fixtures are available on the official club website at

MCFC Ticket Office


Regular readers of Mcivta will know that I’m a regular contributor of match reports that have a slightly different approach. Readers may want to check out my new web site where they can get all my reports from last season and this as well as photographs – plenty from Wembley. There’s also a section that plots and forecasts in graphical format City’s promotion push to the Premier and predicts the percentage chance of wins and points of games coming up as well as forecasting our final position and goal trends etc. The site can be accessed at <>.

Tony Burns (


This one’s really easy…

W on
A way
L ast
S aturday -
A chieved
L eague
L eadership

Steve Maclean (


I have recently found a car park pass for the main car park. If anyone has lost one could they pleases contact me, giving the car park bay number to verify that it is their pass and to arrange its return. Otherwise I will return it to the club at the Port Vale match.

Terry Baines (


After reading Stockport County’s really bad book of football songs of their last 40 yrs in various sad tunes, I decided to do one myself to be passed on to all.

Stockport supporters (to be sung like Daisy-Daisy)

Stockport supporters – give me yer answer do
Why aren’t yer supportin’City – ’cause they’re much better than you.
You can’t afford a striker – so Brett Angell will have to do.
Oh you’ll look sweet – after many a defeat
And you end up in Division 2.

Dave Hickman (


A message for Blues in Stockholm area, we will be meeting up in Broder Tuck on G