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Right, I’m out of here and into training for the World Cup; groove already prepared à la Homer Simpson on the sofa, beer runs already planned, phone off the hook, doorbell disabled, and looking forward to not thinking about our beloved club for a month or so. Until, that is, the next Mcivta arrives on my cyber-doorstep.

Very few contributions this issue; guess we are fully into the silly season. Last month’s City Mag is reviewed; we have a brief glimpse at some of the great stadia all you worthy away game regulars can look forward to (and you haven’t seen the Memorial Ground yet!), and the worst fate a City fan can have befall them; (apparently, being Welsh as well as Blue), and a quick quiz for the anoraks amongst us.

Anyone else fed-up with the new kit? I still have suspicions it contributed to our relegation. It may be cool (as the young folk say, I am led to believe… indeed, I ran into a lad on a bus in Bristol the other day wearing one. As is my wont, I said hello and introduced myself as another long suffering fan. “Oh no”, he said, somewhat shamefacedly, “I don’t support them it’s just such a cool shirt”), but it is not sky blue. One of the reasons I took up with Funny Farm FC was the colour of the shirts (the other was Bert Trautmann, enormously exotic in those far off days of the 50s); Sure, I like the shirts per se… but they just aren’t City.

But… I digress… off the soapbox and on with the show.

Contributions for the next issues, until further notice (i.e. Ashley skiving off again on some company beanfeast ;->>), go, again, to:

Enjoy the world cup, Jeremy Poynton (


Issue 9 Publication of this issue was delayed to accommodate the events at the Britannia Stadium and survival/relegation. Unsurprisingly it was the latter and so this marks the second relegation issue in the magazine’s three years (might there be something in this, conspiracy theorists?).

The subdued tone of the cover points to an acceptance of the dirty realism that is Division 2. No defiant “We’ll be back!” (Vol. 1 Issue 10) this time, only Jamie’s meek offering: “We’re going to have to get out … as quick as we can.” (Don’t want to rush things now, do we lads?)

Post-Stoke, it’s hard dredging up enthusiasm for interviews with players bought to keep us up. Shaun Goater, poor sod, left Bristol for The Greatest City only to find he’s dropped a division. At least he should be of some use to us next season, but it seems Ian Bishop has returned only to diminish our memories.

One of our blondest sons, Paul Futcher, is interviewed prior to his appearance in the FA Trophy Final as player-manager of Southport (despite having the New Bobby Moore to marshal their defence, Southport lost). Futcher was that model of the classic City transfer: over-rated, over-priced and bought by one manager, mishandled and sold at an embarrassing loss by another.

Only one poster this month – a rare picture of Michael Brown not using two feet – but lots of dinner jacket pictures (of former groundsman Stan Gibson and former footballer Ian Brightwell, amongst others).

The Middlesbrough match review includes a photo of a broken-hearted Steve Vickers wondering why Lee Bradbury has sat down and started crying after receiving the most velvety of kisses at the Riverside.

There’s an (appropriately) uninspiring photo-montage of Der Bomber as he departs, bomb bay doors having apparently long since jammed shut and a photo of Georgi with his new (left-handed) Jaguar, which you bought.

Blue-of-the-moment Colin Schindler lists his grievances against United and the motivation behind his book, documentary, film, mini-series, porcelain figurine collection, etc… Schindler offers the common assertion that the essence of supporting City is rain followed by sunshine: “To love them you have to go through these terrible times to experience the high times.” Given that our field has been so fallow for so long, we must be due a bumper harvest. Is it this expectation of payback that cripples our club?

Finally, synonym of the month: for “loyalty”, read, “comfortable salary, thank you.”

David Butler (


Saw this in the Guardian the other week. It’s a warning to City fans about two 2nd Division grounds we will be visiting next season –

The Moss Rose Ground at Macclesfield – The Estate Road Terrace. The rake of the terrace is so gentle that crown green bowlers would complain. When Man City supporters arrive next season for the big derby, they’ll need periscopes!

The Racecourse Ground at Wrexham – The Terrace in front of the Marston Stand. The terraces steps go below the level of the pitch, which give you a sunken feeling even when your team is winning.

So, that’s two to avoid anyway…

Colin Paxton (


Hello… just wanted to contribute a quote from my mum on the subject of City:

“The funny thing is, the worse they play, the more I want to go and see them!”

We’ll be getting season tickets (after a long, long gap) in the Kippax lower tier… see you all in August!

P.S. Any Blues in Leeds wanting to get together (or indeed if there is a branch of the Supporters’ club!) please get in touch…

Euan Bayliss (


If Swindon can come straight back out of Division 2 then…

At least all you English City fans can look forward to the world cup and some victories there – what about us Welsh City fans, as well as the City nightmare we haven’t qualified for the world cup since the 50s, even though we have had some of the best players around. We got close under Terry Yorath (one penalty!) but the Welsh management in its wisdom sacked him for a pathetic reason (Peter Reid) and since then we’ve had a succession of dodgy managers – John Toshack lasted only one game (Coppell). I could go on but I know you wouldn’t really be interested – but remember Kit Symons and Martyn Margetson are both Welsh – and I bet Billy Wright was as well.

Justin Hanson (


Joan and I will be touring Australia throughout August this year. Hoping it will fortify us for a long, hard winter next season.

If any City fans in Oz can recommend decent bars etc. where we can meet other Blues, or fancy meeting for a pint and chat about our glorious and mutual obsession of supporting City, it would be good to hear from them.

Our itinerary is, roughly, as follows but is flexible after we leave Perth:

           1 -  8 Aug. Perth, W.A.
           9 - 13 Aug. via Adelaide and Alice Springs to Darwen
          14 - 21 Aug. Cairns
          22 - 28 Aug. Sydney

Can someone advise me how to get news of City’s results while over there?

We’ll also be in Santa Monica, near L.A. for 29 – 31 Aug. then we return to catch up with the new season.

As we live in Carlisle it looks as if Preston will be an easy away destination, let’s hope its also an easy three pointer.

With many thanks to all involved with marvellous MCIVTA.

CtId (City til I diet), Peter Birbeck (



You don’t know me,but you may know the man I am writing on behalf – Steve Welch. He wanted to mail these to you but doesn’t have e-mail. I said I’d send it for him, so sorry for the confusion.


The questions are as follows:-

  1. Who played in World Cup 94 and also played against City in the last time they were in?
  2. Which 4 ex-City players now manage Division 1 clubs?
  3. Who was the first player to wear the No.12 shirt for City?
  4. Who had a goal disallowed in the ’76 League Cup Final?
  5. Who scored in both the ’69 and ’81 cup runs?
  6. Which player played against Spurs at Wembley for 2 different teams, one being City?
  7. Name the 5 players (in order of the move) that led to the goal against Bradford when City gained promotion?
  8. Who was the last player to leave City and gain a Championship medal with another club?
  9. And who before him?
  10. Which two players have played in 5 cup finals for City?

Answers to follow shortly.

Steve Welch (Bitter Blue)


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Newsletter #402