Newsletter #390

Apologies for the delay in this and the last issue; the U-Net mail server was acting up and refusing to accept anything over a couple of ‘k’.

The Kinkladze transfer to Ajax has now resurfaced, with the Dutch team supposedly upping their offer, but still not meeting the asking price.

On the interent footie front, Dave Barker is now booking a practice session for McVitee FC so please try to support Dave if you possibly can, it would be brilliant if we could get a regular team together – whatever their ability – who could represent all of us.

I guess that most of us expect nothing from Friday’s game, but being City, we’ll probably get relegated in typical City fashion, by hammering ‘Boro and then losing to QPR and Stoke! Fingers crossed…

Next game, Middlesbrough away, Friday 17th April 1998



I was a bit worried on Friday that I’d be sitting in 3 feet of snow watching this game but luckily the snow had melted. It wasn’t going to be my lucky day. I got on the coach in Dukinfield and when we got to Maine Road the Anorak got on. It was the journey from hell. He coughed and sneezed all the way there, wiped phlegm on his flat cap and pissed me off with stupid questions.

Got to the ground highly releived to be away from this so called human being. Inside, no chance of a pint, my hopes were dwindling all the time. I got a bet on at 125 to 1 for Pollock to score first and a 2-1 win for us, before I’d left for the game. Pollock to score first and 2-2 was 800-1 so I left it alone. Doh!

Anyway the game. Hopes were high that we could get a result from this game. We came out playing quite well, we put in a good few attacks and it all paid off after 10 minutes. Jamie “110%” Pollock got the ball just into their half. He surged down the left and cut in along the deadball line. With a half chance shot he scored. 5,000 Blues went wild. I went beserk, first part of my bet right. After that the midfield dissolved and Wolves looked like Brazil. They had many attacks, just by simply walking right through the middle. Then Margetson produced a classic ‘what happened next’. The corner came in, he jumped to catch it, dropped it between his legs and it crept over the line. Laugh? The Wolves fans did!

The rest of the game was pretty much the same. Bradbury was replaced by Rösler. Bradbury had run his heart out and I was starting to warm to him rather than slate him. This paid off when Rösler went clean through only to be brought down from behind. The Wolves player was off, and Horlock stepped up to take the free kick. My heart stopped for what felt like ten minutes. The ball left his foot like a rocket, it curled, it dipped, it went in. Forget Giggs, Kinkladze, Anelka, Platt, and Pele that was the best free kick I had ever seen. It was absolutely superb. Plus I was looking at 250 quid for this result.

But alas City went into their usual mode. Wolves went racing through us like greased horse s**t off a red hot shovel. The ref was diabolical and was giving free kicks for dives that would have won gold at the Olympics. Finally Wolves got one on the edge of the area. Paul Simpson (ex City favorite) and as usual an ex-Blue scored against us. Another superb free kick, hard, fast and straight. Poor old Simo didn’t see it go in ’cause he is too small.

End result: 2-2

Final points.

  1. Bishop is not what he used to be. He seemed to lack commitment and was always second to the ball.
  2. The ref was crap. They are all crap in this league. They’re even worse in the second division.
  3. Pollock was superb, a good captain and got the players and the crowd going.
  4. Wiekens played well in his right place. Why hasn’t he been played there all season?
  5. Why did the Kippax cost more to build than Molineux?
  6. Why didn’t I take the 2-2 bet?

CTWWTVC (City till we win the Vauxhall Confrence), Andy Holgate (



After Saturday’s performance against Wolves, my hopes were high for this game. We are in a dogfight and this is game where we had to win or at the least draw.

Another 29,000+ turned upto Maine Road for this game. There must have been 300+ police there as well to protect us from the savages that call themselves Birmingham fans. The police during the game were filming certain members of the away fans due to their excessively violent behaviour. Not a nice atmosphere for my nephew. Top marks to the police and stewards though because I saw no violence (unlike away to Birmingham). After the game the away fans were funnelled straight onto their coaches behind the Kippax by a huge line of riot police. No City fans were allowed in this area.

The game then.

The first half was much more upbeat than at Wolves and for 30 minutes we piled pressure on Birmingham. A distinct lack of being able to shoot at goal was apparent though as chance after chance was wasted. Bradbury was working hard, chasing and getting into space. He looked hungry for a goal. He put a couple of shots just wide. Goater was also working hard but was also failing to make a mark on the game. City captain, Pollock, was “Mad for It” as they say in Moss Side. He worked very hard and even suffered what looked like a broken nose after Steve “the Red” Bruce had a go at him. Unsurprisingly Bruce was booked in the first half for a bad challenge on Goater.

At half time City should had been at least 2 goals up.

Trevor Francis changed his formation at half time to match City’s 3-5-2 formation. Birmingham started to win more in midfield. The teams were very evenly matched all the way through the second half and each had 3 or 4 chances. Adebola then launched himself into a challenge on Jobson. The result was Jobson carried off on a stretcher; apparently his shin was highly inflamed. Adebola wasn’t even booked, he should have been off.

The ref again was crap. Birmingham’s number 11 was diving left right and centre and getting away with it. I’d have booked him if I was the ref. He kept giving decisions the wrong way and the crowd were getting highly wound up. More police were called in as the away fans got more boistrous. Just as I thought we had done enough to get a draw (the teams below us were losing, a draw would do), the man who should have been sent off, Adebola, broke away and scored. I left at this point along with a few thousand others.

General points.

  1. Bishop again was second to the ball every time. He was replaced with Brown.If Royle wants Pollock and Brown to run midfield, why isn’t Brown played from the start?
  2. When we kept the ball on the floor City looked good and created chances. When they played the long ball they were s**t. Joe Royle take note.
  3. Good players were Bradbury, Goater, Pollock, Wiekens (yes he played really well!) and Jobson.
  4. Crap players the whole of Birmingham and Bishop.
  5. We can still stay up, but with Middlesbrough, QPR and Stoke left to play the future is certainly not Orange.

CTID, Andy Holgate (


I think it would be right to start with a summary. By the time Birmingham scored it shouldn’t have mattered but when we went in at 0-0 for half time I thought we were in trouble.

That really doesn’t indicate quite how dominant City were, in the first half especially. Numerous decent chances, Wiekens off the bar, Bradbury offside goal and flashed across the face to mention the best. Birmingham’s pairing of Ndlovu and Adebola not really creating many problems despite being several yards faster than our back three. At the start of the second half there was a fantastic chance for Edghill which he somehow missed at the back post but then Birmingham actually remembered how to play and Ndlovu missed an absolute sitter. Despite Birmingham’s increasing control of the game I thought City weren’t unduly troubled but then, in the last minute (or possibly injury time) Wiekens was finally done for pace by Adebola, Margetson seemed to hesitate as to whether or not he should come out, 1-0. Even then a Goater(?) header was clawed out by their ‘keeper and a dubious penalty was turned down. As I said, it shouldn’t have mattered but again it’s that one goal that did for us.

Now for my random thoughts on the team. Horlock doesn’t have the pace to be a wing back, he can’t take people on and beat them and Edghill appears not to want to despite having the ability to (IMO). Bishop didn’t really do much and I’d have played Brown from the start. Actually I’d have played Gio but then I’m not allergic to him as JR appears to be. If Gio had played I’m fairly sure the beetroot faced man formerly known as Steve Bruce would not have remained on the pitch. Which brings me on to the ref who had an interesting game. Apparantly there it is no longer a foul for deliberate handball as innumerable offences on both sides went unpunished. The booking of Brown was curious as I’m sure the other guy brought him down initially but never mind.

Now one of my pet hates, throw-ins (this article is flowing so well). Before we just had no movement from them and so gave them to the opposition. Now we just try to let Goater to flick them on to the opposition. How imaginative! Our passing as a whole was pretty dire. When we had the ball in midfield we were pressurised and made mistakes, when they had the ball they had a space. Why?

Player Ratings

Margetson – nothing to do except the goal, I was at the wrong end to judge if he made a mistake. 6
Jobson – solid until he was carried of. 6
Wiekens – I’ve praised him now I’ll pillory him. His first touch appears to have left him, as does any ability to pass to a blue shirt. Should have been professional and brought down Adebola as he ran through on goal (or is that a tad cynical?). 4
Vaughan – the best of the three but has worrying developed Symonitis, the ability to slip at inopportune moments. 7
Pollock – fires up the crwd and the players but a bit of accurate distribution wouldn’t go amiss or the losing of some pounds to hopefully gain some pace. 6
Horlock – again a lack of pace but I still think he should play in central midfield. Was anonymous at times. 5
Edghill – what I expected of him. Some good tackles, some bad positioning. A worrying lack of confidence in taking people on. 6
Whitley-Jim – Our most creative player so see him get dropped soon. Not bad but was brushed off the ball on occasions, worrying with the Division 2 players in mind. 7
Bishop – largely anonymous and rightly substituted. 4
Goater – put himself about, tried to get on the end of things and has a first touch to die for! Useful. 6
Bradbury – best game I’ve seen him play and his confidence is clearly back. Too much at times when he shot instead of passing but looking better. 8

Subs did what you expect of them i.e. Brannan sod all, Rösler little more, Brown charged around and got booked.

Finally the crowd was excellent. Getting behind the players after every attempt at an attack, applauding all the team and generally putting the Brum fans to shame which made a nice change, unfortunately not to the result. Even the Platt Lane End was making some noise. At least everyone below lost so it’s one game less to go, same problem and hear’s to 9 points.

Thomas Bodey (


I’d just like to say thanks to those who replied to my last ad for players who are willing to play for McVittee on a regular basis and also those who will play for the Reading tournament in July.

I had 6 replies from outside Manchester, London etc. who are willing to contribute to the Reading tournament in July.

Because it’s nearly impossible to win games without training together, I do need to get more players from around Manchester who are willing to meet up regularly for practice sessions, and to participate in the internet league.

I’ve received 4 replies from around Manchester who are willing to meet up on a regular basis, to train as a team and play in the league. However, I need more if we are going to put out a regular team who could actually win a game, restore some MCFC pride and have some chance in the Reading tournament.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve not played for a long time, or are a bit unfit. You might not even want to play for the team regularly, but want to play a bit of football once a week for fitness. We need the bodies!

I’ll be arranging a practice session on a Thursday night at 7pm within the next 2 weeks. The location will be in Fog Lane Park, in Didsbury on grass. I’ll be able to send directions as required. If you can’t make this night, still let me know and I can arrange for a night which is easier for everyone involved.

Thanks, Dave Barker (


If you’re drawn to the latest (May) edition of Esquire magazine by either Helen Baxendale’s breasts or the accompanying World Cup booklet, you may, in turn, be disappointed, surprised, and delighted. Disappointed, because Helen’s not as good on paper as she appears on screen; surprised, because there’s an article by our very own free-kick hotshot, Kevin Horlock; and delighted at the spread of World Cup memorabilia displayed by the Blue photographer, Kevin Cummins. (Well, it delighted me. More than Ms Baxendale did anyway, which says something about Helen, but probably a lot more about me).

David Butler (


I’ve just heard something that sums up the state of the Beautiful Game in this country today. You remember the stickers that you used to collect around this time, to put in your World Cup album? Those that The Observer newspaper has deemed to have such a grip on the collective male consciousness that they have based their latest circulation drive on reprints? (They are reprinting Figurine Panini’s sticker albums – the best, as every boy will tell you – from the 1970-1994 World Cups, starting this Sunday). Apparently in this year’s collection the selection for the England team includes neither the most famous, nor the most important player. The absence of Messrs Gascoigne and Shearer from the album was reported to BBC Radio 5Live by mystified and concerned parents. The Sportshop programme investigated and discovered that the Geordie twosome have both copyrighted their names, and essentially, the publishers would not pay enough for their images! Sorry, little Johnnie, you ain’t got enough… As a footnote, the best and most highly sponsored footballer in the world, Ronaldo, appears in Brazil’s selection. This on the day when an independent study revealed that the average Premiership player’s wage is £192,000 and Manchester United reveal their 13th new kit in the last five years (styled, you will note, on City’s!).

David Butler (


To any representatives of Independent Supporters’ Associations out there…

The FSA’s 1998 Conference is to be held at Molineux on Saturday May 30th.

In a change of format, this year the FSA want to concentrate on our relationship with other supporters’ organisations, and in particular club-based ISAs. Various discussions have been held over the last few years about how best to ensure that all fans are represented and what changes need to be made to make that representation as strong as possible. Relationships between some ISAs and the FSA has now become very strong and the growing campaign for terracing is bringing some parties even closer together.

We want to push this forward this year and that is why we have set aside time in the afternoon session so that all points of view can be aired. The FSA would like as many ISAs as possible to attend, whether you are affiliated to the FSA or not. We want you to let us know your views and to discuss options for how we can all ensure that fans get a fair deal in football, whether that’s your treatment as away fans, stewarding, the price of tickets or whatever.

If you want further information you can contact Adam Brown of the FSA National Committee directly on He can provide discussion papers, forms etc. please reply before Friday 24 April in order to guarantee places.

Hope this is of interest to some of you.

Nicky Richards (


Well, I’ve been telling myself all season that we’ll end up lower-mid table come May, but now I’ve given up. Ok even though we lost we’re still one place above the relegation zone, but we are also only 2 points above last place. After a crap Easter of two late goals costing us a potential 5 points, I’ve finally given up. Mind you knowing City it’ll go down to the last day and then… well let’s hope it’s not another Liverpool coming from 2 down to 2-2 only to go down on goal difference. Anyway, sincere thanks to Jon on BlueView for his brilliant play-by-play commentary allowing all of us overseas Blues to feel as if we’re back at Maine Road. It’s gonna be close, very close… keep the faith guys, you never know with City.

CTID, Benjamin Bloom (


Why – Did City water the pitch at the end we would be defending at half time in the match against Birmingham? It nearly cost us a goal with Wiekens slipping over in the box a few minutes into the second half.

Why – Have none of our (so called) managers realised we need a big, strong, loud goalkeeper. Tommy Wright is appalling and Mags is too quiet and too small, he also appears to have been watching Dibble if the Wolves goal was anything to go by.

Lastly why – Are we playing Jim Whitley in midfield instead of Brown? Whitley looks a great prospect but too lightweight at the moment. At Wolves he was continually barged off the ball.

Gary King (


Issue 388 mentioned that there was little in the way of opinion from subscribers. Having endured Monday’s performance against Birmingham, I’ve certainly got one.

I won’t dwell on the match itself too much. City were poor, they created little and the first half performance was better than the second. Birmingham came with a game plan: sit back, keep the ball and get us on the counter attack. Of the players, Wiekens looked comfortable with Jobson (though too many sideways passes when Adebola was charging down on them), Jim Whitley needs to be in a winning team to make the most of his ability, he’s not the sort of player to scrap it out; Pollock is the captain we’ve needed for years (just a bit of shooting practice needed Jamie).

Of the rest, Bradbury tried, but trying’s not good enough. He missed what looked like a sitter (from Lower G block of the Kippax) in the first half. There’s been plenty of debate in McVittee and Blue View to give him a chance. Sorry but I’m not convinced. Yesterday, he showed little enough ability as far as I was concerned. I know he needs proper service to get goals, but that miss summed it all up. On this showing, the only player who can cross a ball properly is Horlock.

The biggest disappointment for me though was Ian Bishop. He looked exactly what he was. A 32-year-old free transfer, from the reserves of a Premier League Club. It pains me to say it, because I can remember the Bishop of 10 years ago who was a genuine creative influence. Surely Michael Brown is a better bet? Much as I like Brown though, someone has to keep hold of his temper. He was lucky to stay on after what seemed like a stamp on one of their players. He carried on a running dual with their number 13 for the 20 or so minutes he was on the pitch. We just can’t afford to have players suspended at this stage of the season.

I’ve not seen Tskhadadze play, but I can’t believe he’s not better than either Edghill or Vaughan. Neither can pass a ball. Anything from either against Birmingham was a hit and hope effort, usually straight down the middle, which were easily dealt with by their defence.

Maybe I expect too much, but when your fourth bottom of the League, a point above relegation with 4 games to play, it’s win or bust. Yet I don’t think City played anything like that. The style of play was poor, the ability of a number of players is questionable, and with the exception of Pollock and Brown, there just didn’t seem to be any real urgency. If Joe Royle thought this was a good performance, then I’d hate to see what he thought was a bad one. There again this is the guy who doesn’t think Gio is suitable for the team at the moment. That’s the same Gio who is without doubt one of the most skilful players ever to play for Manchester City; the same player who is apparently worth a paltry £5.5 million (still a transfer record), the same one who might just have transformed this game and put some distance between us and the bottom 3 teams. Maybe.

I hope that come Sunday 3 May we’re not all left saying “What if?” I hope Joe does know best. I hope City will be City and show they’re just toying with all our emotions, just like they always do. I hope we don’t go down. I hope I’m wrong.

CTID, Neil Towse (


Having been a Boro supporter for 33 years I find it difficult to imagine losing against City on Friday. Fact is I have always been fond of Man City, my father supports them as do many of my uncles who live in Manchester. I was surrounded by City supporters as a kid and even received City scarfs and rosettes for Xmas, such was the level of support. But I grew up in Middlesbrough and we need these three points to help gain promotion. Both teams seem so desperate to win it indicates the importance of the match and the passion there is in football. All I really want to say is despite hoping Boro win on Friday, I do sincerely wish that City can stay up, gather themselves in the close season and come out with a desire to win the league. They should not be in the NW Div 1, they are a class act with wonderful supporters. All the very best to you and City.

Ned – Paul J Nedley (


Regarding Martin Howarth’s query in MCIVTA 389 about the first senior English club to field four foreigners in the same game, the correct answer is indeed City and he was right to be suspicious of the names listed by the originator of the question, namely Kinkladze, Rösler, Immel and Kavelashvili.

On Saturday 23rd December 1995, City lost 1-0 at home to Chelsea, fielding four foreigners for the first time. The players concerned were Kinkladze, Rösler, Immel and … Ronnie Ekelund, on loan from Barcelona, who replaced Rösler during the second half.

It wasn’t until the following game (26th December at Blackburn) that the four players were involved at the same time, all of them making the starting line up. City lost the game 2-0.

Incidentally, there was a further error in the question, which referred to “the maximum four overseas players”. There is not and has never been a maximum of four overseas players; there was a maximum of three but this was changed to a maximum of three non-EU players as a follow-on from the Bosman ruling and City were the first club to take advantage of it.

BTW, City currently have four (non-EU) Georgians on the books if you include Kavelashvili; we wouldn’t be able to play the four of them at the same time, if we wanted to that is.

Paul Howarth (


In reply to Martin Howarth’s question in MCIVTA 389, City were indeed the first English team to field four foreigners in a competitive match. In December 1995, the European Court of Justice ruled, in its judgment on the Bosman case, that restrictions on the number of EU nationals who could be fielded in any one game by clubs in EU member states contravened the freedom of movement provisions in the Treaty of Rome. While it was still legal for there to be restrictions on the numbers of non-EU players a club could select in its team, from this point clubs were allowed to field as many EU nationals as they liked.

The game in question was against Chelsea at Maine Road just before Christmas 1995. Typically, the pioneering feat did us bugger all good, as we lost 1-0. You’re correct in thinking that your local paper was mistaken over the identity of the players involved. While Immel, Rösler and Kinkladze all played that day, City didn’t sign Mikhail Kavelashvili until three months later. The fourth foreigner was the Dane, Ronnie Ekelund, who was on loan from Barcelona.

I’ll get me anorak.

Peter Brophy (


As the proud new owner of a swanky tranny (with short wave), I was wondering where on the dial is the best place to listen to live matches or round-ups of the weekend’s programme – something like Radio 2 (?) used to do several years ago. I can distinctly remember that opening theme tune and it brings back memories of sitting in a traffic jam on the way back from Selhurst Park after a 0-4 tonking.

I currently commute between North Queensland and Papua New Guinea and would appreciate any information from fellow radio-listening Blues stationed in the South Pacific.

Thanks, Neil Adshead (via


Are there any England Members’ Club members on this list that have applied for tickets for England’s forthcoming WC campaign and have been successful? I appied for all three opening games and the 2nd round match and I’ve been lucky, I’ve been promised one ticket for the Tunisia match (if you can call that lucky)!

This puts my holiday plans in total chaos, I was hoping to spend 3 weeks in France watching the England games, however that’s a pointless exercise now as the FA recommend fans not to go to France if they haven’t a ticket, the holiday is going to have to be cancelled. The only real choice left to me is to take the one-day flight to Marseilles and watch the game and come straight home. However, the price quoted by TMG (official England Members’ Club travel company) is an extortionate 310 pounds, plus 10 quid insurance added to the cost of getting to Luton and you can call it over 350 quid. So basically I’m trying to find out if there’s any other members who are (a) going to England’s opening game, that have either organised their own travel and would be willing to take another fan along, or (b) know of any cheaper way of getting to Marseilles for the game?

If anyone knows of and of the above please let me know ASAP

Martin Ford (


I remember when I was undergoing my professional training, at one of the first lectures we had, we were asked how come we had ended up choosing this particular profession. The general answer was, well it just happened that way. We were told that thing just didn’t happen but that fate led us to have the talents, gifts or attributes that lead us in a certain direction. Well I suppose God does have a sense of humour because he conspired to make me a Blue.

My father and his father before him were English and Protestant, my mother and her side of the family were Irish and Catholic. All my father’s side are City fans, all my mother’s side of the family are Rags. I and my brothers were all raised as Blues. Most of our friends appeared to be in the same position, proddy Blues or catholic Rags. There were of course those who crossed boundaries but they were the idiots who supported whoever was winning, these glory hunters were ignored by both sides as the morons that they were and not being fickle I stuck to my true love.

I can’t remember the first time I was taken to Maine Road but it must have been when I was old enough to stand unaided. The first memory I have of a football match was actually watching Oldham vs. Peterboro, as dad had taken us as one of his mates had invited him along (most probable mum wouldn’t let him go without the kids, as I have subsequently discovered since I became a dad). I remember we moaned all thro the game that it wasn’t City. The first game I remember at Maine Road was when I was about five, so about 1962/3. The game was so bad that our kid and I went round the back of the Kippax and played on the dirt bank (nothing changes). I have a vague memory of us getting promotion but my main memories are of the glory years of the late 60’s early 70’s.

I do remember that we were so poor (cue big ahhhh) that we could only afford one City shirt between my two brothers and myself and that we use to run round doing errands the morning of the match to get enough money for the game. Tuppence for the bus fare (one way, Moston to Alex Park on the 88 bus) sixpence to get in to the game and tuppence back. Big money for us in those days.

So when I was about 10 or so my heroes were Bell, Lee and Summerbee, names hand sewn into sky-blue and white hooped scarfs. The joy of those days were unbelievable. I remember the victory at Newcastle and Grandstand going over live at the end of the game and me jumping around the living room. My brothers weren’t there as the had gone to Ragsville to cheer on Sunderland; I of course refused to step near the place if City weren’t playing. I remember listening to City winning the F.A. Cup and my younger brother and I jumping around the living room, my older brother had actually gone to the game as he was the only one able to get a ticket, wearing the family red and black striped family shirt. When he got back he was interrogated as to every aspect of the trip. I remember listening in vain to the radio trying to get the ECWC game but only getting some stupid Leeds-Chelsea irrelevant Cup final replay but then hearing the news and jumping around the living room. I finally got to go to Wembley in 70 to see the W.B.A. game, got home and jumped around the living room. We finally had to move as the house had become structually unsound.

I was there in 74 and 76 as well as 81 both times. I even went to the Full Members’ but left early and missed our glorious fightback (did any City fans actually stay to the end?). I even went to Europe to see our glorious away draw at Twente Enschede (good story about Ipswich player and the brothel on Kanal Strasse).

Believe it or not following City has not always been joyous, losing to Wolves, Tottenham, Crying as I walked away from Maine Road after the Luton game (if you ever see a bloke in a light suit and white shoes, jumping about – punch him) as well as numerous other games Halifax away, Blackpool, have to stop. pain too much.

I have had a season ticket since I was about 14 years old and have travelled up and down the country watching my beloved Blues, wagged school and gone sick at work, Ipswich-away-midweek, been to every ground in the Premiership, first and soon second division and have already bought myself and my eldest daughter’s season ticket for next year.

Times have changed, I’m married have two daughters (both with their own shirts, scarfs, Gio posters and various other City items). I own my own home, car, have a well-paid job, take holidays abroad. But every so often in that land between sleep and being awake in the early hours of the morning my mind drifts back to; 5-1, 10-1, Ipswich at villa park, 76, 70, Newcastle away, Kippax 62/62 and then I bloody wake up. So why Blue? well because I am and always will be even if we continue do drop faster than City keeping a lead, but fate has dictated that is the way it is.

C.I.M.G. (City in my genes), Peter Astbury – Newton Blue (


Full-time score for Tuesday, April 14 1998

Queens Park Rangers  1 - 1 Oxford United
Gallen (80)                Davis (24)

Up to and including Tuesday, April 14 1998

                               HOME            AWAY
                      P  W  D  L  F  A   W  D  L  F  A   Pts   GS
Nottm Forest         43 17  2  3 51 20  10  6  5 27 19    89   78
Sunderland           42 12  7  2 44 21  11  5  5 35 25    81   79
Charlton             43 15  5  1 45 17   9  4  9 32 32    81   77
Middlesbrough        42 15  3  2 45 10   9  6  7 25 29    81   70
Ipswich              42 11  5  4 37 17   8  9  5 29 23    71   66
Sheff Utd            41 15  5  1 39 16   3 11  6 21 28    70   60
Birmingham           43  9  7  5 24 15   8  9  5 31 20    67   55
Wolverhampton        42 12  6  3 36 20   5  4 12 13 25    61   49
Stockport            43 13  5  3 43 19   4  2 16 21 45    58   64
Oxford Utd           43 12  5  4 35 17   4  4 14 23 40    57   58
West Brom            43  9  7  6 26 25   6  5 10 19 27    57   45
Bradford             43 10  8  3 24 19   4  6 12 20 31    56   44
Crewe                42  8  2 11 23 33   8  3 10 25 26    53   48
Swindon              43  9  6  7 27 23   5  4 12 14 40    52   41
Tranmere             42  8  7  6 29 22   5  5 11 19 28    51   48
Huddersfield         43  8  5  8 27 24   5  6 11 22 41    50   49
Norwich              43  8  8  6 27 27   4  5 12 19 40    49   46
Bury                 43  7 10  5 22 21   3  9  9 19 33    49   41
QPR                  43  8  9  5 28 20   2  8 11 20 39    47   48
Port Vale            43  7  6  9 25 23   5  4 12 26 37    46   51
Man City             43  6  5 11 26 24   5  6 10 23 28    44   49
Portsmouth           43  7  6  9 25 30   4  4 13 20 31    43   45
Stoke                43  7  5  9 26 35   3  8 11 14 31    43   40
Reading              43  8  4 10 27 30   3  5 13 11 43    42   38

Russell Town (
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